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Forehead Lift

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18 Dec 2016

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Highly recommended

I had a forehead, face and neck lift. Hairline lowered, cheekbone reduced and jaw and brow contoured last December. Doctor Lee was and is not only a professional and skilled surgeon but an artist. He understood what I wanted and was able to explain what would suit my face. He was compassionate and understanding when my husband got nervous several days before my surgery. He made time to speak to him in person and reassure him that everything would go well. All went smoothly surgery day and all the days following with my checkups. My recovery was a lot easier than I expected. I was able to go out to Christmas dinner two weeks after my surgery wearing regular makeup. I am extremely happy with my results, I look natural, younger and refreshed. Susan is Dr Lee's administrator, she guided me through every step leading up to my surgery and all my follow-ups. She felt like I was talking with a friend and made everything easier.