Breast Lift with Implants, 33 Yrs Old, 3 Kids - Hickory, NC

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I have wanted breast implants for years! I have...

I have wanted breast implants for years! I have always had breasts but droopy, not perky at all. Small C cup. I have 3 kids. My weight has been up and down all my life until now. Especially when I'm pregnant and then I lose it. I am 5'3, 120 lbs. I typically wear 34C bras. I had my consultation last Thursday, May 22, 2014. I have to have a full anchor lift due to drooping. Was hoping to get away with just a high profile implant but PS said I would be unhappy with the results as the implant would sit high and I would still have droopy breasts. He explained everything and even drew pictures of what he would do. He said he would not go over 350cc's due to the lift. I'm going to beg him at my Pre op to at least go to 375cc's. We shall see. I can't wait for the surgery. I would do it sooner but he is booked for June and July is no good for me. So August 13th, 2014 it is. I'll post pics soon of what I have now.

Before pic

3 weeks from today!!

Yay!! So excited!! Only 3 wks from today til these girls get some work done! Whoop whoop!!

2 weeks from today!!!! Ahhhhh!!

So two weeks from today is my big day! Im so excited I wish I could just sleep for the next two wks and the day be here. My pre op is next Thurs. Im even excited about that. Just wish I knew when I'd be ready to work out again after the procedure. Knowing I won't be able to workout for a while makes me a lil sad but I know it will be worth it!

Pro-Op Tomorrow

OMG I'm getting so excited! My pre-op is tomorrow and my surgery is one week from today! I can hardly contain myself. I'm starting to get everything in order. My husband and 17 year old will be helping me with my 15 month daughter. My middle son is at his grandmas. So I should be good to go. Planning on getting a lot together this weekend, meals for next week, clothes washed, house cleaned, nails done, etc. Next Wed will be here before I know it!! Yay!

Pre-Op Yesterday

So yesterday I had my pre-op. My surgery is scheduled for 9:30am on Wed. Aug. 13th. YAY! I am getting Mentor high profile saline 330cc filled to 350cc. Got all instructions and meds. It's all starting to be surreal. I even think my husband is starting to get excited.

4 days!!!

Went to walmart yesterday and bought a Genie bra. Was told wearing it with my surgical bra afterwards would give more support. So gonna try that. I took some before pics. Cant wait to take some post op pics. Wed is the day!!

All Done!!

Surgery went great. Was there from 9:30am til about 2:45pm but seemed like it was only about 1 1/2 hours. Ill post more tomorrow.

Day 3 Post Op

Today is 3 days post op and i just got home from seeing the new girls for the first time. I am so happy with the results so far. Im still in some pain and still taking pain meds but overall as the days go by its getting better so it seems. The day of surgery i threw up 12 times from the anesthesia. That night i couldnt sleep very well either. Its hard to sit up and sleep when i am a side and stomach sleeper. Day 2 was hard. But really when im up walking around it feels better than just laying there. I slept much better last night due to the pain pills. However they make me feel sick. Today when i wemt to post op they called me in a different pain med so hopefully i wont feel sick anymore. I love my new boobies. It was totally worth it. They are high and still swollen as expected but i think they look amazing!! :-) and i can finally shower!!

3 wks 1 day out from surgery

So its already been 3 weeks since surgery. I feel great, i can sleep in my own bed and on my sides, i have no pain, and everything is healing nicely. I finally took the steri strips off this morn per my dr orders and can start the Mederma scar cream. He told me i could start doing light weights again but to listen to my body. No chest exercises of course and no running for a while. I have been lifting my 1 yr old daughter since about day 4 after surgery but was very careful. This was soooo worth it!! I am extremely happy with my results thus far. I have to wait another 2 wks before i can wear a reg bra so ive been wearing genie bras from walmart. Love love love my new girls!!!

3 wks 1 day out

I love my girls!

So its been 7 wks 2 days since my surgery. Im completely healed and back to all normal activites for a lil over a wk now. Im back to running which is still a lilweird cause i can feel them moving but i know i'll get used it. I wear 2 sports bras while running to keep eveeything tight. I can lift weights again. My insicions are completely healed and i never had an issue w them in the first place thank God. This was a great decision and i have no regrets. I love how they are so purky and just nice overall. So happy and i know my husband is too!


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