27 Year Old 3 Kids 115lbs Bbl - Hollywood, CA

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I am scheduled for July 13, 2016 I will be having...

I am scheduled for July 13, 2016 I will be having a bbl I was quoted $8,100 for bbl and thigh lipo I don't know about the thigh lipo because I don't want to have a bigger thigh gap I will be driving from Chicago to LA with my husband and kids I will be staying in LA for 7 days i research this website for year and really like his work and small frame women like myself

Mixed emotions :/

The main reason why I picked Dr Hazani was because of Soli25 review because she's 105lbs and I liked her hourglass figure turns out her photos are FAKE!! If you look at the sides of her waist, the shadows and the patterns on the bed you can see that she edited her photos. I already made the $500 deposit I just want to make sure it's worth the procedure and want good results for my small fame

Wish photos

3 day post op

This is a photo of me the 2nd day so far I like the results I wanted something natural looking for my small frame. The pain was not like I expected it to be it's not that bad you just feel sore like if you fell don't the stairs. I feel like the Drs have a lot to do with it because the girls in the Dominican Republic complain more about pain I feel like they are more abrasive. Even the anesthesia didn't hurt and I ve had IV millions of times he didn't even bruise me. My face eyes and lips got swollen my eyes were almost shut. After the surgery I don't really remember much just waking up in a room shivering. They put like 3 sheets on me and the heater thinking I was cold But my body always shakes uncontrollably when I go in shock . They had a medical assistant I believe stay there with me until my husband got there then she wheeled me out to the truck and waited for me until my husband got my meds they were $60 one for pain one for infection and one for nausea. Dr. Hazani called me to check on me I didn't really like his attitude Since I had the consultation at his office the day before the surgery I felt like he was hurrying me up and didn't want to waist his time. When I spoke to him back in December he was different he was nice and I called him early he answered and told me he would call me back when he got to his office.....I hope he doesn't turn into those Drs that once they get know they forget about customer service and hospitality

5 days post op

This is me at 5 days post op a lot of bruising the 1st days your butt is on fire. And you are pretty swollen from you whole face all the way down to your toes


One week after surgery, the bruising went down my leg and looked worse.


This is the garment that I got when I went for my follow up appt I also got a waist trainer and a pillow to sit I will post photos later. I got sport wrap at Walgreens and wrap it around my thighs I like it better that the bandages that the Dr gave me because they are more comfortable and flexible

Body shaper

2 1/2 weeks post op

I am wearing the same leggings and have my garment that I bought on. I love me results so far I just don't like the lumps that I have I massage them everyday the ones on my inner thighs hurt the most the bruising is almost gone. I was thinking about getting lipo foam to get my stomach flat and the curve con my lower back. My thighs look the same that was a main concern that I had because I have thigh gap and I didn't want to have skinny legs with a big butt.

6 week post

This is me at six weeks post op I was scared at first because I cheek what bigger than the other but it was because one had dropped you can see in the photo that one is higher than the other one I am still swollen here

6 1/2 weeks

My swelling is starting to go down so far I like my booty but I feel like I still have fat on my flanks and I have dents on my inner thighs they hurt when I try to workout and massage them I just hope the lumps goes away I also still have lumps on my stomach and they hurt when I stretch or lay a certain way. My lower back still hurts and I still can't sit for long periods of time I have also been depressed and lost 5lbs ????I need to put on 15lbs muscle weight



This is what I look like with the garment on I have a waits trainer under it because it was starting to feel loose and it helps so the garment won't rub against my because it was burning my skin. It's a small i am thinking about getting the xsmall but they're pricey have anyone had better results with the garments?


Idk why the photos did upload with the other post
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