505cc hp sientra gummy bears!!!!! NC

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I am very nervous but excited! I can't wait to get...

I am very nervous but excited! I can't wait to get my implants. I have worked hard to get into shape but my tiny breasts seem to be all that I can focus on! I am 3 weeks pre op and have my pre op appointment in two days! I am choosing gummy silicone over saline for many reasons. One doctor told me that the only people that get saline anymore are the ones going the cheap route or girls under 22 because it's illegal for them. I figure if I'm gonna put foreign objects in my body, I better go for the best lol! My biggest concerns right now is my down time and how soon it will take them to look normal. I dint want square boobs all summer! I'll post again after my pre op appointment!

Paid in full and ready to go!

I had my pre op visit today and am more excited than ever! Eeeek... I wish my surgery was tomorrow! Final decision is 415cc hp textured gummy bears! I am 5"5 abut 128lbs and an 34A! I hope to be a 34D!!! Who has any tips?!?

Going bigger...

So I'm going to call my PS today. I want to go up to at least 440cc, maybe 465. I don't want to regret not going big enough, so I'm gonna go a little bigger to compensate for what you "lose" when going under the muscle.

Digital imaging 505cc hp (arms raised)

505 Cc Hp Gummy Bears

Anyone else getting or already have this size?!? What was your experience? I'm nervous and excited!!!!!! :) I have surgery in four days and I am trying to take in all the information that I can!!!!!!!!! I weigh admit 125 abs am 5"5 but I have a very broad chest...I hope my new boobs don't make my butt look flat lol


Up getting ready for my big day. I'm a little hungry but I don't think I could eat even if I tried lol. Leaving in an hour and literally praying that all goes well! Have a blessed day everyone and remember it's good Friday!!! I plan to update late today :-)

I did it!

Boobs are about 13 hours old. Boy am I sore. Anyone who is thinking about this surgery with out any help us crazy lol. The worse part is getting stiff from laying down. I respond very easily to medicine so I really couldn't do anything for myself from the anesthesia. Other than that,I love looking at them and my man already can't so feeling on them lol (men!) I can't wait to see them in the morning at my post op.

A couple pics before and after. bandage picture is me laying down. can't see much, but here it is

1 day past op

I didn't feel like typing all of this again from the forum I posted in so I did a screen capture :-) :-) :-)

1 day post op

Here are my new baby girls ;)

Here is a before and after!

505 cc hp gummy bear implants!

2 days post op

This morning I was extremely stiff, but after I got up and motivated,I felt better. I made it to church but kept dozing off from my meds lol. Tonight I will set my alarm to wake me up when it's time to take my meds, that way I won't be in so much pain when I wake up. My girls have a little softness on top and I can pretty much lift my arms however I want. I can do my hair, makeup, and change clothes without any problems.

2 days post op

I really don't like how they look right now :/ Good projection, but no fullness, if that makes sense. I know,I know...I gotta be patient

3 days post op

Felt pretty normal normal. My bf made me take it easy all day, just to make sure my body has enough time to adjust. no more pain meds or muscle relaxers except at night. Like others have said, mornings are awful!!! I just push through that morning pain then I'm fine. I have good projection and already have nipple sensation back on my right breast:)

4 days post op

So I woke up a little achy this morning, but nothing that I couldn't handle. I've gained almost 10 lbs since surgery but I read that it's normal to retain fluids. I hope that's the case! Also my breasts are sore where my surgical bra rubs. I'm going to ask if I can wear my strap without a bra. Besides that, everything is great!


Day 5 and I feel great! Using Tylenol for minor aches and a muscle relaxer at night. My right incision is a little sore, but I think it's because I over did it one day. Started on miralax...for obvious reasons. Breasts feel amazing!!! I'm falling in love :)

Day 7

So, it's been a week! I feel great! I keep extra strength Tylenol close, just incase I become sore. I can sleep in pretty much any position except on my tummy. I use a sports bra without a cup size because my breasts don't fit into a cup well. Things are good:)

8 days old

10 day post op

10 days post op was yesterday. Everything looks good :) I got to get rid of my strap and now it's time to start massaging. Drop boobies drop :)

massaging hurts!

13 days post op and my boobs are so sore from massage!!! They almost automatically look and feel better to the touch but omg!!! Everything else is great though!

13 days post before and after bathing suit

I think I was wanting something more dramatic. They are definitely better than before, but there isn't really any wow factor. I guess I got too scared to go too big and went safe. Hopefully as they soften I will be able to dress them up a little more and have fun. My PS was up front with me and said that I would always need a bra for good cleavage, just because the way I'm built. If I went bigger that I could risk a uniboob or a lot of armpit boob. So maybe this is the best option for me? Hoping they eventually look better.....

2 week pics

i thinky boobs grew today :)

I think my boobs grew today Lol. While working I realized I was getting more and more uncomfortable today. I took my shirt off and noticed that my sports bra was digging into me! I took my bra off and was like daaamn :) I skipped my massage yesterday because it was making me so sore....so I am thinking that my muscles were not as tense today. I am going to massage today though, I don't want to slow my process down!

3 weeks no underwrite, no pads

4 weeks!

thank God for vs semi annual sale!

I went bra shopping today and feel so much better! I can't find a bra anywhere else that fits properly. My PS said he wouldn't charge me anything if I do decide to go bigger, but I'm thinking some good bras might be just what I needed. My biggest complaint is my nipple sensation... I can feel minimal in my right and only pain in my left then the area around both of them are numb.I'm really going that I get my feeling back :/

Finally a real bra 34dd

2 months old with new bra

nipple numbness

6 months have passed and I haven't gotten my nipple sensation back :(

nipple numbness

6 months have passed and I haven't gotten my nipple sensation back :(

Love him! He is very patient and kindly answers all questions and gives his advice and opinions. He even draws little diagrams :)

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