Day 3 Post Vaser Lipo Operation 49 Year Old Woman , Fed Up with Cellulite Lumpy Thighs and Fat Tummy - London, GB

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I have decided to write this blog for two reasons,...

I have decided to write this blog for two reasons, firstly because I put off having the procedure for two years , due to fear and lots of people telling me I didn't need it . Secondly because I think it's important when you go under such a big procedure like I did to share the whole experience so the expectation can be realistic. But firstly let me tell you never at anytime have I regretted it so far.
I was operated on 7.30 am Monday morming at the private hospital The Highgate by Ricardo Frati and Grant Hamlet. As you will see by my pre op pictures and post op pictures I had a lot of fat removed. After having a consultation with Mr Frati and Mr Hamlet I decided that if I was going under a general anaesthetic it was going to be worth it and I wasn't going under twice. So with that in mind I took the recommendations form the surgeons to have stomach high definition vaser, normal vaser front and back of thighs , knees and flanks , buttocks and fat transfer to the buttocks as I have a lot of cellulite their and this would provide me with a much smoother result .I was really quite scared going into the anaesthetic room , my main fear waking up in excrutiating pain as I'd read so many blogs online that patients were in agony when they awoke. The anaesthetist was wonderful and very reassuring. Within a couple of seconds I felt myself slowing slip into a deep sleep. I had been informed that I may wake up shivering with the anaesthetic and boy did I shiver but only for a few minutes as the post op team had a warming blowing hot air blanket on me. I had some discomfort to my knees and felt a tightness around my abdomen from the compression garnet that had been applied in theatre but other than that no pain !
Yes I had made it ! Done it and out the other side with no great pain!!!
They took me back to my private room , I had drains in and helped me go to the toilet . I felt very wobbly and a bit out of it from the anaesthetic and slept for a few hours. I was given regular pain medication every four hours wh in kept m comfortable . I had pain in my chest when I breathed but nothing I couldn't cope with. This was from the tight compression garment pushing on my ribs. Yes the fat had been removd remember.
The surgeons both came to see me I had been in theatre for three and a half hours , they had taken 7 litres of fat from my body !
Day two the pain has slightly increased and I. Was supposed to be discharged today. I've decided as I'm still losing fluid and blood to stay an extra couple of days with the drains in, as this is really good for you . The more fluid you can drain from the inside the quicker the body heals and the likelihood of infection and seroma are decreased. To stay at the Highgate is about the same as a night in a hotel, you have 24 hour nursing care, all the pain relief you need, your own private room with wifi and TV, room service and all meals are included in your room rate. I think if your going to invest in vaser lipo and you want to achieve the best result you should seriously consider staying in for at least three nights after your operation.
You can even have lymphatic massage they will organise that for you and this again helps to drain the areas that have been treated of fluid and smooth out the appearance. I'm havimg that in about an hours time , I've not got out of the garment yet since my operation on Monday , I'm a little scared as I've no idea what's waiting for me underneath. I half want to look and I have don't !!!!

Back soon and I will upload some pre op photos once I get some post op.

Day 3 post operative

I'm still in the hospital and I'm so glad I decided to take the extra time. The pain is waining and I'm having regular four hourly pain relief of codeine and paracetamol from the nurses, also antibiotic as a precautionary measure, I imagine it's not so easy of you have to get back to work or have young children at home. I've took this time off as my annual holiday as I really wanted to get the best result and give myself time to get over this huge procedure.
I've had the foam vest and the garment removed today so I can have a shower and a lymphatic drainage massage. Radi who works for Mr Hamilton the surgeon who participated in my procedure with Mr Frati came to the hospital to give me a lymphatic drainage massage. The drains are still in at this point and by now I've drained over a 1000 ml of fluid and blood since the operation. That may seem a big number but I had just about front to back done from my breast to my ankles except my inner thighs. I've also been drinking a lot of water as you become quite thirsty after the anaesthetic. My Dr told me it's really important to make sure you drink as much as you can to flush out the anaesthetic and toxins. My face was quite swollen so that has gone down today and I look more like myself from the breast up. The massage is quite firm as Radi explains she has to firmly push out the extra fluid. It feels like someone pressing on a bruise but it is also relieving the stiffness. I guess like when you have a Swedish massage on your back and they get into the knotty parts that sort of feeling. The fluid started coming out into the drainage bottles and when finished Radi took out the drains which I never felt at all.
I got to actually see my new body for the very first time. Apart from the extensive bruising , which I thought would be much worse I don't recognise this body. All the fat from my stomach, waist and flanks has completely disappeared. My thighs at the sides are smooth and I can see my knees for the first time in years. The feeling is weird as I feel as though I'm wearing a thin suit and it's not my body. I can't feel a lot of it as it's still numb with the trauma but apparently this is normal and the feeling will come back eventually over the next few months. The feeling of the water running over my body was refreshing. I washed my hair and felt a hundred percent better immediately. Radi helped me back into the foam and garment. Although bulky she explained that the foam is designed to help prevent the skin pocketing in wrinkles and folds by holding extra fluid in the space where the fat has been removed. The process that must happen now is for the skin to stick back as smoothly and as tight as possible. So the more you wear the compression garment the better result you are going to achieve . I guess it's common sense isn't it . I remember back in the day my granny used to put the un ironed bed sheets in the space between the two mattresses on her bed and when she removed them a few weeks later they looked freshly pressed. I really want to give myself the best look I can . It's taken me years to make this body whats a few weeks of discipline for years of the best aesthetic look I can achieve, it's now lunchtime and my appetite has dropped since the operation despite the delicious choices on the Highgates menu which challenges any good restaurant. I've really had a wake up call. When I go home I'm going to be really aware about what I put in my body. I'm going to exercise much more and use that gym membership I never use. I'm going to look after this new body and appreciate it. I'm pretty tired with all the mornings moving about . I think the reason I'm not in so much pain as other patients may have been is because I've had the drains in much longer and stayed in the hospital much longer , allowing the fluid to drain out and not stay in the body. I've had round the clock care and pain relief. So far the experience has been totally positive and I'm really excited about showing off my new shape in a few weeks. I will try again to upload some pics for you. I'm hoping to go home tomorrow so I will write again tomorrow and let you know how that went. Bye for now . ????

?Day six of my surgery.

Day six of my surgery. I'm now home the journey took seven hours my friend picked me up otherwise their is no way I could have driven or gone on public transport. I put on a new ( out the packet ) compression garmen today as the old one was desperate. Boy did that hurt ! The tightness with the swelling was awful. The sooner I get the other one washed it's going straight back on. I'm badly bruised under my breast with the foam it's so bulky and tight . We stopped at a service station on the way home for a wee stop and I alsmot fainted when I tried to walk into the building. I was suddenly aware of people busily scurrying about and that they may bump into me ! Luckily all good and arrived home seven hours later. I really want to lie down but my surgeon warned me of DVT and asked that I move about keep wearing the surgical socks. Not too much but certainly not lying flat on my back for hours. 

It 10pm after more pain killers and light dinner as my appetite still hasn't resumed I head off to bed. I finally get as comfortable as can be in my bed wearing this tight suit take a couple of strong painkillers and hope this is the night when I will sleep straight through. My pubic area is still enormous , it resembles a grapefruit , I was told this is normal and the fluid had to go somewhere. That it's better their than in pockets on your body which only results in pain and possibly needing to be drained.
I slip into a deep sleep propped up as I find it hard to breathe lying down with the foam on. The left side of my back hurts when I breathe I guess I've got fluid somewhere in that area. I awake at 4 for the toilet and I am in the worse pain I've ever had since I had the procedure. My whole body feels as though it's been set on fire..... I force myself to get up and it brings tears to my eyes. The garment feels so tight that Its restricting my breathing, I try to think rationally and realise it's the swelling coming out and the sensation coming back combined with the bruising and the garment. At this point I loosen the first top four hooks on the garment around my chest and acquire immeadiate pressure relief to my breathing although I am desperate to rip off the foam and let my body breathe logic tells me that's a huge mistake and I will end up with seroma which is a very large swelling of fluid in the gap between the skin and muscle.
I take two more pain killers and some deep breadths and just have a quiet word with myself. " you knew this could happen , your not dying, no pain no gain and you'll never ever have to do this again ! What's a few weeks for several years " suck it up princess !
I'm now feeling ok and I drift off back to sleep.

I awake with the worse hangover ever ! How does that happen with no alchahol ? I think hard and I realise I havnt been drinking enough water. I'm now going to get up and rehydrate and attempt to shower alone and put the garment and foam back on by myself. I weighed myself when I got home and I'm exactly the same weight despite having 7 litres of fat removed. Remember fat is lighter than water or muscle in weight just covers a much bigger area. This is the part where I have to believe and have to be patient. I tell myself that in life their are no quick fixes. This is going to be painful and it's going to take some time so accept it and go with it . Then you should see the result you wanted.
Will keep you posted.

Day 7 post operative Vaser lipo

I'm more swollen now than I was on day One but I know thats normal and the swelling will subside in the course of the next three weeks. The feeling is coming back in spot areas and I'm still in a lot of pain. I've come off the strong meds and opted for ibuprofen and paracetamol as I hated the way the stong pain killers made me feel.
It still hurts when I breathe I am still heavily bruised but I'm feeling much better in myself and just following the programme to the Letter. I've had two lymphatic drainage massages , not the light stroking ones. These are with pressure and hurt but I feel totally much better afterwards. Nights are the worse as I become stiff and have a burning sensation in the flanks and legs as the fluid builds up and the sensation coming back. It's going to be a long process and daily perseverance but I am so pleased with the result under the foam garment. I will keep you posted in a few days. Hopefully by then I wil have my before pics. The highlight of the day was I finally went to the loo! Crikey that was something else !!!!!!
London Plastic Surgeon

Both Dr Frati and Dr Hamlet were amazing. They explained my options clearly and spent quite some time going through my expectations and how they could change my shape. I felt totally happy and secure when I decided to go with them. I researched the Internet avidly spoke to other people who had been operated on by these guys and it took me two years to make this decision so I felt confident I was with the best in the UK. Mr Hamlet travels the world training surgeons on the method of how to do the Vaser and is an expert in this field . I had the best .

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