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I presented to my PS very large fibroids and...

I presented to my PS very large fibroids and severe muscle separation. My OBGYN informed me that due to the sz of my fibroids my incision would be vertical. So I decided that if I had to go under the knife I would consult with a PS. My PS informed me that combining procedures would allow him to make the horizontal incision then my OBGYN would remove my uterus and he would finish with tummy tuck. Can't wait to be about to just feel normal again.


7 days before surgery

Went to the gym for the last time before sx. received a lot of love from the ladies in the "know." i'll miss my gym "sisters." Had my pre op with PS this past Tuesday. Had the photos of shame done. Dr Dodde really put me at ease alot. Already had my pre op w/ my OBGYN last Thurs, she is sooo personable. I feel like I'm in good hands with both my drs. Today is also my youngest sons birthday, he's now 3 yrs old! My family means the world to me. Just really anxious to get the actual sx behind me. The recovery doesn't scare me at all, but being unconscious n having something go wrong is my BIGGEST fear! Can u tell I've got the jitters......smh

2 days Pre Op

Last night I had a bad dream. I dreamed that my youngest drowned. Horrible I know. I was not even really that spooked by it as the specifics were a bit comical. We r at family function n my husband was coming down with a cold (he really is). Anyway I couldn't get him to nap so I picked him up n walked around with him rocking n gently swaying him as I would a baby til he feel asleep. When I returned with my sleeping hubby my oldest, 4 yrs old, ran up to me. I asked no in particular where is Caleb my 3 yr old. Someone said "he's on the boat!" So we ran aboard the boat (hubby is awake n walking again) n call out for Caleb. No response n the search is on for him. I wake sometime after this...
Now as I said I wasn't really spooked by this dream, it's clear to me that I'm under some stress. So over breakfast I share my dream with my hubby. N he informs me that he had a dream about all of us drowning. (This is his way of comforting me). I love my husband! "You did!" I say, "when?" "Last night." I drop my spoon, "that means something bad is going to happen!" N I burst into tears. Well at that point my hubby realized this was not going according to his plan.
Needless to say, I recovered n the rest of the day was pretty normal. Then just after dinner I came on RS site to connect with my TT sisters n read the most amazing post by Nicky10blue and my world, my mind, my thoughts, my whole aura has been recentered. I will be ok, I will conquer this like I have so many other obstacles in my life. I will be here to share my journey with all my TT sisters! See u all on the flat side :)

Morning of Sx

It's 5 am and it's finally time! My 2 sisters n brother r going to call me at 5:30 to wish my good luck on a conference call. Pretty cool since for 1 sis it's 3:30 in the morning n 4:30 am for the other!. So far I'm calm! Let's do this! Off the the shower I'll update again if u can Or maybe the nxt time l be on the flat side!

Made it!

Made it, made it, made it! Soooo tired I'll post later just wanted my sisters to know! Xoxoxo

Day 1 post op

Wow! No words to describe recovery! I it's been tough getting my pain managed. It's 1 am hubby is sleeping nxt to me is hosp rm. I don't regret doing the sx. I not even upset with pain. My nurses have been amazing. I got a glimpse at my tummy looks good. Update u guys soon!

Day 4 Post Po

My sisters, it has been whirl wind since I last posted. Sunday the pain started becoming more and more intolerable. My abdomin increasing swollen. I literally thought I was going to pop. my OBGYN CAT SCAN was ordered n they were able to see 1 liter of internal bleeding down pooling in bottom of my abdomen. My PS was called n I was immediately rushed back into sx. It was necessary to reopen my tt incision to reach the blood. They were able repear all. Took about 4hrs. I was out of sx by 2 am this morning. Took about 6 7 hrs to get my pain under control. But now I am resting comfortable in my hosp rm. The order for discharge is passing a bowel movement. Which we all know I very difficult task. I'm on a very light liquid diet n my bowels r very sluggishly moving along. Just wanted everyone to know I'm ok but very tired. I'll update tomorrow. Keep me close to ur heart as I'm doing of u ladies. FYI fibroid weighted 7 lbs my OBGYN named it "Damn You"

Post Op Day 5

Thx for all the prayers n concerns n uplifting comments. I hope I find all my 1st wk Feb TTs in calm n painless state. This morning was a very good morning. I'm on clear liquids I was able to drink 4oz of ensure apple juice. Was able to burp n had very little gas build up. I walked the hosp floor twice n sat in a recliner twice for 20 mins at a time.There was no resting this am. When I was sitting in my hosp bed I was on the phone talking n updating fam n friends. Now I was taking my pain Meds just staying ahead of the game.
But about 4pm it caught up too me bad. Now my drain on my left side fills every hr. my PS took a look says it's normal drainage it's a lot but my body has been thru a lot. I have a hole lot of swelling n distention in my belly. it's very frustrating. Hurts like a SOB to breath. My blood count was checked twice today stable at 8.6 (something close to that). Needless to say I think once my body settles down I've definitely learned not to go overboard, even on just sitting up.
My OBGYN N PS r concerned with the very minimal bowel sounds their hear coming from my gut. So now im on med called regulet for bowel motivation. Everything I goes to pee I call my mom of husband in to ask if they smell me passing any gas! Smh
Ask me if I regret this decision my answer in no. This sx had to be done. ultimately I'm in good hands a trust my OBGYN N PS. So I'm just been patient n waiting for my body to relax n start to work again.

Day 6 Post Op

Sooo while watching American Idol, I got odd feeling. I looked at my husband with a stupid grin on face. What? He asked. I think I have to go poop. We quickly get my leg compressions off. Unhook the iv drag my ass out of bed n shuffle to the bathroom. I sit and I have very real bowel cramps for 15 to 20 min. Made my day! My nurse came in no poop , no gas but definitelyshe could hear my bowels moving. Even once without stethoscope! This is a big improvement! Exacttly what dr has been waiting for. I'll see my PS for removal of stiches of belly button. Really good news I wanted to post. GN LADIES!


HOT DAMN! I POOPED a TiNY LIL turd, but I pooped n then I cried tears of joy, of happiness, of triumph. I got the last laugh of that mean old nasty fibroid.


Happiness didn't live long. Hubby brought boys up yesterday for V DAY.All when great til it was time for them to leave. I got the feeling that I had to vomit. No sooner did hubby leave rm with boys did the vomit start. Apparently with such slugging bowels my stomach had filled to the top with no where to go. When I vomited some of the vomit went into my lungs. I tube was forced down my throat. No numbing agent. Then I was rushed to ICU. To try and make me comfortable I was give a numbing spray called:benzocain (hurricane spray). The hemoblogin held on the oxygen n didn't let go. Need antidote to reverse situation. Took a few minutes to figure out what happinging. Hubby said it was a pretty hairy moment. Still in ICU, lungs r recoopering, still have tube down my throat. Had a really massive poop this am. My OBGYN say in order to remove tube need noisy bowels n gas for 2 4hrs consistently. They been quite since poop bout 10am. But they r slowly coming around. Need to check in glad to see so many of u with such speedy recoveries. I mentally prepared for 12 so I still will with in my window. PS says drains could come out by fri. All my drs have been working amazing together!

post op day 14

Still in hospital. Drains come out today! Still just a waiting game for bowels :(

Post op Day 19

Though I posted yesterday but it didn't show up. It's hard for me to be on here reading how everyone is getting back into routines.
still in hospital drs r able to hear some bowels sounds bUT they r still ve r y sluggish. I have a tube going through my nose pumping my intestines out since the r not working properly. Last night dr decided to test it mt bowels were working enough to take tube out. The goal was clamp tube for 3 hrs then unclamp for 1 n continue this pattern all night. But after 2 hrs my stomach was sooooo swollen I asked to have the tube unclamped guess the shows my bowels r not moving things down toward the colon efficiently enough. All this modern medicine n the only things I can do th speed up bowels function is my walking (I do) chewing gum (can't swallow saliva with tube, I suction it out. GROSS) n waiting patiently (I am). Other than that everything else going.
I miss my boys a lot. My mom n mother in law r taking very good care of them. They don't want for anything. I just miss being able to see them everyday, cuddle, them, tuck them in at night.
Just got to stay positive. U know I haven't really even taking a look at my stomach. ...smh. I do that tomorrow! Til nxt time my RS sisters!

Post Day 20

MY NG TUBE CAME OUT! Yesterday round 5pm I agreed to take NG tube out! I had been gagging on it all day n finally I vomited mucus. It was just hanging out in the back of my throat. Yuck. So it came out n I made it alnight with no nausea. Now we just r waiting to see if bowels will pick up with out all the help. P the plan is 24 hrs no liquids or solids. N see if bowels continue to push waste all the way thru to colon. Dr's will know if bowel movements keep happening. Then add liquids only if bowels keep moving slowly add soft solids. N n if all goes smoothly could be discharge as early as Monday! Come bowels I know u can do it! I just want to say thx for all th e love n support from u ladies it really does make a difference!

Post Op Day 23

Today I start a full liquid diet! Bowels r moving, still slightly sluggish but according to Dr's typical. if today goes well maybe I'll be able to do soft solid food tomorrow then discharge! Looks like if all keep progressing normally I should be out of hospital by Wednesday, at the latest! now I just have to trust that my body is ready. I'm soooo ready to go home!

Post op Day 24

Liquid diet went well. 4 bowel movements yesterday w/o help from suppository or stool softner. Yup that's good news. So today I get to try soft solid food. I am currently receiving all my nutrition from a concoction thr u IV. Nurse says it will take a day to wean me off of that. I add l so have to find out when this pick line (veins don't support IV well so one had to be sown in) can come out! Discharge day looks more like Wednesday but I'm still hoping for Tuesday! . I know from the sounds of all this I come off as a pretty weak person phone to illness but before this sx. I hard core lift weight 3x a wk. Ran 2 mi 4x a wk. N hardly ever got sick. Totally blew my mind when all this started happening. What doesn't kill u makes u stronger. N I must say my husband n I the bond between us has never been stronger. This man has been my ride or die partner sin ce 2003. There isn't enough thx u's I can say. I will forever be indebted to him, the love of my life. (Just got pain med so I'm feeling rather good!


Correction, today I started a "full liquid" diet. Yesterday I was only allowed clear liquids: apple juice, jello, broth. Today I got:cream of wheat (yuck), cream of broccoli, yogurt, tea. After lunch I'm very bloated. I've not eaten very much just half a cup of yogurt for breakfast with few sips of tea, lunch half a cup of cream of broccoli a couple small spoonfuls of chocolate pudding (couldn't resist). Im very nervous about the bloating. Don't want to go backwards n have at tube put back in. Dr said go super light for dinner. I was also worried about bowel movement w/o suppository but I just had one at 5:45 :) w/o suppository. OK. I think my body is just getting the swing of things. I not eaten in almost 3wks! I think I'll stay away from the cream of broccoli it could be the cause of bloating. Looks like its just vanilla pudding for dinner. Yum!

Post op Day 25

Advancing to soft solids for dinner! Im still bloated but drs say with no nausea, no vomiting n bowel movements atleast once a day r all good signs to keep pressing forward. I'm a lil reserved n nervous but I am ready to go hm. I also need to be in eating 60 to 70% ofy daily calorie intake before i can be discharged. Which is another reason I don't want to be bloated be cuz it is causing me to eat less cuz I already feel full. Dr ok'ed me to drink ginger root tea, yay! So my mom is making a batch for me now. Ginger root is know for aiding in digestion n helping with gas. Pray this works yall!

Day 27

Today if all 3 drs agree I can go home! 1 dr already agree just need to see 2 more...... Was able to pass all the gas yesterday, happy bout that. Did not to go home hurting from gas pain.
I've been looking at post op pics from others n most have a nice curvy waist. I don't see that on me N I'm wondering if it's cuz I couldn't wear a binder cuz of the bowel distention. I still have a lot of swelling. Guess I'll just have to wait n see. I'll post pics when I get home!

I'M HOME!!!!!

Was cleared to go home yesterday! Didn't tell the boys so when I got hm my oldest (4 yrs old) opened the garage door assuming dad was coming hm. When he saw me his look was priceless, eyes bucked, mouth wide opened! I hugged him n and squeeze him and kiss him and tickled him until he begged me to stop! He was sooo surprised!
My 3yr old was napping. When I hears him call out for grandma, I went in n the biggest smiled spread across his face. "I didn't know u werr here!" He said. He gave me the biggest hug ever!
This journey has been.........I really don't even have words to describe this journey. I had to have the hysterectomy there is no doubt about that it literally was killing me slowly And asy PS plainly put it "You have to be sown up regardless. So mine as well have it done right." I do not regret my decision. I am already healthier despite the hospital stay.No excessive coughing, no acid reflux, no sciatic pain! my future is brighter than it has ever been. this summer is going to be amazing with my family.
thank you ladies for your love support and prayers. my journey is not over but I hope I am over the biggest hurdle.........

4 wk post op

I've been home for a few days now. We're all getting settled back into ur routine. I made breakfast this morning. :) The boys ate in silence as they haven't had mommy's special pancakes in over a month (lemon extract n cinnamon) yum! Tried on the bridesmaid's dress for the wedding I'm in at the end of May. It's too big now. (Smile!) Thats not a bad thing...... can't stand the feel of jeans on. I'll be sticking to yoga pants n stretch pants.
Still swollen underneath belly button other than that things seem to be healing well.
Bowels r doing well. I have to slowly introduce new foods each day. Definitely staying away from all gassy foods N dairy For at least 3 wks not making that mistake again. I'll post pics later today!!!


Can't seem to upload my pics. Keeps telling me that there is an error. My pics r below maximum sz n extention is jpeg. Any suggestions?


Getting back to normal

6 wk post op as of last Friday. One wk ago I was approved for wearing a c g n i must sat I love it. The support is amazing! I'm able to be on my feet for most of the day without back pain! Love this. Going back to the gym with coming Wednesday light weights. Missing my gym ladies. Hope everyone is doing well. I've not been on forum in a couple wks.

8 wks pics

It's been a minute ladies. .....I have deserted you all. Just busy with boys. I've been doing well finally off soft food diet!!!

6 months post op

I have come a long way!
Whassup to al my Feb 2015 TT's! My summer has been fabulous I'm enjoying life on the flat side! Who every one is doing well!
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