Rhinoplasty to Fix my Broken Nose ! London, GB

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Hello, I don't usually keep a blog or journal,...


I don't usually keep a blog or journal, but figured this website has really helped me with my decision to find the courage to fix my broken nose.

I have never liked my profile, as a child I was accidently kicked in the face in a swimming pool & think this is when the damage begun, as I grew older I developed a more prominent bump on my bridge, but it wasn't that bad so I lived with it & a chose my photo angles carefully.
It was around 7 years ago, I was drunk and removed my contact lenses to go to bed, and accident my ran head on into a closed thick glass door, my nose literally exploded, there was blood everywhere and I was pretty shocked. However, as we were on holiday and pretty embarrassed about the incident, I played it down and just put the pain down to swelling and impact, rather than any serious damage. I could feel a crack for some time, but still ignored it and just continued to let it heal on its own, which is where I developed a pretty obvious hump and dropping tip, I also think my septum looks deviated, probably all damage from the impact.

For years after I researched rhinoplasty, in various different countries, but never thought I would actually find the courage to book a consultation and the other things in my life took priority, until this year I began to look into non-surgical nose jobs.
After, finding a clinic, I booked an appointment, came home discussed it with my partner, who actually talked me out of it and told me to
Go and see a proper reconstructive surgeon who would be able to examine my nose and tell my what could potentially be done to correct it properly, rather than temporarily, which is what non surgical fillers would do. I suppose in the long term, fillers would end up causing more than corrective surgery.

I booked my first consultation with a surgeon through my Axa ppp health insurance, he was great and honest and advised how he'd fix my nose without any dramatic change... As all along i insisted I didn't want to change too much just straighten it and file down the hump, it was his suggestion to put some support in the tip where it was now beginning to droop.

I then went away and googled this surgeon but couldn't really find any patients reviews on rhinoplasty, so kept on researching and came across real self.

I went on to search this site for top surgeons in London and came across Dr Ivo Gwanmesia..

After reading all of the patients extremely positive reviews, and browsing his website, again extremely impressive, lots of before and after pictures, blogs, publications, rewards and his experience in craniofacial surgery, I decided to book my consultation.

Dr Gwanmesia called me straight away personally, we had a really nice chat, he put me at ease and invited me to his Harley Street office early December to discuss in more detail.
He was confident but calm and reassuring, we discussed my nose at length, my likes, dislikes, injury history and expectations of the operation outcome and he offered his opinion and insisted his intention is to only provide a natural looking result...
This instilled more confidence and I left feeling positive, excited, yet a little nervous ! Although, I still hadn't committed to booking.

Later that evening, I received a pleasant follow up email, with his rhinoplasty before and after care document to read up on, we discussed to potential dates and then I left it as I'd be in touch ...
After lots of thought, discussions with close friends and ofcourse my partner, finally on Dec 29th, I emailed Dr Gwanmesia and requested an operation date on 29th January, he got back to my a day later to advise he was booking the hospital for this date and they would be in touch nearer the time for a pre assessment ... So, I've done it, I took that big leap and booked my operation !

I am naturally apprehensive, but am remaining positive and thinking I could have a lovely straight, smooth nose by the end of the month !

New Year, New Nose 2016 :)

Pre assessment

It's the week of my scheduled surgery, I have my pre assessment on Wednesday 27th and my admission time is 8.30am in Friday 29th.

I'm a mixture of excitement and nerves ! But keep reminding myself Dr Gwanmesia has an excellent training and working history and his previous results look great.

I'm sorting out the bits I will need, arnica tablets & gel, bromelian tablets for swelling, neck rest, ice packs, cotton buds, smoothie ingredients for my nutri bullet & child care for my little munchkin !

Can't believe this time next week I will have a new nose !!! ?????? Crossed mine is a success.

I will keep a regular updates with pictures for those who would like to see my progress and experience ...

Morning of surgery ... Pre- Op Waiting game !!

I checked in to the Highgate Private hospital, which is actually more like a hotel than a hospital ! Lovely private modern room, with ensuite & large TV
Staff & nurses all lovely so far ..

Must say I'm starving now & missing my morning caffeine fix, haven't been allowed to eat or drink ANYTHING since 11pm yesterday !

Feeling ok about the surgery, I've not allowed my mind to wander today, just remaining positive & reminding myself I'm in Dr Ivo's very capable hands

I'm just waiting for my consultant & anaesatist to come by & then I'm sure the real nerves will set in !

I will up date post surgery with pictures

Yay... Back in the Room !

Surgery went well apparently, fair bit of septum & cartilage damage to repair from the impact from smashing into that door, so surgery took a bit longer but Dr Ivo said it went well :)
Feeling bit of stinging sensation above my lip due to the front nasal bone work but otherwise I'm feeling ok, just bit groggy

Just ordered my dinner & some cold ice cream sorbet to snack on now

Can't tell you how much Ivo reassured me before my surgery, we had a great chat & giggle at length, he examined my nose, felt the bone structure & really seemed to know his stuff ... He told me exactly what he was going to do ! I really like him

Attached a little picture for now, with update as I progress :)

Day 2 - Discharge

Had a good nights sleep, woke a couple of times, not from pain, just through body clock & hunger I think !

Swelling & bruising luckily still to a minimum, hoping it doesn't develop too much more, but advised next 48hrs do get worse, so I'm preparing myself.

Nurse came in at 6am with more meds, pineapple juice & biscuits :)

Breakfast was lovely & hospital food really is great.

Dr Ivo came to see my at 9.30 & advised on extra after care & to just remain patient as all sorts of things will be happening with my face during the healing process.
I am due back next Friday to have my splints & cast removed.

I'm in a small amount of pain in my top teeth area, Dr advised this was due to the trauma with the bone repair ( or not so politely face being smashed up )

Otherwise I feel everything is going well so far

Day 2 - bruising & swelling

Not doing to bad on the bruising & swelling front ! I'm sure it will get worse though ? ????

Day 3 - In Pain ! :-(

So today has been very tough so far, I woke through the night a little but did manage to drop back off till 8.30am, but where I hadn't been taking my meds through the night, the pain was pretty unbearable. I took 1 ibuprofen, 2 paracetamol & after an hour still hadn't helped, so I sent my lovely fiancé to get me some codeine, which has finally kicked in & im feeling MUCH better ! So if anyone is experiencing similar, try codeine, it's working for me.
Bruising is subsiding, turning yellow already but face is so swollen I'm at the avatar stage ????
Last night I could feel like my face was fusing back together under the skin as its healing.
I'm taking warm water with fresh lemon, manuka honey & organic turmeric ( anti inflammatory healing drink ) lots of fresh smoothies & soft foods, arnica & bromelain, Oh & the neck pillow at night has been a life saver, allowing me to sleep fully upright !
My nose does look slightly upturned with large large nostrils at the moment, but I completely trust Ivo's work, I've seen his previous results, I'm sure it's just the swelling & splints / tape making it look worse.
I'm looking forward to Friday when I will have this all removed & can allow my new nose to slowly settle into its natural new shape.

Day 4 - Sleeping a lot !

Not much change really, bruising is definitely on its way out, which is great, face still very swollen & has moved further down into cheeks aswell.
Still have to keep on top of my meds, as soon as they wear off I'm in a fair bit of pain & especially headache.
Not wearing my drip pad today, the oozing has finally stopped. Just not brave enough to fiddle about cleaning it, will give it another day or two, I'm just cleaning as close to the nostrils as I feel safe.
REALLY need a hair wash, but again not ready to tip my head back, so using dry shampoo for now & reminding myself it's good to leave your hair dirty once in awhile... Something I am finding hard as I wash my hair everyday, always have ! Arrrrggh !
Living on healthy smoothies, bone broth which my lovely vegan friend made me & warm water, lemon, manuka honey & turmeric, all anti inflammatory healing potions. Do think the arnica & bromelain has helped with the bruising as I don't think mine is that bad at all, considering.

Day 5 - Much brighter

Woke up feeling much better, only taken 1 ibuprofen so far today. I feel like I have more energy, appetite back too.

My lovely mummy washed my hair over the kitchen sink, so that's helped too.

Still feel very swollen in the face but hoping with my natural remedies this will start to improve over the next few days.

Very much looking to Friday - cast & splint removal ????

Day 5 - recorded my days wrong !

This true day 5 post op ... I was including day of op as day 1.

Anyway, true day 5, I am feeling so much better, really feel I've turned a corner today. Yesterday was very up & down & I slept a lot & still needed to take my meds regularly.
Have a little sore under one nostril, so even tho it is dripping occasionally I'm trying to let the air get to it to dry it out & I'm trying not to fiddle too much with the dried blood as I think I've made my skin sore from trying to keep clean.

Feeling a pressure on the bridge today more so than previously, but feel the facial swelling is definitely reducing daily.
Liking the look of my profile more today, my nose is looking smaller & neater & no visible hump through cast :)
2 more days till cast off, cannot wait & praying for a lovely, smooth, straight, result !

Day 7 - Cast off day !

Waiting in reception for my follow up & cast/ splint removal !!!

Dying to see the result Now ..

Last pic with cast on, waiting in reception !

Cast off !

Ok, so super swollen still & unluckily have a small infection under my right nostril, a stitch didn't hold & it's slightly sore & infected :(
Just trying to let it heal on its own for now...
Salt water solution & trying manuka honey for its antibacterial healing properties

Still see a slight bump on bridge but Ivo assured me its swelling as I had a lot of bone fractured & also my bridge is still very tender.

Lovely to be able to breath through nose & close up I'm very impressed with the neatness of Ivo's work... The tip refinement & septum straightening looks very good, just need the swelling on bridge & tip to reduce as frontal view looks bit bulbous !

Day 7 - New nose v's Old nose ?

I'm super happy, now I've compared my old big broken hook !! Thank you Ivo ! Xx

Day 8 - Swelling patience is tough !

Still have a lot of swelling & tenderness to the bridge & also the unsightly sore under my right nostril.. Hoping that will heal before Thursday, otherwise I have to go back for a small stitch !

Nice to put some makeup on & dry my hair properly, and now out shopping with my baby girl ! :)

Day 8 - picture update

Some before & afters ( taken today )

Day 8 picture update

Day 8 - picture update

Day 9 - post off

I woke up today looking & feeling more like myself, I'm thrilled with my results so far.
My tip has now dropped back to a natural position & as the swelling is reducing, my surgeons neat & beautiful tip work is really coming through ! I love what he has done to the base of my nose & tip... It's very subtle but my nose is narrower, the nostrils & septum more even & the scar barely visible, it's just pink as expected for now.

These were taken day 9, so still swollen.

Day 12 - post op

Day 12 post op pictures :-)

Day 15 - refining showing through

Nose is really starting to regime now, obviously it is up & down each day due to swelling & I now have a cold so feeling bit congested.

Really happy with how much smaller it looks though & suits my face .

I went back to work, day 13 post op & not one single person noticed... Results are that natural or appears !!! :)))

4 week - picture progress update

Swelling has reduced significantly this past week & seeing my new nose in its smaller form has brought mixed emotions ...I think purely just being used to a much bigger nose to now have a small neat one....

Before & After - 4 weeks post op

What do we think of the side profile ?

All I ever wanted was the awful hump
Removed & a nice sloping profile ....
What do you make of the results so far ? Does it look better ? I'm finding it difficult adjusting but equally hated my profile before !

Rhinoplasty is such a long roller coaster of a journey, as its on your face, you naturally scrutinise every detail & can't get away from it !

Happy little comparison update :)

6 weeks post op ... Comparing old with new & actually love the results now... My new nose is not perfect, but it's natural & a vast improvement from my old.

The swelling is so up & down I have good days & insecure dats, but I'm sure it's all part of the process ? Each week is getting better though.

7 week picture

Excuse the picture, but I live the way my nose looks in this, so wanted to share ...

I'm into my 8th week now & actually feeling much more relaxed about it.
Still have swelling so more to improve on over next few weeks

Saw my surgeon today for follow up & he was pleased with the progress

I go back in May for next follow up

9 week update

Feel like everything is evening out a bit now, the tip most of all... The swelling has reduced & the numbness & tenderness almost gone.

I can actually admit I am feeling really happy with the results today & my surgeon advised me Monday that 4 month is where it will really be at its best since the operation.

3 month post op irregularities :-(

I'm 3 months post op now & as most of the swelling has subsided the irregularities of the bone structure is very apparent !

I have quite a prominent bump either side of the bridge, one side just looks as though it wasn't shaved down as much as the other & then the other has a hard bit of bone on the side ...

I can't wear glasses as it just irritates it, isn't ideal as I need them to see, so I'm having into wear lenses everyday.

At the stage of my recovery, I honestly wish I hadn't done this. I'm not happy with my results & honestly really can't see them improving.

I don't think it's necessarily that my surgeon isn't capable, I just don't think, unless you send £10-12,000 that you achieve the result you want.

My nose was broken so I guess that internal damage needed fixing, but the tip now looks do uneven & nostrils odd that it bugs me every single day.
I also thought my results would be a nice smooth even bridge but now from both sides it looks like I still a have bump & no one would think I'd had surgery to fix it !

Seriously, consider this operation & ONLY do it if absolutely necessary, the recovery & cost is no way worth the results in my opinion

Happier with my nose today :)

A few days after my last update, my tip started to even out, swelling on my right nostril reduced & made everything seem much more even.

The bridge is looking better today but I'm not sure if it's make up or the light or if it's also not as prominent ?

Anyway, upon my rocky road of healing ... Today is a better day & im MUCH happier with my results.

My surgeon did assure me, around month 4 I would really start to see the results.

I can honestly say the tip work & rebuild of my septum appears to be a really good job, it feels secure & lifted just enough with nice refinement.

The nostril I'm still waiting as it has changed a little, I think where the other side has now reduced.

Work in progress I guess..

I do still have faith in Dr Ivo's work & reassurance along the way. He has been nothing but supportive with any issues or concerned that I have addressed.

I just hope it continues to improve over time

Patience is definitely of essence ...

....These are the wise words of my extremely skilled & knowledgable surgeon ! I concur to everyone out there having rhinoplasty, patience is absolute paramount.

I had a complete wobble around 3/4months, I hated my nose, I hated the nostrils... For a short time, i regretted my decision & struggled to come to terms with what I had done to my perfectly OK face ??! BUT, two months later and I'm looking at a whole new me ... My cute feminine nose is lovely, not perfect, but lovely ... Slim, the tip work (in my eyes) is amazing, my bridge & septum feels rebuilt & supported. My breathing & sense of smell is perfect too. I have really had no major after effects

The bump that appeared on the left has smoothed & almost disappeared, just as my surgeon assured me it would

For All you new rhinoplasty patients out there, please hang in & hopefully you will have a great result like I feel I have

I've uploaded so pics, let me know your opinion X

Right before, mid 3 months, left 6 months

6 months post op

Profile - before & 6 months after

Very happy with my profile now... Such a difference ! :-)

8 months post rhino

It's been 8 months since my rhinoplasty and I can honestly say, I'm very disappointed with the results.

Now the swelling has reduced the uneven tip work is even more apparent. I have a very bumpy even bridge too and seriously considering revision, although petrified of it looking worse, I equally can't live with it how it is now.

Any thoughts on my pictures attached ? I actually think it's been over operated and is now too small for my face ?

My tip droops further when I smile than it did before rhino & it's now a pointy shape which it wasn't before.. I requested subtle refining but feel that's not the outcome at all.

8 months pictures continued

10 months post Update

This is the nose at 10 months, profile is pretty good, except for a bump on one side & a small lump on the other, which I must say has reduced over time but is still there & uncomfortable when I wear glasses. Pretty sure I'm going to address this with filler in January, I definitely don't want anymore surgery but feel these minor irregularities can be evened out with filler.... as for the left nostril, I still really dislike & not sure what I'm going to decide about that ?!

11 months post rhino

Attached are pictures with juvederm filler (administered by another Dr at £400) in the bridge, tip and nostril & I still feel my nose looks terrible ... it looks better than it did on the bridge but the nostril is still stuck out on its own & the fact my nose length now looks so short & tip drops when I smile !
I've two revision consults booked one with Dr Uppal in Jan and the other I've a 3 month wait with Dr Lucian Ion, pretty sure I will have revision surgery with Dr Ion, but I'd like an opinion from both.
Never did I think it would be me in this situation, so my advice is if you can live with it, don't change it, it's such an emotionally, costly process, which takes over your thoughts daily when the surgeons do not get it right ! I will always regret my decision to have rhinoplasty & just pray that I can have it fixed somewhere.

12 year post op, devastated & depressed !

So it's been over a year now & I can honestly say my results are just getting worse & worse as the months go on.
The skill of my surgeon is just not good enough & I have paid a very high price emotionally & physically.
This mess is causing huge tensions in my marriage & I now, I somehow need to find £9,600 to have a highly skilled revision expert to fix this.

My advice to anyone seeking rhinoplasty, is if you can't afford the BEST, then do not do it. My surgery costs will now be in the region
Of £14,000 !! . Not entirely my fault, Ivo was listed as a Top doctor on Realself, that is something that needs seriously addressing !
Certainly not the case with my results & a Dr who is so defensive & completely unwilling to address his mistakes, which to me is the sign of a very bad surgeon !
I would never recommend Ivo going forward & feel terrible for the people I did 9 months ago, who I might add, are now in similar situations to me.

I've uploaded quite a few pictures, the filler in the nose is now wearing off and all the irregularities are now reappearing :(
London Plastic Surgeon

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