Excited/ Nervous for my (Hopefully) Gorgeous New Girls! - London, GB

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Hi everyone, I've never done a review in my life,...

Hi everyone, I've never done a review in my life, but having been following everyone else's journeys religiously, I thought I'd put mine out there to! I'm from the uk, I'm 29, no children, 5ft 8, and weigh approximately 145lbs. I've been unhappy with my breasts for as long as I can remember, in particular the asymmetry, (my right is a cup size larger) but also my large nipple size and now more recently the due to weight gain/ loss they're also looking sad and saggy :( I've thought long and hard about getting this procedure done, a lot of people have said to me to wait until after children, but having gone through a recent relationship break up, I don't see this happening anytime soon sadly! Also surgery in the uk is definitely more pricey, and I feel guilty about depending so much money on myself! However, that said I still want to go ahead! I want to feel proud and happy with my body, and I want to be able to not feel painfully self conscious when topless. My family are quite old fashioned in some respects, a few months ago I tried chatting to my mum about it, but she didn't really understand how I felt, so I've decided to go ahead without telling anyone. This scares me slightly as with not having a partner anymore I don't have anyone to hold my hand! In the uk we have to have an overnight stay in hospital so I'm sure I'll be well cared for. At the moment I'm currently a 32/ 34E, my breasts feel quite large and heavy so I don't really want to be too much bigger, just evened out and more perky! My surgeon has offered me either a 215 or 245 high profile implant. I'm very undecided which to go with?! Also he's going over the muscle which I believe from reading other reviews on here is quite unusual? Saying this I'm very confident of his work, I have a colleague who did her uplift/ implants and she couldn't be happier. I'm a flight attendant so I'm aiming to take 2 weeks off work which I hope will be long enough?! Writing this is making it all feel very real, I can't believe its only just over 2 weeks away! I will be adding a couple of pics but I apologise in advance as they're selfies, they're not particularly good!

Day of surgery, I did it!

Well my surgery was earlier today, and it all went well. My surgeon was absolutely lovely, and he completely put me at ease. I'm currently still in hospital, and although having taken a sleeping pill I keep waking up and am quite a lot of pain. I came alone to hospital and when I woke up I don't know if it was a bad reaction to the anesthesic but I couldn't stop crying. I was in my hospital room crying cuddling my bear (a bit pathetic I know) and I got a surprise visit from a girlfriend! I couldn't be happier to see her, and she completely cheered me up. I know I've wanted this for a long time, but I think it finally happening is more overwhelming than I originally thought. I also don't think it helps that I haven't told my Mum who I'm very close to or my family. Anyway my lovely friend Sarah took a sneaky pic for me which I will post, although not brilliant quality, it's all I've had to go on so far, the nurses are quite strict and I haven't been able to have much of a peek!
Thank you for those of you who sent me well wishes, and happy healing to the other girlies out there x
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