43yo TT with MR and Lipo 11/25 - Hinsdale, IL

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3 more sleeps to go! It's like Christmas morning,...

3 more sleeps to go! It's like Christmas morning, I'm so excited!
Freezer is stocked with food and I think I have everything prepped but then yesterday I started getting really nervous. My Mom is staying with me for 3-4days. I really hope that's enough time. Without taking care of kids how long was it until you felt able to care for yourself without help?

43yo TT with lipo and MR

YT is done!! 6 hours post surgery and so pleased by my manageable pain levels and lack of nausea, they gave me everything possible to keep the nausea away and so far so good. I hope I'm past the threat of that coming on.
I have been up to pee 3 times and walked the hallways it ha walker, slowly but I did it. I'll be overnight in the hospital. I hope to have some new photos in the morning.
Praying so hard that the results were worth it.

43yo TT with MR and lipo

So happy that I stayed at the hospital overnight. My pain continues to be under control although I'm more hunched over when I walk now that the morphine is out of my system.
Dr Saulis was absolutely wonderful. I am so comfortable with her and from what I can tell I am very happy with the work she did. The nurses at the hospital had great things to say about her and told me not to hesitate to call her over the weekend with any issues. She said she took of 4.5lb of tissue from my stomach and 1L of fat with lipo. The ON-Q pain pump is doing a wonderful job numbing me up. That comes out on Monday.
I'm finally home and trying get comfortable in the recliner, that was a challenge. It would be way easier if it were an electric recliner so I could slowly recline but I can't pull the arm on the side to raise the feet and when my helper pulled it threw me back in the chair OUCH!
So now I'm propped up on pillows in my bed and very comfortable. I'm a side sleeper and the dr said I could lay in a fetal position on my side if I want to but that's just too painful.
I will post more photos tmrw morning when I change my binder.

Night 2 pain is stronger.

Seems like I'm having to get up every 20 minutes to go to the bathroom. I'm assuming it's because i was on an IV for 24hours but it's exhausting. It's like I finally get comfortable in my chair and I have to get up again.
Trying to stay on top of the pain but it's definitely stronger tonight and my muscles what to be all hunched over compared to day 1.
Hinsdale Plastic Surgeon

Dr Saulis has been wonderful. I'm very comfortable with her and her staff.

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