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I am 5'6, 150lbs, size 11 waist in jeans....

I am 5'6, 150lbs, size 11 waist in jeans. Right now the bra I am in is a 34B. I have not always wanted an aug done but lately I have been feeling less confident in myself. I feel like I always need the best padded bra. I have anxiety when it comes to bathing suits. I talked with my boyfriend about it, and he's always the one who's supportive and understanding so he made it easier for me to look into doctors. Also, a distant friend of mine had hers done and she loves them. I only looked into her doctor and he seemed amazing. I am not nervous about only looking into one doctor because I have read a lot about him. When I met him and his staff, they all seems amazing. We kind of decided to go with about 325cc. So this morning I made my appointment for my "enhancement" for Thursday March 22nd! I can post pictures at a later time.

Yesterday I had a conversation with a friend who...

Yesterday I had a conversation with a friend who had seen some implants of another friend of ours. I asked her what she thought. "She looks great in a shirt, but when you see get cleavage and when she's in a bathing suit, you can tell right away that she has implants." Now I'm nervous for that because I was people to wonder wether they are real or not, I don't want them to know right off the bat. I know 25cc is NOT a huge difference, but my doctor originally suggested to go with a 300cc because I'm into working out. Lilly (the woman in charge) and my boyfriend both said that a 325cc would be best. Then everyone says, to go bigger. So now I'm stuck. I for sure want to get my monies worth, also I think no matter what size (if too small) they will still be better than what I have now.
I have another appointment to talk about size with Lilly, I just don't want her to push me into a size I'm unsure of.

Also, can I get some advise on 'going back to work'. I can take it easy with what I do. I take care of adults with Down's Syndrome. They are high functioning, I just take them out into the community individually. My one client in a pool, I don't have to swim with him, but still have to be in the pool (he's my biggest concern). I'm not even sure if my incisions will be healed two weeks after. My other clients are low key, getting in and out of the car is my only concern. So when did you all start driving?!

So, I'm still doing my research and reading a lot...

So, I'm still doing my research and reading a lot of blogs on here. I am still unsure of what size I am going to go with, I have time to decide though. It just seems like a lot of people on here are going larger... I do not want to look big. I want people to wonder if they are real or not. I am sure there are people on here who are in the same boat as me, but I just haven't read it yet. Even when I look at other picture of women who are got the same size as I'm thinking (325cc), and body type, look way too big for me. Like I said before, my girlfriend who is brutally honest (sometimes rude) is going with me to check out sizes.
Also, I am very happy to know that I have ALL the $$ for my surgery!! So glad!

Posted pictures with two bras on, I believe that...

Posted pictures with two bras on, I believe that this will help me during my next fitting on March 1st. I need to adjust my brain and eyes on seeing a larger set down there. I think I like this size (of the two bras together). I will have to bring this up during the sizing to see what amount of cc's it is.

Crap- Last night I looked on YouTube at a...

Crap- Last night I looked on YouTube at a operation done for the aug, and now I'm so nervous that my PS is going to be rough on me. I think they way they handle you and treat you during surgery effects the way you recover. Am I over thinking this?

29 days until my aug! I am super excited. Although...

29 days until my aug! I am super excited. Although I have ranked the things I am nervous about #1 sleeping position and hurting myself while doing so, #2 driving (for when I go back to work) and #3 going back to work. I am nervous that because I don't know what to expect. I am trying to tell myself not to think about it and just take one day at a time when it comes time for it.
I have started my To Do List and my Shopping List, also my Tip List from what other ladies have suggested. I have to say that this site has helped me #1 not back out and #2 calm my nerves.
Every day I say to myself or to my boyfriend "I can't wait to see my boobies in this (shirt)" "Do you think this (shirt or bating suit) will look good once I get my boobies?" I am so excited. My one girlfriend is already planning a New Boobies Party for me for once I heal. I told her to have guests get me gift cards for a new wardrobe! Doubtful but wishful thinking! I have not told many people, I should start that way I can explain why (though I don't feel I have to) and so they are not completely shocked. My PS told me to start wearing two bras so that people who have seen me before but who don't know me won't really know. I could kind of care less at this point. I know the truth as to why I want an enlargement. I guess in this nature it's natural to be defensive because it's personal.
So, I am just counting down the days and soon will start checking off my lists!
I talked with my boyfriend about my concerns of taking more time off work than what I originally planned. He said he'd be able to help with bills and such. He's amazing.
My mom is going to help me on the weekend to nurse me back to "no pain". Such a good mama :)
Well tomorrow is my birthday and this is the best birthday gift I could ever get myself! Yay!!!

Saturday was a great day for me because I told my...

Saturday was a great day for me because I told my boyfriend's mother about my choice of surgery. She would be the worst critic and judgmental person about this. I was nervous to tell her but I wanted her to know why I am choosing this change. Now I just have to "win" my dad over, he's not for this - not yet.

So, I am getting very excited and a little less...

So, I am getting very excited and a little less nervous. Each day it's different. 16 days away! I am just overloaded with all the pre-to-do's and the shopping list. I went out and bought my bras. The PS staff (Lilly) told me that the doctor will more than likely put me in an underwire bra after post op because my breasts naturally are wider (which I like, but she and others agree that they will look funny being wide).
I have been only working out my legs. I read on here (Makenzie's blog is a must read) that the stronger your legs are the better and easier it is for you.
Lilly ordered my implants. We are going with 350cc for the right (due to less tissue) and 325cc on the left. Those sizes are bigger than I wanted- since everyone says I wish I would have gone a little bigger. So I'm nervous that they will be too big. I will be the girl to freak out after surgery because they are HUGE (only because of the swelling).
I have a schedule for my boyfriend, best friend and mother to take care of me. I have yet to tell my other best friend only because he's a guy and we don't talk about sex and intimate stuff... I am going out for drinks with him tonight- maybe I will just tell him like I did my boyfriend's mother. My brother thinks I am making the biggest mistake. My boyfriend reassured me though, and he's always supportive. I did ask my boyfriend if he's be disappointed if I decided not to go forward with the surgery (just to see what he would say) he said no. Good.
So I am just getting things ready for the big day. I am nervous about the cost of the meds, I don't have health insurance. I believe Makenzie said it's around $70 w/o insurance. She's amazing for going out of her way for us!! If you haven't read her blogs, you are SOO missing out.

I decided to post nude photos to help fellow...

I decided to post nude photos to help fellow readers get a better before and after.

So today is Monday- I go in for surgery Thursday. ...

So today is Monday- I go in for surgery Thursday. I think I am freaking out. I feel like I am making a mistake or the wrong decision. But I am trying to focus on staying positive and thinking of the outcome.
I am focusing on everything that I need to get done (crap load of homework). I got all my medications for $66 which is without insurance. Not bad at all! I got my bras, they told me to bring in an unpadded underwire to help bring my breasts closer together.
Everyday an event comes up and I always think to myself "I'll have my boobies then!" It makes me excited. Plus the weather here is really heating up so I will be able to rock my un-bought bathing suit. **Advice needed** Should I wait until the drop all the way to go bathing suit shopping? Or will it not matter?
Well I might be able to post before surgery (all it will say is how freaking nervous I am) but I might not be able to because of all the stuff I have to get done before- i.e.: I have to go to the guy to pierced my nose and have him put in a plastic stud (ugh).
Until then, wish me luck!!!

I got a phone call this morning, my PS was...

I got a phone call this morning, my PS was overcoming the flu so he was not able to operate. I don't blame him and would not want him being sick with my cut open. So tomorrow is the day, in the early morning, 8am. That's good though because it doesn't give me much time to be nervous. My nerves are very bad right now, I have some anxiety.
So tomorrow is the day... I have my couch/chair made up, bag with crackers and Ginger Ale packs for the ride home, meds packed and whatever I'm forgetting - oh well. Like I said before my nerves are getting to me. I guess it because of having foreign object inside of me, and being put under and cut open. But I have to remind myself that this procedure is performed daily and afterwards they are going to look amazing. To keep my spirits up I just look at other's pictures and read.
Putting all aside the nerves, I really am getting excited. :) I just can not wait for the surgery to be over with... then I'll say I can't wait for the recovery to be over with... I have thought about putting post-it notes on my bathroom mirror that says "They will drop" "They will get softer" all in due time.

Good morning, its 6:30am and I have to be at the...

Good morning, its 6:30am and I have to be at the surgery center at 7- surgery is at 8. So far everything is ok, nerves are still with me. I took a bikini photo shot and reevaluated the girls. I feel confident that all will go ok. I was prescribed a transedermal patch which totally sucks. It makes this extra soothing feeling in my throat and upper stomach, which feels like I'm going to like puke.... Uhh I have the couch made up for me for when I get home. I have my warmest socks on, I heard you get the chills coming out of surgery. So that should be good. I wasn't sure if I was allowed to take the (what I call) anti puke pills. They dissolve under your tongue. I was told not to have a single thing past midnight, only can brush my teeth. I will try to remember to ask. Also I will ask if I can take Milk of Magnesium during the time of.taking my other medications. Well until then, wish me luck. Thank for everyone's love and support :)

Surgery was at 8am this morning, I had to be there...

Surgery was at 8am this morning, I had to be there at 7am. Step by stop of what to expect- I came in, they say my down to register me in. I waited 3 mins and they called me back to a room, meanwhile my boyfriend ran to the gas station to get my ginger ale with caffeine for after surgery. While I was in the room, the RN took my blood pressure and pulse, she had me take out my contacts and remove the plastic nose stud (I was told I was able to wear plastic). Then she had me dress in the robe, I wore my warm comfy socks under the nonslip socks. I was told from others that I should wear warm socks due to the shivers. Then the RN hooked up my saline and antibiotics (which I was give an extra strength antibiotics doe to the nature of my friend of working with people of special needs- I'll take it!) Then my PS came in to draw two lines on me. Next, my boyfriend came in the room for a couple of mins, I was able to kiss him good bye, then I walked to the operation room. I told them all how freaking nervous I was and they made sure to keep my calm. They tucked me in and explained every step. The one lady started to put the sleep medication in and I felt great from there. I woke up in a different room. My complaint was that it was too bright and I was very chilly, immediately I asked for more blankets, a different nurse hook me up to this machine that blew hot air unto my legs, it felt like I was sealed into a hot bag. Also at this point I was not in any pain. It did not feel like I was hit by a 2x4 or an elephant sitting on my chest. They had so many drugs in me, I didn't feel anything. I asked for some ice chips, then my left arm that was exposed for freezing cold!! Horrible feeling. Well then I told her I was starting to get nauseous and she gave me more meds for that and took my ice chips away. The feeling passed and then I was brought into a different room to start the second part of my recovery. Still no pain at this point. My boyfriend came in and we both had taken a peek at the girls, they had swelled much so I was able to get an idea of how "big" they would be. Mind you- I don't think I will be that girl who "wish I would of gone bigger". They are perfect size, now I can't wait for them to drop and get soft. Then I just laid there and feel in and out of sleep. Once I was more with it, they allowed me to put my eyes back in and my nose ring. Then my boyfriend helped me get dressed. While he pulled the car around for me, I was allowed to pick out my flower. I chose pink for breast cancer :) Then we drove off with a warm good bye. It helped that two of the many ladies that took care of me had been under in the OR with my doctor for a reduction and another with implants, so they could relate. The drive home was just ok, some big bumps hurt a little bit. My boyfriend stopped to get himself a burrito and to get myself some chicken noodle soup from Bob Evan's- damn it was so good. I had 4 crackers and 4 bits of soup and then I decided to take my anti puke pill, muscle relaxer and my pain pill that was around noon. When we got home I believe I ate more- a bowl of the chicken noodle. Around 3pm, I had ate the bowl of soup and took my anti-inflammatory pill and I then I was tucked into this comfy couch and feel asleep. Around 5:30pm I took my anti-inflammatory pill. It really helps to document what you took and at what time you took it, that was you are not guessing since there is so many things to take. I was in a out of it all day, helping with the preparing of soup and things to drink. Light diet today- I bought Progressive the new light kind, so it was tasty and light and perfect. Well fast forward a little bit, I slept and ate and such. At 8:30pm I told my muscle relaxer, anti-inflammatory, pain pill and antibiotic. Then I went back to sleep. When I woke up that's when the doctors amazing pain meds had slowly gone away and I could be pain and I moved.
I would say the biggest complaint is- being cold out of surgery, my arm freezing because it was horrible, and my mouth was very dry.
It is now 1:44am and I am going to take another pain pill (which I can take 1-2 pills per 4-6 hours) I've only been taking 1pill every 3-5 hours. I really like them, though they knock me out.
Also, I am going to rate my PS after I seen him tomorrow and Wednesday. Lilly called me this morning to see how I was doing and to remind me to take things easy, and we set up our appointment for tomorrow. Tomorrow I will be placed into an underwire to help bring the girls closer.
I will update and post pictures tomorrow after the appointment, I hope tonight goes well.... :)

Day 4 (including surgery day) - I stopped taking...

Day 4 (including surgery day) - I stopped taking my pain killers today because all I did was sleep. I am not in any pain, nor have I been. I may take it to help me sleep though out the night. My left breast has it's moments of a sharp pain but I think it's because I am in an underwire bra, and damn I hate it. I am not comfortable at all in this. But I know they will look amazing in the end. I haven't posted any after photos yet (other than the one in the surgery center), this is because I have been either sleeping, eating or taking drugs. Also, my boyfriend left this morning for a business trip so I can't really undress myself or redress in that case. My girlfriend is coming over to help me shower tomorrow, I will take photos then :) But overall I am very pleased with what I see, and I know it can only get better each day!!

6 days post op- I saw PS yesterday and he adjusted...

6 days post op- I saw PS yesterday and he adjusted my underwire bra so it pulls my breasts inwards, you can see how far they are apart. I decided to go get a few new bras, the one I bought was from Meijer and was silk and lace (horrible!!!). I went to Target and got the Beyond Bare with thin liner in it (no padding just a lining). I am in a C (with the minimal swelling I am popping out a little) and the straps are a bit wider which is great! The bra is great so I bought it in black and white.
This is TMI-- I was constipated for 4 days, horrible cramps going on, I had to do an enima (sp?). I think it helped a little bit but not as much as I'd like. I went from looking 3 months preg to 2 months preg... horrible! I would recommend to start on a high fiber diet before surgery and then after do the Milk of Magnesia.
Last night was the first night in my bed, I was sleeping in a recliner which was not bad at all. However.....sigh..... I woke up in the most pain I have felt to date (mind you my procedure did not hurt 0% pain- weird I know) I woke up this morning almost crying. I spoke to my girlfriend who went to the same PS as me, and she told me I should of proped myself up. BIG MISTAKE! I think I will stay in the recliner a couple more nights.
Over all I love my boobs! I will say I am NOT in the group of women who say "I wish I would have gone bigger" They are the most perfect size for me and I'm anxious for the last little bit of swelling to go down. PS said that there isn't a lot of swelling just a lot of settling to do. I did notice in pictures that my left is still bigger, it has 25cc less than my right. My train of thought on this is that it is more soft, and has dropped more than the right since the right has had more stretching and more cc's in it.... make sense?
Over all the recovery is the hardest part for me. Sucks washing my hair and doing every day to day tasks. My PS said I can't reach over my head or lift over 10lbs for 6 weeks.... sigh....

10 days post op- I have been done with all my...

10 days post op- I have been done with all my meds, I still have PRN pain killers which I will take half of one at night to help. I am still in discomfort, won't deny that. I am going to call the office tomorrow to see if I can get more muscle relaxers.

-Stretchy light, very light pants. Ones with easy elastic waist band. You want the least amount of resistance pulling those suckers up and down!

-SpinBrush, battery operated tooth brush. So you don't have to move your arms as much but you still get a good teeth cleaning in.

-If you will be left alone during recovery (I was- from day 3-9), make sure you can reach towels for bathing, all kitchenware, and clothes needed!!!! I am glad we thought of this before he (boyfriend) left. (Also make sure you have someone come over to shower and clean, esp vacuum)

-Some say to set an alarm and take meds during the night. I did not however, I did take them the min I woke up, 7am, even if I knew I would fall asleep again or not... but you want to take them, let them kick in and then get up.

-You do not want to get constipated. TMI but it needs the be stated, it hurts to push! And it hurts to lay down for an enema. Therefore, take laxatives ASAP. I wish I would have taken it at day one, and taken it 3x's a day.... horrible I know..

-Sleeping. If move a lot during the night I recommend that you sleep in a recliner (lazy boy). The arms on it help keep you bundled in. It kept me from putting my arms above my head. OH!! A LIFE SAVER-- THE PILLOW THAT'S IN THE SHAPE OF A "U". OMG it saved my life every night. I didn't use a pillow, I used this magic thing. It supports your head so great, I had it to where the opening was to the side, not the front... I don't think that makes sense... sorry, don't know how to explain it better.
-If you sleep in bed, PROP yourself UP!

-Driving. Closing the door is difficult. My keep advise is to open the door and close it a little before getting in to the car, so you don't have to reach as far to pull the door closed. Seat belts suck for when your nipples get sensitive.

I am out of advise... I say my recovery has been sucky, but I look at my boobs and say it's worth it. I am just waiting for the soreness/pain to go away and for them to settle more. Oh and the pain could be because I am in an underwire bra with the back straps pulled together- F***ING horrible. So if you have a wide chest- you might have to go through this... I cry for you.
Valparaiso Plastic Surgeon

Ratings in order of above- Bedside manner- I did not see him after surgery or even before hand. Answered questions- he did a great job answering all my questions however he did seemed rushed through the answers. After care follow up- he told me to take it easy (that's it). Time spent with me- I saw him once before surgery and then again right before to draw on me. Phone or email- his office and I played phone tag a lot. Payment process- this was a huge hassle because I had to pay in person, and we put $2,000 on my bf's CC and he had to be there, well he's always gone and they bugged us about that, nothing we could do though (oh and we live an hour away from them) hassle. Wait time- was not bad, most I had to wait was 30mins. I will rate Dr. Malczewski on his skills of making my breasts look amazing, once they heal up and once I see him Wednesday.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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