45 Yr Old Wanting to Close Gap and Correct Overbite. Hillsborough, NC

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Just received trays 1 & 2 today and was told I'll...

Just received trays 1 & 2 today and was told I'll be wearing each tray for 3 weeks. Looking at the package, it says I'll have 16 trays. Immediate pressure when I put tray 1 in - WOW. The pain has eased some and so far, I haven't had to pop any pills. I'll upload pics soon. Any advise is welcomed.

Tray 1, Day 5

Happy to report that I am able to take my trays in and out without crying!!! To me, this is a HUGE achievement because the pain was REAL!!!

I'm hoping to add pics soon - didn't realize how hard it was to take pictures of my mouth

Tray 2 - day 1

Started tray 2 yesterday and what a pleasant surprise. Tray 2 wasn't painful AT ALL! The trays are tight but not painful. Still no noticeable change thus far but I really wasn't expecting any changes this early from what I've read from other posters.

What tray did you guys notice any changes?

I'm going to try and post pictures. I'm using my phone so please disregard the typos.

Tray 2 update

I've had tray 2 in for 5 days now and things are going great. No noticeable changes (which I expected) but I am curious - at what tray did any of you notice any difference? I'm anxious to see some changes.

I tried posting pics with my phone but that didn't work out so I'm trying again. The pics aren't the best. Pic 1 is Day 1 with Tray 1 out and Pic 2 is with Tray 2 in.

I'll post another update when I change to tray 3 on March 9th.

Tray 3, Day 1

Just received trays 3 & 4 today, along with 6 attachments (4 on the bottom, 2 on top). Tray 3 is fitting pretty tight but it's still not as bad as Tray 1. I'm a bit nervous about taking them out because of the attachments. I hope it's not as bad as I've read others say. Pics coming soon - still no noticeable changes. Looking at my chart, I'll start seeing changes during Tray 5

Tray 3, day 1

Correction, I have a total of 8 attachments (6 on the bottom, 2 on top). Still soreness, especially when I use the chemis but I haven't had to take any Tylenol.

Tray 4, Day 1

So I decided to start tray 4 this morning instead of waiting until tonight. Trays 2 & 3 weren't painful at all. I mean, there was tightness the first 3 - 4 days of each tray, but nothing that made me want to pop any pills. So far, tray 4 is pretty the same way. I received attachments with the start of tray 3 and didn't have any problems taking the trays out or putting them back on - I was very thankful for that!! I'm not seeing any changes in my teeth so far but it's still pretty early in my journey right now but looking at my diagram, I should really start to notice changes beginning with tray 5 - hopefully and I'll post pictures at the start of tray 5. The 3 weeks really seem to be going by fast and thankful for that.

Just wondering - does anyone know if CC gives a final picture (other than the diagram) of what your teeth are supposed to look like at the end of treatment. I can tell from looking at the diagram that the spaces of my teeth should be closed and everything should be aligned starting with tray 11 (I have 16 trays), but it would be nice if CC offered a frontal and side view of the final results.

Tray 4 - movement spotted

So, while brushing my teeth after dinner I'm looking at my gap and thought, hummmm, has my gap closed just a little???

According to my diagram, I should start seeing changes beginning with tray 5. I've been keeping my trays in for 22.5 - 23 hrs a day and I chew on my chewies throughout the day to make sure the trays are seated properly.

Take a look and let me know, is it just my imagination or is my gap disappearing - even if its just a teeny tiny bit. Right now the slightest movement is an improvement.

Tray 5

Popped in Tray 5 yesterday evening. As usual, the trays are very tight. After 3 weeks of wearing each tray, I look forward to a new set.

Thinges are going well, just ready to be closer towards the end of my treatment. I hate the fact that I can't just snack anymore, that's a big adjustment for me.

I'm keeping my trays in 22.5-23 hrs a day, only had 1 mishap where they were out for about 2.5 hrs and when I finally put the trays back in they were a little tight.

Not much movement since my last post, but looming at tray 6 there should be quite a bit of movement going on before tray 7. I'll ha e IPR done with tray 7...praying this doest hurt.

Tray 6, Day 1

Switched my trays this morning and they're feeling tight. I like the tightness of the new trays. Nothing new to report but I'll post pics to show what my teeth look like on day 1 of tray 6.

Tray 7,

Switched into tray 7 last night. Noting new to report. I was finally able to see what the end results will like (well, supposed to look like) at the doctor's office. I'm praying things work out and that I only have 16 trays.

Has anyone ever finished without needing additional trays?

Teeth are slowly moving so nothing new to report but I'll post pics of my teeth right before I put in tray 7. Tray 9 is where my gap should close.

Tray 8

Popped in tray 8 last night and this tray is a bit tighter than the others (other than tray 1), my mouth is very sore today. No real major changes thus far - gap is getting smaller (yippee). I am concerned about my lower left canine - to me, it doesn't appear to be moving at all. I'll post pics later.

On a good note - I'm on tray 8 of 16, I'm halfway done :). The 3 weeks I wear each tray seems to roll around quick

Tray 9, Day 1

Popped in tray 9 today. Nothing new to report, tightness with these trays but that's the norm these days. Keeping my fingers crossed that I'll only have 16 trays - if so, I'm halfway done :)

Asked about my lower left canine tooth and this tray will start focusing on that tooth. So far, I'm very happy with my CC journey.

I took pics this morning since I knew I was getting trays 9 & 10 today. I'll post them later.

Tray 9 pics

Hopefully that lower left tooth will start to move into the correct position soon.

When I took my trays out this morning (day 2) I noticed that my front teeth gap was nearly closed!!! So very excited.

Tray 10

Started tray 10 on Wednesday and I'm praying that I'll see movement with my lower left canine tooth. I'm extremely pleased with where my top teeth are - my gap is almost completely closed.

Question - at the end of treatment, how many of you got the plastic removable retainer or the permament bar? I'm thinking of getting the bar simply because I'm tired of the trays. I spoke with someone who had their teeth bonded after braces...what are your thoughts?????

I'll post pics at the end of tray 10

Tray 11, day 1

Switched to tray 11 last night. The usual tightness and sore teeth with this tray. Time is going by fast!!! I did see a little movement with my lower left canine tooth and that gives me hope that it will align with the others by the time I finish with my trays (16 trays total). I'm very pleased with my progress thus far.

Pics posted

Pre CC - tray 11

What a transformation

Pre CC - tray 11

This may post twice - sorry...

worth it....

I edited my decision from not sure to yes - why, because if i had to stop now, i would totally be satisfied! I have 5 more trays to go and the 1 tooth I've been concerned about for the last 3 trays has finally decided to move and is almost in line with the rest of my teeth. So, I'm positive by my last tray everything will be to my liking and I'm praying i don't have to do any refinement trays.

Tray 12

I changed to tray 12 on Wednesday. Had a hard time seating the upper tray, but it finally decided to stay put after a few tries. Here are pics of my teeth right before putting tray 12 in....only 4 more trays to go

Tray 12 photos

Tray 13, Day 1

Picked up trays 13 & 14 (out of 16) today. These trays will be targeting my back teeth - mainly correcting my bite. I go back in 6 weeks and hopefully at that time I'll know if i need refinement trays or not. I'm very happy with the results so far. My gap is gone, my overbite is gone and I smile so much more freely than before!!! I don't try to cover my mouth, I LOVE showing my teeth and I LOVE taking pictures.

I'm working on a new ME for ME!! I've started working out at the gym and I'm loving the life I'm living. Looking forward to the new ME!!

Oh and I've decided that at the end of my treatment, I don't want trays as retainers because I'm tired of the trays. I've decided to go with the Hawley retainers. I'll have to wear them for at least 22 hours (like the trays) a day for 3 months then nighttime wear for life - I think I can handle that.

Tray 13, day 1 pics

Tray 14 - Day 1

I started tray 14 this morning and things are moving along nicely. As I mentioned before, I think these trays are correcting my bite and I can tell a difference with my bite with tray 13. 2 more trays to go (15 & 16) and hopefully I'll move on to my hawley retainer.

I am 100% happy with my treatment and so glad that I decided to do this for myself - I smile all the time now and I'm the one who's imitating pictures now - what a complete turn around. I love taking selfies now :)

Tray 15 of 16

Picked up my last 2 trays on Wed., Nov. 16th. I'm so ready for this process to be over with; however, I am amazed at the transformation of my teeth!!! I'm so thankful that I was able to do this.

I've noticed that food (especially chips) get stuck in my teeth - it's funny that I've never paid attention to that before and it's quite irritating, the pick floss has become my best friend. I did take pictures, but there aren't any noticable changes. I'll post before and after pictures after tray 16 - the last tray!!!

I go back in 6 weeks - Dec. 28th and I'll get impressions for my retainers (I was told that unless I'm not satisfied, I will not need refinements - and as of right now, I'm 100% satisfied). I'm still trying to figure out what retainer will work best for me. I'm certain that I do not want the trays, I'm just tired of them. So I'm deciding between the permanent bar or Hawley retainer. I do think that I want the bar for my bottom teeth though. Anyone that wants to weigh in on the retainer you have and why (pros and cons) your comments will be greatly appreciated. This site has been such a lifesaver for me.

I was told that I would only have to wear my retainer for 22 hrs/day (just like I do now) for 3 months, then at night only for life.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!!!!

Tray 16 - THE LAST TRAY!!!

I was excited to be starting tray 16 - the last tray so I put them in tonight instead of tomorrow. I'm so happy with my results. This has been such an amazing journey. I never thought I could/would have a straight, gap less smile - hell, I didn't think I would ever be able to have a full smile. I laugh more, and I am more vocal (Don't know if that's a good just yet :).

On December 28th I'll go back to get impressions for my retainer - I'm SOOOO EXCITED!!!!! I'll post pictures of the final results. I don't think I'm having any movement with these last 2 trays, I think they're just keeping my teeth in the position they're supposed to be in.

Although my journey has been without any hiccups, I am ready to be done with the trays. The 3 set of trays I haven't kept them in for 22 hrs everyday, I've been slack with keeping up with the time I have them out. With this last tray I vow to do much better :)

Retainer Day!!!

Received my retainers today...yeahhhhh!!!! I opted for the Hawley retainer on top and the permanent bar on the bottom. I'm so glad to be rid of the plastic trays, now I just have to get used to this Hawley retainer in my mouth and flossing with this bar.

This journey has been an experience and I've learned a lot about myself and my teeth. This is a process you have to be dedicated to - your results are only as good as you are dedicated. I have no regrets about this journey.

I'm told to wear my retainers for 22-23 hours a day (like the trays) for 30 days, then it's nighttime wear only.

Pictures of my retainers are attached and I'll post before and after pics soon.

This website is awesome!! It basically prepared me for everything about this journey and I thank everyone that posted about their journey.
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