12 week post op update with lots of pics!

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On 1/31/14 I have a consult with Dr. Gregory Swank...

On 1/31/14 I have a consult with Dr. Gregory Swank in Hickory NC. I have heard very good things about him. I am set on getting a tummy tummy and depending upon what my consulting MD's say...a possible breast aug. I have two beautiful girls and I have always put others first until now. I know it's sounds vain but I am so sick of covering up my stomach at the beach. I'm gonna need lots of support throughout this journey and I hoped can find some encouragement through realself and others experiences. I will keep you updated...

Too many questions and why am I stressing?

I have so many questions to ask at my consult, from the technique that's best for me if I need a breast lift and do I really need an electric recliner? Really? Being a Nurse my biggest concerns are prevention of complications and if I do have complications what will my MD do to get me through them? I definitely want Exparel injections for post op pain control. I'm worried my consulting MD's wont offer it. I have no idea why I'm stressing so much. I'm 28 yrs. old with absolutely no health problems, I don't smoke, I rarely drink alcohol, I watch what I eat, exercise and drink tons of water so I should be fine right? Maybe I should schedule surgery ASAP so I will have less time to stress. Just kidding! But really I am set on having this done and I'm not backing out. Did anyone else stress before they even scheduled surgery?

Surgery is booked! So excited! 8 weeks

I met with Dr. Eric Emerson today for a consult and my husband and I were so impressed with him and his Surgical Tech, Sharron that we Knew we had found the right Doctor. Dr. Emerson was very nice and he took time to answer all my questions. I will be having a full tummy tuck with lipo to the flanks and a breast lift with augmentation. I feel very blessed to be able to financially be able to have this surgery. I am also very blessed to have my wonderful husband supporting me 100 %.

pre-op pics, these are so hard to look at! 7 weeks till the flat side!

It's time I introduce myself and post pics so you can see why I have decided to have my surgery. I got pregnant my senior year of high school. My pre-pregnancy weight was 150lbs. The day I delivered my daughter I weighed 219 lbs! My weight fluctuated but I lost back down to 150 lbs. And then found out I was pregnant with my second child (I was 21 years old and had been married for 5 years by this time) I gained 37 pounds with my second daughter and also breast feed her for 10 months. Now both my daughter's are 6 and 10. I am married to my high school sweetheart, the father of both of my girls and we are about to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary. He is so supportive of my surgery and he knows that my body has been a huge problem for me for years. I want to look as good as I feel! I have wanted to have a mommy makeover ever since my last child was born. I knew she would be our last child so I knew it was time. I am by no means rich, but I feel very fortunate to be getting my body back. I'm currently 165 lbs, 5'8. My "mommy makeover" is scheduled for March 20th, 2014, I'm having a full tummy tuck with liposuction to the flanks, breast lift with silicone implants. Even though I'm super excited, it still doesn't feel real that I'm actually going to do this and I won't lie...I'm scared most of the pain because I've never had surgery and had both of my girls without c-sections. I'm also a Nurse so I know the risks and what could potentially go wrong. I just keep telling myself that I'm young, in shape, I don't smoke and I'm mentally strong, plus I'm so tired of tankini and full piece bathing suits! I love this website and it has been so helpful to see everyone's before and afters and read everyone's stories and reviews. My goal is to lose my last 10-15 lbs over the next 8 weeks. One day I feel empowered and ready for surgery and the next day my mind starts running and I get nervous and scared. I can use all the support I can get! So here are my pre-surgery pics (I hate them)! Any encouraging words or pre/post op tips will be greatly appreciated.

17 days till the flat side!

It's really starting to hit home that I'm going to do this! I've lost 7 lbs and hope to continue to lose, I've purchased several needed items including a shower chair, removable shower head, dressing supplies, several pair of button up pajamas, soft bras, zip front bras...I told my Mom, which was so stressing me out, not sure why because she has always supported me, she was totally understanding and supportive and actually said that the only "fat" part of my body was my tummy and it's totally the truth, she agreed with me that now is the best time to do this. My hubby continues to amaze me with the love and support he's giving me. I know many women feel the way I do about their husbands but I truly feel like he's the best man in the world and I'm SO lucky to have him. I have a few things left to buy and a few more lose ends to tie up but I'm started to get excited about my surgery. I will tell you this...I'm a total tight wad and it's been really hard to try to justify spending money on myself, I just keep telling myself it's an investment in the long run because I have down list of research and I'm totally convinced that my poor muscle tone I'm the core has been the source for my upper back pain and sciatica considering they both came about after having my first daughter...we shall see I guess!

5 days until my dreams of a flat tummy come true!

I'm writing this review from the beach, I've been here all weekend at cheer competition with my daughter's and we have had the best time! I had my pre-op this week and maid my final payment! I'm paid in full! It was so surreal to make that payment considering I've been saving since my first daughter was born 10 yes ago! When my surgeon asked me about my choice size of implant I did not have a certain number in my mind, I am currently a larger B, a Victoria secret C, I would not mind being a full C or small D, I didn't want to tell my surgeon a certain cc amount, I told him to go with what he feels looks the most natural when he uses the sizers, the difference between 300 cc and 350 c's is minimal and he's the expert so I left the final number up to him. I started taking a multivitamin, vitamin C and my surgeon said that I can take bromelian 500 mg bid but I asked him if is were okay, he didn't ask me to start it, I also started colace Stool softeners twice daily, I'm nervous and excited at the same time, my biggest fear is how I will handle pain considering I've never had surgery, my second fear is that my stretch marks will still look horrible after surgery, I know he won't likely get them all and I'm sure anything will be better than how they are currently but I'm worried my change won't be as dramatic as I would like and yes I believe I do have realistic expectations. I'm hoping I can keep my nerves in check this week, being at the beach has kept me busy and kept the surgery off my mind.

I made it the the flat side, 1st day post op.

I w don't have any pics yet but let me tell you how my day unfolded...at surgery center @ 7am, met with Nurse Anesthesis and he started my IV, in no time I was awake (very, very sleepy) and in horrible pain at first, on my way home I took my percocet and the pain was much better, I also woke up very nauseated, to be honest waking up and the ride home was aweful but once I got home and settled in my recliner I started feeling much better, my hubby didn't ask any questions prior to d\c so I called the patient care coordinator back around 4:30 pm and asked her how I did. Around 5 pm Dr. Emerson called me to check in. I arrived home around 3 and by 345 my pain was finally managed, so with my hubby's help I walked for 20 minutes around my house, emptied my drains and my foley. I have been walking every two hours for about 15 minutes and I could walk even long if it were not for my back pain and back spasms, honestly my back is bothering me more than anything right now, especially my sciatic nerve. Tomorrow I go back to Dr. Emerson for my f/u so I am going to ask him for some flexeril (muscle relaxant) for these back muscle spasms. My breasts do not hurt at all. Can I just say how glad I am that I wore button up comfy pajamas to surgery, also prior to my surgery I worked almost 40 hrs. In three days and I slept maybe 15 hrs. Total in three days (I have a Nursing job that deals with medicare and Medicaid reimbursement and I have strict deadlines I have to meet and I wore myself out trying to meet all these deadlines) anyway, I was incredibly sleepy from anesthesia, I have never been so sleepy in my life, and I know this is because of my work schedule prior to my surgery, please ladies, learn from my mistake and take it easy prior to surgery, if I had it to do over I would have worked shorter hours and I would have taken day before my surgery off and the deadlines would just have to be someone's else's issue. I can't wait until tomorrow to have my dressings removed, when talking to my surgeon this afternoon I asked him if he was able able get a good bit of my stretch marks and his remark was, "I didn't notice about the stretch marks but I did a good bit of liposuction on your sides" that comment makes me a little nervous about the stretch marks then again, I know that anything is better than what I had...and oh yeah, I'm uncertain of my Implant size for sure because like I mentioned in my prior post, I left this decision up to my surgeon for what at he thought looked the best when he used spacers during surgery, and my husband didn't ask what size so I guess I'll find out tomorrow. Sorry for the long update! Pics to to come soon.

a little over 48 hrs. post op and feeling pretty good!

Another post op pic

more tummy pics? still have that pooch, lots of swelling, do hopefully that pooch will decrease

Feeling pretty good, worried a little about my "pooch" hopefully when the swelling resolves I'll be more flat...

Oh yeah, breast size!

I ended up with 385 cc moderate profile sientra silicone textured implants, uses 385 c's in both breasts but Dr. Emerson Emerson said he took a little more tissue from my larger right breast during the lift to make them more even, I ended up with a lollipop incision for my lift also, he did not have to use anchor.

day 2 post op pic of tummy

Tummy post op day two, drains are draining a more lighter fluid but swelling is getting worse which Dr. Emerson said swelling will get worse before it gets better, hubby helped me take shower and I've found that I feel very uncomfortable just taking the binder off for 15 minutes, I've been really sleepy and tired today but I'm walking almost totally straight already!

Things I've learned post op day two...

As long as I take my pain medication every four hrs. The pain is tolerable, and my back pain and spasms have been less today than yesterday, I feel asleep and woke up about 4 and a half hrs. Later and I was very uncomfortable by just waiting 30 minutes longer to take my pain meds, I took my pain medication about an hour before taking a shower and I'm going to say that was a must because about 15 minutes into the shower I was very uncomfortable without my binder on and I'm sure it would have been way worse if I were not medicated. I know my reviews have been long but I want everyone to know what has been working for me or helpful for me so far post op.

Let me just say, a removable shower head I would consider a must as well as shower chair. I have done great with a normal recliner with my husband's help getting up. I've been eating very light high protein meals and I've ate lots of fiber one bars with my pain meds (I think the fiber one bars are 90 calories and they are very good) I can't wait to switch from percocet to tylenol because I think the percocet is giving me a dull headache but I think I will be one the percocet for at least another day or two, I'm actually already walking very close to upright and I'm walking several times throughout the day, I had two meals sitting at the kitchen table without any problems. My husband goes back to work tomorrow and my mother in law will help me, she's actually my husband's grandmother But she raised my husband.

day three post op

I don't have any new pics today but I am way more swollen today than yesterday, you can see swelling through my compression garment, I have also had lots of output in my drains today between both drains I've had about 150 cc total output in 24 hrs. I've been mostly self sufficient today because my hubby goes back to work tomorrow and I'll have my mother in law here to help me get the kids off to school and I'm sure she will stay with me tomorrow but I'm trying to be as independent as possible, I don't know what I would do if not for my mother-in-law, Mom And Hubby But Especially hubby, he has been absolutely wonderful. He has kept my house spotless, laid out my girls clothes for school all week, packed lunches and cared for me in the mean time. I'm really sad that he has to go back to work because I'm going to miss him being here with me. I have yet another bit of advise for anyone planning a mommy makeover who has kids. My girls are 10 and 6 and they are great kids who generally give me little trouble and prior to my surgery I was planning on them being here with me and my husband this weekend while I recovered but I quickly figured out that I needed lots of attention from my hubby especially the first 2 days post op and I also was very very tired, so I decided to let my girls stay with my mom and my mother-in-law for a couple days and nights, I'm not sure what I was thinking not planning for this but take my advise and plan for someone to watch your kids away from your house if possible, you will be very tired and I felt like I wouldn't be able to rest with the girls here. When my hubby gets off work tomorrow he is going to help me with a shower and dry my hair and change into clean comfy pajamas, I know it sounds minor but I'm looking so forward to this, I am also expecting my Victoria Secret bikini in the mail tomorrow! I have not worn a bikini since I was 17 and I cannot wait to try it on, I will be posting some pics for sure. Can anyone on here tell me how long it took for your implants to settle? Just curious? Thanks to everyone on here, realself has helped me so much throughout this journey!

post op day 4 has sucked so far! Warning this may be tmi!

I got very little sleep last night, I was hot and I couldn't not get comfortable and my hubby left my kids television Blaring so it kept me up and I could not reach it is turn it down (pet peeve of mine is loud noise but especially hearing television blaring from the back of my house) I woke up feeling more swollen and bloated than I have ever felt in my life, I haven't had a BM in 5 days and yes I've been eating high protein, high fiber and taking colace 100 mg twice daily, I plan on taking some MOM when hubby gets home from work, then the last time I went to the bathroom I started my period! I haven't work pads in years but I know I can't wear a tampon so I'm wearing this stupid pad! I can't rest because the neighbors dog had been barking all day! I have this constant rumbling in my tummy but no gas is coming out, These drains are driving me nuts and they hurt at the insertion site more than my ab muscles do (I cannot wait to get them out) my goal for this evening is to first of all poop! Get a shower and get some rest! I also found out the bikini I ordered from victoria secret is on back order until April 3rd! I'm gonna sit in my recliner and try to rest a little, today has been my hardest day so far since surgery and I'm just praying it will get better.

swell hell has set in!

My tummy is bigger now than it was prior to my surgery, it's like the swelling just came out of nowhere, I cannot tolerate to have my binder off for a shower, I was going to try to take some more after pics but my tummy looks huge! I can't hold or hug on my kids like I normally do either and that is driving me crazy! I'm actually feeling guilty for putting my family and myself through this, and I'm trying to stay positive but today has just been a bad day! Hopefully tomorrow will better.

What a day!

Okay, I had a very rough night and today up until about 7pm was also very rough. My period is aweful, I have bloating from that and I'm in swell hell from tummy tuck and I've also been battling with constipation and trapped gas all day. I called my plastic surgeons office and his care coordinator was shocked when I told her my normal was to poop once a week, that cannot work for me right now, so after a dose of MOM, senna s, tons of water and warm prune juice I finally had an okay but not large bowel movement. My stomach Is super swollen and I tried going without the percocet today and I finally realized at 7 pm that i was miserable and I will not be going without my pain meds at least for the rest of this week. I am very concerned about the time I've taken off work, I am supposed to return to work on my 11th day post op but I'm thinking I will be calling my boss Friday and extending that. I also gave in and had had a rental electric recliner deliver today, not because I needed help standing but because for two days now I have not been able able to recline myself and have had to wait till hubby gets off work to recline! I should have had an electric recliner from the beginning for this reason,so ladies take. My advise and rent a recliner if you will be home by yourself for any length of time! Also, I have a new respect for my hubby. I have been married to him for almost 11 years and I have always loved and respected him, but he has been awesome taking car of me,the house, our two girls ages 10 and 6, laying out there clothes for school, doing there homework, he's a saint and I am so.blessed to have him!

Morning of post op day 6...

I slept about 6hrs. Last night and it was quality sleep. I woke up feeling much better today than yesterday, but my drain are still draining at least 60 cc's every 24 hrs. So I doubt that he will take them out at my f/u appointment on friday, which is okay because even though they drive me nuts, I don't want to develop a seroma! My swelling is a little less this morning but I also know that the swelling is unpredictable and will be for the next few months. As I stated in my last review...I thought at first that having an electric recliner was overkill but I'm eating my words now, having this electric recliner helped me yesterday and last night unreal and I should have had it from the beginning. My books are sore and heavy today and they have never really given me much pain until this morning. I really hope they become soft soon because the way they feel is bothering me. If Dr. Emerson decides to leave my drains in longer, I'm calling my boss Friday and taking a couple more days off work because I don't feel comfortable going back to work with drains. I would suggest taking at least 14 days off work, I planned for 11 days off but I know now that won't work for me. I still haven't changed my status to "worth it" but today is so far a step forward in my recovery, keeping a positive attitude has been tough but I am trying. I tried stopping narcotics on day 5 and I had a bad experience so I will stay on them for at least a few more days. I have found a lot if support from this website and lots of helpful reviews. So far I am glad I've done this for myself but anyone considering this surgery should understand that the recovery is NOT easy and it will test you physical, emotionally and mentally and recovery is day by day, swelling is a huge uncomfortable symptom and constipation is awful and must be careful managed and the recovery time and amount of help you need is way more than what I expected, but hopefully soon I can change my status to worth it!

Quick review for post op day 6...today things are looking up :-)

Today has been a much better day, it's amazing what a night sleep will do, I have more energy, less pain and my drainage is decreasing in my drains and becoming more clear. I managed to work from home for about 5 hrs. Other than that, I rested. I am becoming stir crazy so I'm thinking I'll have my hubby take me for some frozen yogurts when he gets off tomorrow. Swelling is there and it's no better but no worse, so I will take it. I did get on the scales today...mistake! I can't wait until I can at least start walking long distances hut at this point I know it is not possible. I have my follow up Friday and I'm pretty sure the drains won't be going anywhere, so I have resolved that with myself and I plan on contacting my boss and taking a couple more days off work (I will still be working from home, just not planning on being able to go to the office). I am grateful for this day and hopefully tomorrow will be even better. Still on pain meds and right now they are making my recovery easier so I'll stay on them for now.

Today was a great day (with the exception of these stupid drains)!!!!

I hate these stupid drains, but the good news is that both of them have been draining less than 10-20 cc for the past 2 days so I pray to the good Lord in heaven that these drains will come out tomorrow at my follow up appointment, I've taken one pain pill all day and that was prior to my shower, I took a shower all by myself and shaved my legs! And dried and fixed my hair and put on makeup! And wore somewhat normal clothes and went to to get frozen yogurt with my hubby and my girls, I walked about a total of a 1/2 mile today, very slow paced and slightly bent but today has been my best day so far. I may attempt to sleep in my bed tonight because I'm started to really hate this recliner. I'm still having issues with constipation and I'm taking senna-s 4 daily and I took a dose of MOM thus evening. I'm still swollen like a pot belly pig but I'm come to terms with this swelling at the moment. I really would love to try a bikini on but I've got to get rid of this pot belly first. Did I mention that I HATE these drains! And also, my post op bra provided by my surgeons office is super uncomfortable, so I'm wearing a zip front sports bra that I bought online from Walmart (I didn't ask if I could) but it's been way more supportive and comfortable. Did I mention I need these drains out! Lol! Can't wait till my follow up tomorrow to possibly get these drains out!

I'm pretty sure that today has been a turning point for me!

I have had a great day so far! I got up this morning took my own shower got all fixed up and my hubby and I went for my follow up, my surgeon took out one of my drains and left the other one in but he said that if the drain he left in keeps on draining less than 25 cc/24 hrs that I can remove it on Sunday myself (I'm a RN and I just happen to have a suture removal kit at home and I have pulled many of these drains). I feel great. Me and the hubby went drove to Gastonia to dicks to get my girls some gym clothes and then we stopped by target and I bought all there Easter bunny stuff. I'm planning on going to watch them at gym tonight at their private lesson and tomorrow hopefully I can go to my daughters chorus concert. I asked Dr. Emerson for ultracet, it's non-narcotic, 37.5 my of ultra and 325 mg of Tylenol and I think it will be good for me to use the next couple of weeks in place of oxycodone. I'm going back to work on Monday, I probably won't do full days but I have a management position and I can be at my desk for weeks so I can heel. I actually called my rental company for my electric recliner and told them to come get it, I would keep it longer but it smells like smoke and it's driving me crazy, it's very faint but I can smell it and it's honestly making me sick, so ladies is you plan on renting a recliner please make sure it's not been in a smoking home before, I asked and they said mine had not but it has, my nose is super sensitive but I cannot stand the smell of cigarette smoke! So tonight I am going to try sleeping in my bed (I miss it so much)! And if that don't work I guess I'll use my non electric recliner. Now just let me say for any of you thinking of having this done please understand that swelling is uncomfortable and constipation can become an issue real quick and that drains suck but they keep u from developing seroma...I still am very swollen and my surgeon says that I can look forward to that for 3-4 months, so when you here that your best results from a tummy tuck come 6 months to a year that is true! For some reason I was thinking that I could shorten that time but bottom line is I can't. Hopefully, later on tonight I will be able to post some after pics. I have been so impressed with Dr. Emerson and his staff. His surg. Tech sharron lost her dog yesterday and sbe was understandably having a rough day today and she was just as nice and caring as ever! I know how she feels so say a prayer she will find her dog. Dr. Emerson is not just a surgeon but an artist and he has given me back my ability to feel comfortable in my own skin. So guess what guys? I'm changing my status to worth it! I can't wait to see how my body continues to change for the better!

I woke up to a flat stomach!

I slept in my own bed last night and was propped up with my husband pillow and had pillows Under my head and legs and I slept till 10 am! When I did wake up, I put my hand down on my stomach and it was flat! For a minute I was expecting to feel that sagging loose fat flab and I didn't it was so flat under my Binder! I got out of the bed own my own and my wonderful hubby had made a delicious breakfast and had been watching the kids while I slept. What a great way to start my day! Then I noticed the drain I have left had hardly no drainage in the tube and none in the bulb and if this continues then I will be pulling this drain myself tomorrow and I'll be drain free prior to returning to work on Monday. It is amazing how I am today compared to just a few days ago! I feel like I turned the corner in the past couple of days and my body kicked into overdrive with the recovery process, so ladies just when you think you can't see anymore, don't give up because everyday your body changes for the better! I have said it before and I'll say it again, in my opinion, stay on top of the constipation and don't let it happen! I also have very little to no bruising and I had lots of liposuction on my flanks, I normally don't bruise easily but I'm pretty sure the bromelain helped me pre op and post op with the swelling and bruising and the arnica Montana by mouth helped with he bruising post op. So yes I do recommend using them if your surgeon agrees. Just so you guys will know I also started taking a multivitamin 1 week prior to surgery along with 500 mg of vitamin c daily and colace 100 mg bid (which was not alone enough to prevent constipation for me) and now I take senna s 2 tabs twice daily and mom every other day. I would also day my shower chair has been a must because it allows me to be able to shave my legs! And of course my hand held shower head. I got all these things of Amazon for very cheap and even though i didnt use my husband pillow much at first, I'm using it now. I'm going to post some more after pics today at some point hopefully. Happy healing to everyone!

9 day post op pics

I don't particularly like this bikini but I know my hubby does so I decided to take some pics in it :) still lots of swelling but so much improvement from before!

Today was post op day 11 and back to work!

I went into work around 9 and left around 3:30 (thank God for my flexible schedule) and by 330 I was pretty swollen but I walked around a good bit went to a couple meeting and done some desk work. I didn't get to post yesterday but I also removed my last drain yesterday! Thank you Lord the drains are gone! I'm going to try to cut my work hours short this week, to get back in the swing of things. I can tell my boobs/implants are starting to drop. He's not given me any instructions for massage so I'm going to Call the surgeon in the morning and see if should be doing massages? My hubby made my day today when he texted me that I looked wonderful in my bathing suit and when he was looking at the pic of me, he could really see the changes and he said he was glad I did this and he would go through this again (he's so sweet) and it's amazing to me with all the gross stuff he's had to deal with this past week that he still finds me attractive! Lol! I have not been sleeping great so I'm going to try Tylenol pm tonight. I'm totally off pain meds, 99% of my discomfort now comes from the swelling but hopefully that gets better every day.

2 weeks post op today...

I am dealing with my grandmother (who raised me) in the active process of dying. I don't want to be a downer but it's a reality and it has been very tough emotionally and mentally going through this. I'm not sure if it's post op blues or a combination of everything I'm dealing with but I'm definitely going through some emotions of wandering what the heck I've got myself into with my swelling. Right now if the swelling would just subside some I think i would feel better but in my mind I keep thinking that I will have to deal with this swelling for months or maybe longer. I get up in the morning and it's okay but in a matter of a couple hrs I feel like the Goodyear blimp with my belly. I'm wandering if I need more compression, if that's even possible! If I work, I cannot do anything after work other than sit in the recliner with my legs elevated which is frustrating because I have two small kids and a house to keep up. I also feel lots of guilt because my husband has been going non stop. I was very educated on my surgery and post op recovery but somehow I underestimated this swelling and the actual time it takes to feel 100 %. As you can tell, I having a kind of down moment but life happens even when you are recovering. I just Thank God for for my hubby and mother in law who have helped me beyond measure.

Today has been good but tomorrow is going to be great...

I worked a fully shift today at work and although I am in swell hell, I was able to visit my momaw and straighten up my house a little. I love my job and it's been good for me to get back in the swing of things a little bit this week at work. Tomorrow I have my 2 week follow up (not really sure what they will do) but I can tell my implants are dropping and starting to feel more natural. I'm actually excited about tomorrow because 1st of all I get to sleep later, then I have my appointment at 11:30 and then I'm going to get a mani/pedi and I'm getting my hair did! I may even do a little shopping too ;) I bought me and my girls Easter dresses online today and they are so pretty! I also got my vic secret bathing suit in the mail so I will post some pics soon. Today was better than yesterday and it seems like everyday is getting little easier and easier with my recovery. I'm going to get all dolled up tomorrow a day get out and about, without my kids and hubby and have a pamper myself day and I can't wait to here what my surgeon has to say about my progress, I think he will be happy and oh yeah, I weighed today and I'm down almost 8 lbs! Yay!

I had my 2 week follow up today and I wanna dance!

Today I had my surmery tape removed and all my incisions look good. I bought myself a pair of very tight spanxs to help with this swelling, Doc said to wear then instead of compression garment. I think my surgeon was very pleased with how well I am doing, he said I can walk but no real exercises for 6 weeks, I figured, but I am dying to work out because my thighs are turning into jello! I feel great! A month or so ago my hubby and I were at a casino and we were dancing (which I to love to do) but as we danced I had to keep pulling my panties up over my tummy and then I would have to pull my pants up over my tummy, every few minutes I was adjusted myself around My sagging belly and I told my husband that night show frustrated I was with my sagging tummy and hideous stretch marks and I got really serious about my mission to make it it the flat side..hard to believe but here I am, not only am I on the flat side but I have restored my confidence and I have a new interest in continuing to improve my health. I can't wait to throw on my bathing suit and play with my girls on the beach without taking an hour to adjust myself in my bathing suit and readjusting it constantly trying to tuck and hid my belly and boobs, I can't wait to run and not have to worry about my tummy and boobs flopping when I do, I can't wait to wear a fitting dress or be able to sit down in my jeans without putting something in my way to hid my roll and I also cannot wait to dance! This experience has been life changing and everyday seems to get better and better and no its not easy but it has been 100 % worth it! I'm amazed that surgeon can be so artistic and talented that he can shape and mold my body into what I see right now and you know what's crazy? I'm going to look even better in months to come. I haven't came right out and told my surgeon how impressed and great full I am but I'm sure i will soon.

more post op pics!

I have a galaxy note 3 so I know I can edit pictures and put them side by side to compare my before and after, I've just got to figure out how to do so...Please refer to my before pics for now and you can really see the transformation! I still have lots and lots of swelling in my tummy and these were taken in the evening when the swelling is the worst. I am so happy with my boobs, if you look at before and after its remarkable! I love my nipple size, my breast size, and if I just had a little tan going on I would look even better (I love a little sun kissed glow). I can't wait to get back in the gym because I have got to work on my thighs! My surgeon is remarkable, he's an artist. I just love knowing the results will get better and better as the swelling goes down and I continue to heal and I can hit the gym. For the ladies who are waiting for their makeovers, I must add one very handy item to your list. I have a pair of under Armour compression Capri elastic pants and I have worn them like everyday for the past few days. The elastic waist feels great on my incision and they have some compression which is super comfortable on my tummy and they are Capri cut and just right for the 75 -80 degree days and 60 degree nights in NC. I was going to go to the store and find another couple of pairs but I haven't had the time to yet. I can't imagine wearing jeans just yet because I don't want anything rubbing my incision. Every day is getting a little better, I do get a little frustrated not being able to lift anything and go go go like I normally do but I have MADE myself slow down because I want the best results.

post op day 19!

Okay...I'm doing very well but the fact that I can't exercise has got me having to watch my diet unreal! I have been using mederma on my scars but having to put it on 3-4 times per day is too hard with me working so I ordered some silicone strips from amazon for 40 bucks (I've read good reviews on them). Also, I'm searching for a licensed massage therapist in my area who is familiar with lymphatic massage and I think I may have found someone so I will begin with that asap. I am a Nurse and I believe in natural and holistic approach to healing, besides it can't hurt! Hopefully once I begin my massages my swelling will decrease. I'm planning a cruise for just me and my hubby for this time next year and i cannot wait to have a bikini on my toned body and show off my new boobs and tummy! I know it's vain but I don't care! By then I will see 100 % of my results and I'm really looking forward to it! I'm also looking forward to our annual family trip to Charleston, SC in July and I can't wait to ride bikes, play with kids on the beach, and be comfortable in my own skin...it's all about a positive outlook, right? I'm not a big drinker but I have been wanting a glass of wine or two! I will be asking my surgeon at my follow up when I will be safe to have glass of wine? I've got a busy week at work this week and on Thursday I have to dress up more than normal for a business meeting in Charlotte so I'm excited to see what I will look like in my business suit! Also, this may be tmi but I want my reviews to be helpful so I'm going to say it...last night I just couldn't hold out anymore so me and my hubby did the deed and it was great...we went very slow...no crazy positions just missionary and let me tell you, it's way better than I expected, my surgeon really is the bomb because I never expected more intense orgasms from my tummy tuck but I've been reading and it's actually common! Thanks again Dr. Emerson :-)

lymphatic massage!

My surgeon didn't tell me to but I am convinced lymphatic massage will help with my swelling and it certainly can't hurt! Now, I wanted do find a LMT who was certified in lymphatic massage and that was a task for my area but I finally found a lady with great credentials not to far from my house and made appointment with her for Monday. I know the help fullness of lymphatic massage is questioned by many but I am believer in natural medicine and I really do believe I will see good results from this. Ladies if you are considering massage, be sure to find a therapist who is certified and knows there stuff. Today has actually been my best day as far as swelling goes and I also have noticed have had more energy today than I have since surgery. Doing better and better everyday!

clarification on lymphatic massage

I will only have massage on my hips and thighs, starting at 6 weeks post op I will begin lymphatic massage on my tummy. The reason for this is I need to give my tummy muscles time to adhere and massage sooner than 6 weeks on my tummy can cause seroma.

side by side post op pics

The post op pics are from last week, but I did figure out how to do side by side pics to show my before and after! I'm going to take some new post op pics in the morning. I'm doing very well and I'm constantly reminding myself to not pick up things more than 5 lbs. I've honestly not rested all weekend because I've had lots of things to get done and now I'm exhausted! I also walked two miles today which contribute to the exhaustion and to make matters worse I have have a crazy busy schedule at work this week. I have already decided that this coming weekend I am resting and the housework, laundry and everything else will just have to wait. Swelling continues to be bothersome, especially by the end of the day. Honestly, I'm so tired I can't rest right now and I'm mad at myself for getting this way when I knew I needed to rest up for this week at work...but I did learn my lesson and I will be taking it as easy as possible when I get off work this week! I'm so tired I could cry...

more post op pics, still swelling in the evenings

Tomorrow is post op week 5 for me! One more week until I can officially hit the gym again! Yay! It's been a while since I've posted because I have been 99% back into my normal routine of working 8-10 hr. Days and being a wifey and mom. I'm still fatigued in the evening but I push through it usually. I'm going to try to post some more pics in the morning so you can see the difference between morning and evening with my swelling.

side by side before and after

Morning vs. evening swelling post op pics

Another post op pic showing swelling in the evenings vs. mornings

39 days post op!

Today I'm 39 days post op! I've been back at the gym but I've only been working on my arms a little with light weights and walking on the elliptical and walking on the track. Starting on Friday I can start gradually increasing my workouts! Yay! My weight is 167 lbs. I would like to lose maybe 10 lbs but my overall goal is to tone up my arms and legs. I'm tall, So I don't look healthy weighing much less than 150 lbs. I've been using scar away stops and I really like them. I rotate them, washing one set and wearing another. I paid 41.99 for a 12 weeks pack on amazon.com and I'm sure I'll get 12 full weeks of use from them. Looking back now I wish I would have lost that 10 lbs pre op but I had to have this surgery done when I did because everything worked out best with my kids schedule and my work. Having this surgery has definitely reignited my desire to live more healthy. My left breast seems to be a little lower than my right and my nipple is a little larger on my left but I'm just waiting to see if that evens itself out. I posted a pic of the scar away silicone sheets, they are long and can he cu in half and they perfectly fit my tummy tuck scar...I also use them on my lateral breast incision. Swelling is slowly getting less and less.

scar away strips

I work out! 6 weeks post op today!

Okay ladies, I did 24 miles in spin class yesterday and 7 miles on the elliptical and spin bike today, plus I did some weights! I treated myself to an ice cold Dos excies and lunch after my workout today and I feel amazing! Being able to work out has made me feel wonderful, I have not done any core type exercise but none of my exercises have cause me to have increased swelling which is great because many reviews I've read have said that swelling is way worse after working out. I feel great, I look great and I'm convinced spending this money that I've spent on myself is best investment I've ever made. I have no pain, I take no meds, still wearing compression garment because I like it not because I have too, my scars are minimal, my recovery has been very easy and my surgeon is fantastic and I'm overall a very blessed women. Thank God I decided to do this at a young age do I can enjoy my body for many many years to come hopefully. My hubby is so happy with results and my kids get a new more confident mom. I have never had more confidence in myself. I love you Dr. Emerson!

my boobs are worrying me a little!

My right boob is kind of deflated, I love the way my left one looks, I really hope they even out because it's bothering me that my nipple are even. I'll be discussing this with my surgeon at my next follow up for sure...

left vs. right

8 weeks post op!

I have some serious sickness going on with the people I love so have needed to workout more than ever to keep my mind right. Also, during times of stress I eat and I have been eating more this week that ever! However, I've been doing a full hour of cardio like 5 days a week and some weights. I also did spin class again this week and it is no joke! I burned 1013 calories in 1 hr! Oddly enough, I feel fat this week but I am slimming down. It's been a rough week at work and personally this week has been aweful but with all that said I am still very blessed and I'm still going strong and feeling great physically.

12 week post op update with lots of pics!

Today is my 12 week post op anniversary! I've not updated my review in several weeks because I'm totally back to my normal busy self. As you can see in the most recent pics, I have come a long way! I feel amazing! I can honestly say all the pain, recovery and money were all worth it and I would do it all over again without hesitation. I have became an exerciseaholic mainly due to the fact that I feel great and I'm not constantly trying to stuff or hid my belly in all my clothes. I do spin class 4 days weekly and hike or whatever in between. In spin class I burn anywhere from 950-1100 calories in an hour and I sweat like a mule and I love every minute of it. My legs are a work in progress but I'm getting there. I STILL have some swelling in the evenings after working out but as you can see in the pics the swelling is getting better and better. I still have a way to go to see my final results and that amazes me. I finally stopped wearing my binder this week, I didn't need it I just formed some weird attachment to it, lol! I'll probably have some ladies tell me I'm crazy for this next statement but a tear ago I managed to be stupid enough to give myself a really bad sunburn and going through the pain from that was honestly worse than my mommy makeover. Let me get back to work now. TGIF!

9 months post op! This has been life changing, best decision I've ever made!

I'm 9 months post op, I'm doing great! I've been doing crossfire for 5 months and it's changing my body from much better to much much better. It's crazy how this mommy makeover gave me the confidence and motivation to Take care of myself. I'm a beast now!
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Emerson is not only a Surgeon but an artist. I am 2 weeks post op and I am already confident enough to give him an outstanding review. I wouldn't be surprised if he creates pieces of art or is a sculpture of clay in his free time. He is very professional and his surgical assistant Sharron is a very sweet lady and I hit it off with her from the very beginning. I am so glad I decided upon Dr. Emerson, he has revived my self confidence. I can't wait to see how my body continues to change for the better and it is a great feeling to know that I have a great Surgeon to see me through my recovery process.

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