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I made a decision to have the gastric sleeve...

I made a decision to have the gastric sleeve surgery. I am nervous. I need to do it for my health. My knee is bad and my BP is up now. I've always been overweight. My biggest worry is getting thru the 1st month post op. Very scared. I am not able to exercise much due to my knees. Recently I can barely pUT on my shoes. I can't wait to be healthy I'm 5 11 and 215lbs. Can't wait for my body to transform.

Pre surgical testing done!

Now 12 days pre-op. I had my last test today and should be,cleared for surgery now. Getting excited I'm so ready for a life change.

2 days before surgery

Wanted to get a photo out 2 days before my surgery. A bit nervous and tomorrow I start on clear liquids. I know my decision is the right one so I'm doing my best not to worry and stay positive. Tuesday at 7 30 am I'll be prepped for surgery and hope to be home by late afrernoob, evening. Wish me luck!

1 day post op

I did it, yes the gas pains,are horrible and the stomach pain the 1st 24 hrs. Now 8am day after surgery and the pain is very mild. NOT HUNGRY AT ALL. GETTING SUGAR FEE juices and Italian ice down 1 to 2 oz. Every 15 min as directed. Sleeping was ruff but I did sleep side to side with heating pad an alternating ice.

8 days post op

No regrets doing great feel normal again. Eating or drinking the protien is easy as 123 now
No cravings 14 lbs down 2 days back at work and it's been fine no issies.

9 days post op

16lbs down feel great no problems whatsover. The first 2 days are rough then its just relearning how to eat.

15 Days Post Op

22 lbs down. Feel great just cant wait until I can have soft foods. Feel wonderful!

5 weeks post op

Down 35 lbs now. I was able to taste a bit of everything for Christmas except the leave part of grape leaves. Just ate the inside and we made them with turkey instead of lamb. I had 1 Christmas cookie. Its good because you can only fit a few bites in so if you cheat its still a real small amount compared to how I used to eat. Turkey salad with low fat mayo does not agree with me but its only 1 of many things I tried. No regrets best decision I ever made. Ill post pictures later.

10 Weeks post op

OK, 49lbs down now. Feel great. I had my fisrt regurgitation I'll call it from eating too fast last night. Quick episode and all better. Besides that its been amazing to see the results sooo fast. Im exercising now, trying to loose as much as I can in the first 18 months. Cant wait to be able to have my knee replacement.

8 months post op

8 months out of surgery. 117 pounds lost finally ready for my knee replacement which is why I had the sleeve gastrectomy. The only problem I had during the whole process is acid reflux which I corrected quickly. If I knew about this surgery years ago I would have done it way before it has been life-changing. Please feel free to post any comments or questions I would be happy to answer. Dr. Bertha was wonderful in Somerset County New Jersey
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