30 Years Old. Chin implant & lipo

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Last friday I visite a clinic. I was so excited I...

Last friday I visite a clinic. I was so excited I immediately made an appointment !
De docter decided tot 'give' me an implant size M and a lipo under my chin. I was there with my sister who is also blessed with no chin. Afterwards I started jumping on de staircase from de clinic, because I was (and still am) sooooo happy!
So, now I have to wait 4 weeks minus 2 days.
I've told my mom about my plans and she was like: last week I saw a man with no arms or legs, just a body, and you are complaining about your chin?! Well, yes mom. I'm very sorry for that man, but with not getting an implant I can not change anything for him?! The way she reacts made me decide not to tell anyone, except my boyfriend, mother, sister and best friend. When my father in law found out about this.....
But it's my life & my body and I don't need to give an explanation to anyone and I'm not going to!
I think I wil feel a lot more confident about my self with a new chin and it wil give me so mutch time to spend with happy thougts instead of 'chin thoughts'.

Ps. Excuses for my english but i'm a dutchie ;)


Pictures to make it more clear

Last day!

Whoop whoop, this will be the last day with this ugly chin! Counting down the last 24 hours. I'm so excited and nervous for what's about to come!
Fingers crossed that everything goes well...


Oké, today was the big day, and i made it!
I had local anesthesia and sedation. I was hoping that I would sleep, but I was awake the whole time... so I heard everything and sometimes even felt it
But it wasn't so painful that I screamed or something haha. I would do it again tomorrow if I have to.
I gave birth to my 2 children en that's way more painful!
It was a strange and unrealistic day and I can not really believe that it's done now.
I have to wear these bandage for 48 hours and I can't hardly open my mouth, to eat or talk My boyfriend says he is happy with the silence haha. This picture is taking one hour after the operation. What do you think?
I took one painkiller 8 hours ago and at this moment I'm not in a lot of pain, hoping that's a good sign :)

Day 2

This morning I'll took of the tape. Ok, my boyfriend did, because I was scared to see what was under it. I was very surprised with what I saw! My face was a little bit swollen, especially from the front, but there was a beautiful chin! De happiness didn't last for long, because later the day I started to swallow more and more. My doctor did not gave me any bandage so I'm a little confused right now what to do... I do have a cold compress but I can not sleep with that. I will call him tomorrow, but for now I have nothing I can do...
Now that the tape is gone I can eat and talk almost normal, but I still can't laugh.
I am feeling numb at my chin, jaw and neck. It's tingling all the time and that's a very enjoying feeling. I didn't sleep much last night because I'm not good in sleeping at my back., so I'm a little tired. But accept from the tingling I do not have pain at all! Hopefully the swallow goes away ASAP and the numbness to :)

Day 5

Last days have been an emotional roller coaster for me. Is this the 'postnatal depression after surgeon' they are talking about?
There are a lot of moments when I think: OMG, what have I done to myself?! I don't want this anymore, I look like Frankenstein! But then Thera are other moments when I can get myself together and say; from now on it can only gets better. This is just a phase I have to go through...
Let me explain why I'm not so happy.
Thirst of al, the stitch. I have a large stitch, way bigger that the stitches I've seen here on realself. I'ts so large, I can even see it when I look at my profile in the mirror :( I'm very disappointed about that. Second of al de doctor suddenly (without explaining why) decided to use a stitch that's will disappear by it self (don't know the word in English) so you don't have tot take it out. But I'm not happy with that, because I've red that 'normal' stitches will normally give less scar tissue than the stitch I have... I really can not understand how a (good?) surgeon can do this, with al his years of experience...
Thnk god there is laser.

And then there is the numbness, what is really freaking me out. I know that that's part of the game, but I'm so scared that the feeling will never come back (I know that's not a very realistic thought, it's just a small change). Thnk god my bottom lip is not numb (the main reason why I didn't want the implant being placed through the mouth), but my chin and neck are, so I'm not able to talk or laugh without looking like Frankenstein...
Tomorrow my parents in law will come over to visit and they've invite there selves for dinner. I'm so not happy with that! What should I say when they see the scar? That I've let removed a cyst? A very, very, very big one... Pfffff

And than there is still the swallow what doesn't seem to get better, but I know it takes time.... But that makes it very hard to see any 'good things' at this point. But maybe (hopefully!) I'm to negative today and will everything work out just fine :)

Right now I'm wearing bandage, but maybe later this day I will post some pictures.

And last but not least some good things:

- I have no pain at all!
- Yesterday evening I took the last antibiotic pill, so now I'm done
- my friend was so nice to barrow me her crazy pillow with a hole in the middle. I will make a picture of it to. It's way better than sleeping with a air plain pillow!
- my boyfriend is really sweet and cleaned up the complete house after his work (K)
- I do have a chin from the front. Because of the swallow it looks funny, but ok. Funny is a good thing to ;)


Here are two pictures. Last day without make-up! Specially from the front you can see where the swallow begins. I can not seem to make a good picture from the stitch, so I owe you that one

Almost two weeks now!

Here I am, almost two weeks later. I'm still not sure how I feel about it.
I am still having my ups en downs.
Two days ago I looked terrible, it was so swollen... My sister was really shocked when she saw a picture of me! But yesterday it suddenly looked o.k. Today it seems to be more swollen than yesterday, but not as bad as two days ago. Because the swelling is asymmetric, it looks like my whole face is crooked (especially my chin). A few days ago I really thought my chin was crooked, but now I'm not sure about that anymore. When I look back at before pictures I realized I never had a symmetric jawline... The left side of my face is more round. But now it seems to be more prominent because I have a chin :(
I would really appreciate YOU'RE opinion about it, I will post a before picture to.
Before this procedure I never realized (how naïf) how this would affect my face from the front, I was so used to my before face and liked it to.
But I do like my new profile!

The meeting with my parents in law last week was not how I hoped it would be.
My mother in law saw it immediately; woooow, what happened with you're face? It's so swollen! And I said; O, is it really? Hmmmm, strange... And than she said; yeah, it's very swollen! Have you really didn't noticed? It looks like you have goiter! I had no clue what to say at that moment so I walked away preparing I was busy, haha. It was sooo awkward...
My father in law gave me a big hug and squeezed his face against mine, very hard! It was so painful! It was the worst pain of my whole chin experience. One hour later it was still very painful so I had to take a painkiller (thnx for that...)
Afterwards it was better to just have said that my wisdom-tooth (left & right) was removed that morning (advice for other people who are planning a implant+ lipo).

About the stitch, I have tot take back what I've said the last time; it's healing very nicely! It's almost invisible :)
The numbness is still there, but it seems that it's going a little bit better day by day. Yesterday it felt suddenly like there were little spiders walking IN my chin, I think (hope!) that are my nerves who are trying to fix themselves.

Today will be my first day at work, hmmzzz , nervous how they will react...!

Pictures are on the way.



1 month

Today it's been exactly 4 weeks ago I had my chin done.
I LOVE my face from the side. I'm so extremely happy with my new profile :)
But from the front I'm still not sure. There seems to be something 'wrong' but I still can't say what. I think that I will see and ask my PS in 2 or 3 weeks (The operation was in Belgium and I live in a Holland so it's a few hours drive).
But, IF the doctor wants to do a revision, I'm not sure if that's what I want...
When I look back at my dubbel chin pictures I realize again how much I have always hated it! It was soooo ugly, blegh! So now I'm definitely better of, with or without a revision, because at this point I can not say that I hate it from the front. And it's still swollen, so I have to wait a lot longer for the final result. My scar is healing so nicely and the numbness is getting better (but I still can't laugh normally ) so I'm not sure if I want to do it all over again. I think I'm just to focused on my chin ;) When I look in the mirror, all I see is chin, lol. It's such a big thing in my head! Wondering if my obsession with (dubbel)chin's will ever go away?? Haha, time will tell.
But, I can say; it was worth it!

Side note

I still wear my bandage as much as possible. When I'm very swollen I put my bandage on for a few hours and after that it's almost gone! And I'm still taking Arnica because it still feels bruised (because of the lipo) at my jawline. I'm not sleeping at my back anymore. Was so tired of doing that ;)

Family meeting

Tomorrow there will be a big family meeting, OMG. I still haven't forgot how my mother in law's reaction was the last time I saw here.... Hope she is so polite to not say anything about my 'new look' in public

7 weeks post

Almost 4 months post

It's been awhile, so I thought it's time for some photos :)
Everyday when I wake up and look in the mirror, I'm like; wauwww, I have a chin! I look at it a few times a day to make shure it's still there lol haha. I still can't believe that it's forever, it feels a little like I barrow it ;)

Almost 9 months

I'm still so extremely happy with my chin :)
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