Excited and Nervous - Hinsdale, IL

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I have been reading the posts here for a while. I...

I have been reading the posts here for a while. I have my surgery planned for Aug 7th and am very excited but nervous too. I have received approval from my insurance company.

Some of the concerns I have are about returning to work in 2 weeks, those of you that have had it done...do you think this is doable?

Also I see details about the Ahh bra and genie bra..how do you know what bra to get for afterwards. What else do you need afterwards, things that were handy that MD did not tell you.

Ok I just have to say that I love this site and am...

Ok I just have to say that I love this site and am getting more excited...everyone is so positive.

7-14-12: Starting the countdown to surgery...24...

7-14-12: Starting the countdown to surgery...24 days to go. I am getting more excited everyday. I have most of my stuff ready, button top jammies, hair appointment beofre surgery,,,,etc.....any new advice?

Hi all, Today I am 4 days post op and have...

Hi all, Today I am 4 days post op and have transitioned to acetaminophen for pain. Think I might take vicodin at bedtime. I have showered once, followed up with PS once, and plan to see PS on Monday to have some stitches out.
Things that I learned after my surgery that I wanted to share.....don't be afraidd to take the prescription pain meds, I thought about every dose, worried I was taking too much etc.....and I now know that I needed it in the beginning, I should not have worried so much. ( I didnt want to take too much) ALSO I discovered that I did have a scopolomine patch placed from surgery, and this has been the most nausea free I have ever been post op.
I had trouble with fever and chills when I got home, (I stayed overnight day of surgery) up to 101.7. Kinda freaked me out, too early for infection, couple communications with MD ( was already on oral antibiotics too) and eventally went away.
Very happy with the results so far, lots of bruising and def the lipo area under arms/sides is the most painful.
I am sure I will be able to go back after one more week off, I am bored already. Have been walking around, but cant do too much, I can't wait to shop!!!!!
Hope all are well

I have been a little reluctant to post, everyone...

I have been a little reluctant to post, everyone has had such a good experience...and I don't want to scare anyone away. Then I decided that maybe someone else is having some difficulty and they would know that they are not alone.

I have had some minor bumps along the way, now dealing with a bit bigger issue. My left is perfect and I am in love with it. Righty is having some difficulty, I have a hardened area, pretty large 4x3 inches, that is tender and swollen and makes the breast misshaped. I will be 5 weeks post op tomorrow. I went to the PS last thurs and he aspirated (with a needle) the area, did not get much but he did a culture ( turned out negative thank goodnesss). I am on antibiotics and return tomorrow to see what is next. Not sure what I will have to do, hoping against another surgery. PS said possible fat necrosis . I read up in this and sems that the body can reabsorb it, seems like kinda a big area.

I am still happy that I did this. I have a sports bra with little bitty straps, and they are not digging in anywhere. I love it.

Wish me luck, I hope tomorrow is good news,

Hope everyone else if doing well!...I don't want to seem like a complainer......but this is just the way it it!
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