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On Monday, October 30th I had CoolSculpting...

On Monday, October 30th I had CoolSculpting performed on my stomach. I am 5'5" and 125lbs and have had two children. In the past few years I haven't felt comfortable showing my stomach in a bathing suit or wearing form fitting thin shirts because my stomach is not what someone would want to see in those things. The clinic recommended that I do a total of 2 treatments because that is what most people need to feel satisfied with their bodies.

The procedure: The hardest part, for me, about having this done, was trying to breathe once the large applicator sucked my skin in. It was easier after the first minute, but the whole time I was taking very shallow breaths. It wasn't a big deal; it was just startling. I really didn't find anything else uncomfortable white the machine was on. When she removed it I had a huge bulge of frozen fat formed into a mountain. It looked quite disgusting.

The massage: I know that some people say they really couldn't handle the message, but I didn't think it was that bad. It was slightly irritating for me, but I was pretty numb too, so that helps.

Leaving: After I got up and was scheduling my next appointment (for 2 months out) I began to feel nauseous and dizzy. I was told to sit down and was offered either meds or a shot. I decided to just drink a bit of water and remain seated for a couple of minutes. I was told some people experience this as blood is returning to the treated area. I was fine after that and was able to easily drive home with my numb stomach.

That evening: My stomach is very swollen. I look pregnant again. The only problem I had was that it was very uncomfortable to lie on my side (which is how I normally sleep). But I was able to sleep on my back without problems.

DAY 2: I woke up in pain. It was kind of a bruising feeling along with a hard workout feeling. I went to work, but struggled to do my job because I teach dance. Every time I bounced around I could feel the pain in my stomach. *I am taking ibuprofen every 6 hours and icing in the evenings.

DAY 3: Pretty much the same as day two, but perhaps a little more pain. I think MAYBE a little bit of swelling has gone down but I still look pretty bad!

DAY 4: About the same

DAY 5: Nerve pain has really started to set in. It reminds me very much of shingles (if you are so unfortunate as to know what that feels like.) There are random little shooting pains that tingle in a bad way. It's bad enough that I took my ice pack to work, and then got more ice throughout the day. It's mostly bearable if I sit and don't move. Unfortunately my job doesn't really allow me to do that. On the way home I call the place where I had the procedure done and am advised that I can get a prescription for something that is supposed to help with the nerve pain.

I pick up the prescription and read the instructions. There's medicine for the next 7 days. I am supposed to take one pill today, two tomorrow, and then 3 pills for the next few days before working down again. I took the pill about 7 hours ago, and don't really know if it's working. I have felt the pain go up and down but I think it could just be that this is how the pain is.

I will continue to update as the days pass...

Hoping this is all worth it! :)

So it's been exactly a week now and starting last...

So it's been exactly a week now and starting last night the pain went down enough that I was able to do about 30 mins of chores before laying down with my ice.

And today my pain is down a ton! I guess it could be the meds, but I am actually hoping it is just time (bc I only have 2 days left of meds.) The electricity feeling has decreased by 90 percent. I was itching a lot at work today and that is getting even worse now that I am home, but it is soooo much more bearable than the pain. I am sitting here with ice again and that takes away the itching.

Still swollen as much as I was a few days ago. Oh, and when I stopped taking ibuprofen, the swelling went up. So I am making sure to continue it or else I can't get my pants on!

So it has now been 11 days since the procedure. I...

So it has now been 11 days since the procedure. I had previously thought that the pain was going away on it's own, but now I am attributing it to the neurontin that I was prescribed. I ran out a few days ago and I am hurting again. It's definitely gone down a ton compared to the beginning, but I am still pretty uncomfortable so I called the dr.'s office and requested they refill it. The receptionist said she would get a note to the Dr. so I am hoping they won't have a problem doing it.

Although I am still swollen, I would say it has gone down even more in the last few days.

I would highly recommend that you ask your dr. ahead of time for the neurotin prescription. I am supposed to do a second round of this in a couple of months and since I know what to anticipate, I will be asking!

2.5 Weeks after Procedure So I needed the...

2.5 Weeks after Procedure

So I needed the neurontin up until now. My doctor gave me a prescription for more days than I needed so now I will have enough after my second procedure, too. My stomach itches now slightly and there's still some numbness. .

I am still swollen, but I feel comfortable doing exercise again with no problem. However, it feels weird if I move around too much because I can feel my swollen belly jiggling (and it never did that before.)

I have read that some people started seeing results at 3 weeks, however, I don't think that will be the case for me since I still have quite a bit of swelling.

5 Weeks: So I can tell a definite difference when...

5 Weeks: So I can tell a definite difference when I grab my stomach fat that there's less of it, but I don't see an improvement visually. There's still some numbness and when one of my kids pushes against my stomach or if I squeeze the fat, there's very slight pain.

Even though I feel like the amount of fat is less when pinched, I feel like there's still swelling. My stomach still looks like it hangs over, and this was not something that happened until I had the procedure done and I became swollen. (I really wish I'd taken a picture BEFORE the procedure instead of right after so that you could see.)

Because I am not seeing a visual difference, I am going to hold off taking new pics.

***Last post should be marked 4 weeks, not 5.***

***Last post should be marked 4 weeks, not 5.***

So the place I had the coolsculpting done had buy...

So the place I had the coolsculpting done had buy 2 areas get 1 free. They counted the time I already did my stomach and then today I had my flanks and inner thighs done.

Flanks: So this did not take my breath away the way it did with my stomach. It's now about 12 hours after the procedure and I am swollen (but not as much as the stomach) and this time I am pretty bruised. My theory on it is that the skin on the flanks does not stretch like the stomach. I have had 2 kids, so my stomach has been stretched before. Regardless of the bruising, I don't think the pain is much, if any, more than the stomach.

Inner thighs: This was difficult. After the first thigh, the machine popped off with 20 minutes left. They did the other thigh, but attached it at an opposite angle. Then they went back and did an additional 20 mins on the side that popped off at the angle they decided to switch to. I do have concerns about the fact it fell off and also that the angles are different. I guess only time will tell.

I am posting pics from today of my stomach flanks. I am now 4.5 weeks past procedure for the stomach.

So I am just a little over 5.5 weeks now and I can...

So I am just a little over 5.5 weeks now and I can tell a huge difference in the amount of fat on my stomach. I feel like there's still SLIGHT numbness.

What I don't like...

So the most amount of fat has disappeared from around the belly button (or maybe there was just less fat there to begin with?) because I can pinch more fat on either side of it and it gradually becomes more as I move away from the center.

Now I have a line (which I spoke about last time) and my UPPER stomach is an issue. It looks so gross to me and I can pinch a ton of fat up top IN COMPARISON to my lower stomach. Prior to this procedure I never would have said I had fat on my upper stomach, but I very obviously do!!! When I flex my stomach muscles and then run my finger from my upper down to my lower stomach, there's a good 1/2 inch drop off. I really feel the necessity to get my upper done now!

But...obviously the procedure works or I wouldn't have this line. And for me, I believe it's way more than the 20-25 percent that is claimed. I wish I would have taken a picture BEFORE of me pinching my fat, but I never did. I would guess it is 50 percent less than what it used to be.

As a side note, when they took the machine off, the lady told me that she thought I was going to be happy with this because of how firm my stomach was. She said with some people the skin just kind of falls and that mine was very frozen.

Love Handles/Inner thighs

So I had this one done about 2 weeks ago. Obviously no results yet, but I can tell you there was a HUGE difference in pain and itching. My stomach itched for at least a month. All itching is now done from both areas. The pain is mild, and I have had NO nerve pain. My lower stomach was horrible!!! I had a bunch of the nerve medicine on hand ready to go, but I never needed it. I have a feeling that the results in the end will not be as drastic as the stomach. The fat definitely did not freeze up the way it did on my stomach.

Had my upper stomach done today because of the...

Had my upper stomach done today because of the line that was left between my upper and lower stomach after my first treatment.

Rewind two weeks...
I had originally scheduled this appointment for today to be round 2 of my lower. However, after I saw my results and the obvious line, I went in a couple of weeks ago just to discuss my options. The place I go, typically advises 2 sessions in one area to get the best results, but after I was seen, we decided that my lower stomach looked good enough to just do one, and instead do the upper. She said we would use the small applicator, but I requested the large (600 dollars vs. 1200 dollars) because I didn't think that it would freeze wide enough. She said that we could try the large and see if it would stick.

We were able to use the large applicator today, so I hope that my results are just as they were for my lower stomach. It was a little harder to breathe than last time because the applicator sits right on your rib cage. I was afraid if I tried to take too deep of a breath that it would pop off. The massage hurt a bit more than last time for whatever reason so I had to take a couple of minutes to stand up and leave. But other than that, it was pretty much the same as last time. I have bad swelling again, just this time it's a lot higher.

My concerns, at this point, are that there will be lines on my stomach. Even though the applicator was moved high, it actually suctioned and froze all the way down to my belly button. (Just the upper half.) My line from last time was an inch or so above that. So from the line to the top of my belly button is getting a second treatment. I just really hope that doesn't create some strange indent in the end!

Posting a picture so you can see the swelling.

Alright, so I am now almost 1.5 weeks in after...

Alright, so I am now almost 1.5 weeks in after having my upper stomach done. Here are the differences in the after effects compared to lower stomach (for me):

* I DID have a bit of the nerve damage pain after day two with upper stomach where it started on day 3 with lower.
* I don't believe the pain was nearly as intense as lower stomach, however, I was already prepared with the nerve medicine this time.
* With lower stomach the pain went from day 3 until about day 14 or so. This time, I believe the pain really subsided after 5 days or so. I am still taking the meds, but only once or twice a day instead of 3-4. And shooting pains are few and far between. I am taking more to help with the itching and a bit of sunburn-like pain.

The swelling has gone down, but has left the areas with fat feeling hard and enlarged. So my line that I had from the first procedure is VERY noticeable (look at my new profile picture) because there wasn't fat where the line was to freeze! So I am very swollen on top of the line since that area is all new to being frozen, and a little swollen under the line where I still have a bit of fat left. I really hope that once the fat starts to melt away that my line will be gone. My guess is that I still have another 3-4 weeks before that starts happening if it reacts like my lower belly.

*Update on love handles and thighs: I really don't know if I can tell a difference in my flanks, however, I do believe there's probably a slight difference that I would notice if I saw the doctors pictures. I can tell a little difference in my thighs and i can unfortunately tell that the device was placed differently on each of the thighs. One looks a lot better than the other.

Today I had my side to front done. I have the...

Today I had my side to front done. I have the normal swelling I have had the other times. I am now almost 4 weeks into my upper stomach. It's gone down a little, but I expect to see the most amount of change from about 4.5-5.5 weeks since that's when I really noticed my lower stomach. I will post pics.

I am about 2 months post doing my side to front...

I am about 2 months post doing my side to front done. What I have noticed is that apparently the fat on my stomach is lopsided! When I look down it's easy to tell that there's more fat on my left side than right. So either I have always been this way, or the different sides of my body are responding differently. Either way, I believe at some point that I will have to do one extra treatment from my belly button towards the left side of my body.

I am having my lower abs done in a couple of months again. My lower stomach looks very big in comparison to the upper since I had the upper done. I will be in PHX for part of the summer and found a place down there that's doing 750 for a large area so I have locked in to that deal and have the procedure done at the end of May.

I will post pictures of the lopsidedness.

Lower Stomach Done Today

I ended up having my lower stomach done again down in AZ bc we have moved down here. I showed the lady the area and she suggested just using the small applicator, but I still feel like the fat expands pretty far to each side so I went with the large one. They had a mirror in the office so I took some pictures right after the device came off. It looks like it covered a pretty good area and is pretty well swollen (like it is every time for me). I will put a couple pictures up and then it's about a 5 week waiting game for me. Some people say they respond at 3 weeks...wish I was that way!

A Week after

I have tried to keep a good collection of pictures in the exact same lighting so that comparisons can be made. Unfortunately, I have moved so the lighting is going to be different now. The bathroom light is a bit higher than the last one so the angle the light is hitting is more of a 70 degree angle instead of a 45. So I apologize that this picture is different from all of the previous updates.

I took this one at exactly a week after the large applicator on my lower abs. I think that because a lot of fat was already lost with the other treatments that more skin was able to be sucked into the machine this time. Maybe I am wrong, but when I look at the previous pictures of the treated area, that's how I feel.

Swelling to the lower and part of the upper is still present. You can tell that the left side of my body has more fat than the right. I am actually tightening my stomach muscles which makes the fat closer together and stick out more. But I will repost my first picture taken 5 days after my first treatment and then this most recent one and you will see a huge difference. I can't wait another month when I should start seeing the results!
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