41yr Old Mother of 3. Getting a Chance at a Better Body.

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I had my first procedure done on January 2015. ...

I had my first procedure done on January 2015. Back than we discussed of a follow up procedure a year after. I'm now going for a follow up liposculpture and decided to also have bbl, also breast augmentation and extending my tummy tuck. Im very happy with my first procudure. First round was tummy tuck with muscle repair, bbl, lipo all over including chin, inner thigh lift and breast lift w/out implants. Love the results and its time to finish shaping my body.

Very Excited

I'm at work and can't stop thinking of my surgery. I will be off the next 3 days so I will take time to start packing and preparing for my surgery. I'm not sure if I mentioned i'm not good at this, sorry. My surgery will be in Ensenada, Baja California due to the fact that I have family there. I could have also opted to have it in Tijuana but decided it would be nicer for my kids to have a small get away while I recover. My recovery shouldn't be too long, i'm comparing it to the previous one. I will try to post pictures as soon as I figure out how to. As for now I'm driving my coworker and my bf crazy with pictures and questions about the size of implants I should get. I guess it's the excitement plus the fact that I don't want to be too big or too small but i do miss my DD's. They shrunk after my lift. Well it's lunch time thanks for listening.

Super excited

Today I went to see Dr. Renato Rodriguez I took my mother with me so she could help me decide on my breast implant size. I had originally picked 380cc but now we decided that 440cc would be much better for me. Not sure if I mentioned it before I'm 5'9" so according to the Dr. I can actually go bigger. I made my last payment and also paid for my fajas. Now it's just waiting until surgery. I guess it's time to start packing, I don't want to be stressed last minute. I ended up adding another procudure. I will share later. I can't stop smiling from all the excitement. 2 more weeks yay!

Had surgery, no pain and feeling extremely happy.

Had my surgery done. I decided to drive in to Ensenada on surgery morning since it's not such a long drive. I live in San Diego, Ca. It was an 1hr and 30min drive. Came with my mom and my three kids. My son is 18 and my girls are 8 an 6yrs old. Im staying over night, it's included and paid for one xtra night to stay at the clinic. I wanted the nursing staff. Plus it cost as much as a hotel room. My mom and kids are staying with my uncle. I have lots of family here. I figured my mom could take the kids out to la bufadora and other fun places. A plus was that we drove into town we saw a circus so that's anothee thing they can do while im staying at the clinic. By the way I'll be returning home thursday, planning to cross the border around 11pm or midnight to avoid the way. Plus we all have sentri wich is faster. Getting back to my procedure. I went in to surgery at about 9:30am and came out at about 3pm. I have not had any pain or discomfort. Im guessing the meds they are giving me in my iv are really workin lol. So i ended up doing some changes to my surgery. I had the liposculpture with bbl, breast implants , he lipo my chin, added the arms and legs (just a little) had him extend my tummy tuck as I had some skin I did not like with certain clothing. And the most exciting part for me I added the Mons Pubis lift. Cant wait for later when I'm able to take a shower and see me naked. I will try to post some pictures but not sure how good I'm. but i will try since im not sleepy.

Sorry forgot to add on last update

Pictures from earlier

Here are some pictures from me checking in an than night time with funny socks.
Dr. Renato Rodriguez

Love his work. He likes to make you the best you not a fake you. Very honest.

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