36 Years Old, 1 Child Via C-section-Ready to Be Able to Feel Comfortable with my Body, Hickory Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery

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I am 5'1 160lbs and have struggled with my weight...

I am 5'1 160lbs and have struggled with my weight all my life. I weighed almost 240lbs the day I had my son and stayed around 200-210 for several years afterward. I finally decided to get healthy and have been around 160 for the past few years. I have very broad shoulders and a muscular build so I am not unhappy with my current weight. However, I am unhappy with the sagging skin on my stomach and my very small breast. Before pregnancy, I had a fairly tone stomach and believe I can get that back if the excess skin is removed. I have always had A cup breast and have always wanted them to be larger so that is why I am opting for both BA and TT.
I feel like I have a hard time finding clothing because I have to hid my stomach and cover up the fact that I am flat chested. It is hard to find clothing that looks good on me because most women my size have larger breast. I just want to feel comfortable in whatever clothes I buy and not so self conscience about my body.
My surgery is less than two weeks away and I have my pre-op appointment in 3 days. I am obsessing everyday over my body now because I am so ready for my problem areas to be fixed. I am very nervous about the recovery and how people will react to the new me. No one at work knows that I am having the surgery because they think I am just going on vacation so I am sure everyone will be shocked LOL!

Excited but nervous

I am 12 days away from surgery and am so ready for it to get here but am getting nervous. There are times that I have thought of backing out but then I look in the mirror and see why I am doing this.
My stomach and breast have always bothered me but it seems like they are bothering me worse as the date approaches. I am constantly looking in the mirror and moving my stomach to see what the results might look like. I am wear my rice sizers at least once a day to see what those results will look like. I guess this is normal but I am driving myself crazy.
On an emotional note....I almost broke down crying in Kohl's the other day. I was shoping for clothes and it hit me that I am going to be in a smaller size and that I will no longer have to wear pants that are too big for my legs just so they fit around my stomach. I looked at the bathing suits and realized that I probably will be able to buy anyone one that I want after surgery and feel comfortable in it for the first time in my life. The thought of that made me so happy that I cried a little in the store.
My preop is in 2 days and I have to make a list of all the questions I want to ask. I also have to make my final decision on the size of my implants. The PS has recommended 400cc to get to the size I want but I am worried that is too large for my body. I don't want people looking and saying "those are fake" lol I think I would be happy with that size but am stressing over what other people will think. Guess I shouldn't worry so much about that though. No one at work knows that I am having surgery so I worry how they will react. I am a supervisor and work with a lot of conservative people so I know they will have their opinions.
Well I guess that is enough for tonight. I need to stop stressing and get some rest. I will update again after my preop appt.

Finally got brave and posted pics

At the advice of someone on here, I finally decidedthink I will be happy with the results. to post some pictures. In a couple of weeks, I will want to see these to remind me why I put myself through all the pain. Plus, I want to show my results to help others. I still have some weight to lose after surgery but h

Preop today

I had my preop this morning and surgery is paid in full so guess there is no backing out now. My PS recommended we increase my implant size so I am going with 425cc. I am afraid these will be too large but trust my PS. Everything I read says to go bigger or I will regret it so I hope I will like the results.
10 days left and I am really nervous. Picked out my clothes to wear to surgery and purchased all my supplies for after surgery today. Now, I just have to wait for the day but the wait is killing me lol

1 week to go!!!!!!!

One week from today I will be at home recovering from my surgery. I can't believe it is almost here! I am both nervous and really excited. I can't wait to finally have this done and see what my new body will look like. I have gotten just about everything ready for the big day except I need to get some sort of compression garment to wear after surgery. My PS said that they will provide one but recommended that I get another one because he said due to me being fairly short that the one he provides might be too long. He said that it will probably hit my rib cage and will be uncomfortable so I might want to get something more comfortable. I am going tomorrow to look for one but not sure how small to get it. I might wait until after the surgery and have someone get one for me.
I am having a really hard time focusing on work and my school work. My mind is consumed with my upcoming surgery. I worry that something will go wrong or that I won't be happy with the results. I really worry that I won't like the size of implants that I picked too. Then I am super excited because I've wanted this for so many years. I have dreamed of doing this for myself and now it isn't just a dream. Sometimes that thought is just too much for me to handle and I get a little emotional. I am so grateful that I have a wonderful boyfriend that has been so supportive through all of this. He listens to my worries and just keeps reassuring me that everything will be ok. He always seem to find a way to make me laugh and reminds me of the positive things about me doing this for myself. I am so glad that he is going to be with me on the day of surgery and will get to stay with me for several days afterward. I don't know what I would do without him.

4 more days!!!

I can't believe the time has flown by so fast. I am so ready for the day to be here so I can see my new body. I am still really nervous but getting excited. I had a really hard time sleeping last night because my mind is racing. I am sure that will only get worse as the week goes by.
I woke up yesterday and was shocked when I got on the scale. I am now in the 150's! It was originally my goal to be 150 before I had surgery but I was able to have it sooner than planned so didn't have time to lose the weight. I have been eating healthier and exercising more but hadn't seen a change on the scale. I also bought a pair of 8/10 pull on capri pants and they were really loose. That means I will be in an even smaller size after surgery. I can't wait to finally be able to wear the type clothes I like and them look good on me.
Good luck to everyone having surgery this week and pray for a speedy recovery for everyone.

It is getting closer!!!!!

I think it just hit me this afternoon that in less than 48hrs I will be home recovering with my new flat stomach. I am starting to get a little scared. I can't help but think about all the things that could go wrong and what would happen if I left my son behind. I have been stressing so much about it today that I have been sick on my stomach. I know it is just nerves but it is driving me crazy. I was fine until a "friend" kept making comments about what would happen if things didn't go well with the surgery. This is exactly why I haven't told many people about my surgery. I didn't want a bunch of people reminding me about everything that could go wrong or making me feel bad about doing this for myself. It really does make me feel bad that I am taking such a risk for selfish reasons but I need to do this for myself. I rarely do things purely to make myself happy so I want to be excited about this. I am just ready for the outside to reflect how I feel on the inside.
I am going to try to concentrate on my school work tonight and try not to think about any of this bad stuff. I am going to make it my goal tomorrow to focus only on how happy I will be when I see my new reflection in the mirror.

Tomorrow is the big day!!!!

In just under 10hrs I will be heading back for surgery. I am much calmer tonight and getting excited. I had all intentions of getting a lot done tonight but my sister called and we were on the phone for over 2 hrs. It was great to talk to her and it helped calm my nerves. I didn't get anything done but guess I will do it in the morning before I leave. My stomach has been upset for the past two days and I know it is from stress. I just hope it doesn't cause me any problems tomorrow.
It is almost midnight and I have to be up by 6 to get stuff done and get my son off to school. I am going to try to get some sleep tonight so I feel good for our drive in the morning.

Getting ready to leave

I am finishing up getting ready now. Then taking my son to school. After that I will be heading to surgery. I will try my best to post an update later today. I am posting a couple more before pics because I want them saved on here so I can show some of my coworkers. I hope this is the last time I have to look at this sagging belly.

I did it!

I am at home resting now made it through surgery with no problems. Stomach pain isn't as bad as I expected but breast pain is a little worse. Pain isn't extremely bad though. I am allergic to lot of pain meds so am taking Tylenol with codeine. It is hard to get up and down but other than that I am doing well. I will post more details tomorrow.

1 day post

I arrived at the office yesterday around 9:45 and they took me straight back to be marked and get the IV started. I was in surgery by 10:45 and it took about 3 1/2 hours. I stayed in recovery for about an hour but don't remember a lot of that because I was very sleepy. I had an hour ride home so that was rough but I slept the entire way. My stomach has hurt very little but my breast have been really sore. Getting up and down has been hard because I can't pull myself up. My boyfriend has been having to help me get up and down. Moving around doesn't really hurt but I am weak because I haven't eaten much. I am going to try to eat a good meal in a little while to get my strength built back up. I am very disappointed that the doctor told me to not remove my bra or CG until y followup appointment on Tuesday. So I guess I won't really get to see my results until then. I feel confident that my drains will come out then because they are draining very little now. Most of the swelling I have is in my breast which is very painful.
I know several of you are having surgery in the next few weeks so I wanted to give you some helpful tips some of which I know others have shared but they really help. If you are shorter, make sure you have lots of pillows to put behind you when sitting to ensure your feet touch the ground. That really makes it easier to get up and down. Sitting backward on the toilet is much better. I can use my legs to get up and down so nothing hurts. Make sure you buy something for gas. I started getting gas pains last night and they hurt. Put your pills in something easy to pen Opening pill bottles really hurts my breast. Finally, have a cup with a lid and flexible straw. I found a good one at Walmart that has a handle and a rubber straw. It makes it so much easier to drink while reclining.

I can't believe I did this

It has been 3 days and I am starting to feel more like my self. Yesterday, I decided to quit taking my pain meds and take ibuprofen instead. I've been taking 800mg every 6 hours and it has worked much better. I haven't been groggy and was up moving around for about 4 hours straight today. My stomach isn't hurting much. I just feel some stinging where the drains and stitches are. I only drained about 20 cc all day yesterday and maybe 10 cc today so really hoping to get the drains out tomorrow at my first post op. I will feel much better once I can shower. My doc also requires that I not remove my bra or CG until after I see him tomorrow. It is killing me because I can't really see my results. I don't seem to be swelling too much in the stomach but my boobs are swollen bad. I feel like they are as big around as basketballs. I am a little disappointed with the size because they seem flat. I got 425cc so am hoping the muscles and skin just haven't relaxed yet.
I am still in shock that I really did this. I am happy that I did it for myself but never thought I would be brave enough to go through with it. Hopefully I can get some pics after my shower tomorrow so everyone can see my results.

Good followup appointment

I had my first followup today and it went well. I woke up feeling really good and in less pain than I have been used to. I felt refreshed because my boyfriend helped me wash my hair last night since I can't shower yet. I gave myself a quick sponge bath and got ready for my appointment. It felt good to put on makeup and fix my hair for the first time since surgery. It made me feel back to normal. It is an hour drive to the PS so I was worried that would be bad. It really didn't bother me much though. The nurse took me straight back and helped me get undressed. She then made me lie flat on the table to change my dressings which wasn't pleasant. I haven't been laying down so it hurt getting on the table. Funny it didn't bother my stomach much but killed my breast. The doctor came in and said everything looked like it was healing great and that my breast were looking good and dropping like they should be. I have only been draining about 15-20cc from my drains so he said they could be removed. I was excited about that until the nurse actually removed them. I was expecting to be so numb that I wouldn't feel it but boy was I wrong! She first had to clip a stitch that was in each one which felt like she cut my skin. Then she had to pull the first tube out which felt like it was a foot long. It was VERY painful! I had to make her stop so I could get myself together before she finished the first one. I told her that she had to pull the 2nd one quickly. I am so glad they are out but I NEVER want drains again. I thought it was just a weird sensation when they cam out but my were painful and felt like a horrible stinging pain. Gratefully, the pain only lasted a few minutes and now I am moving around great. I have been cleared to drive and even think I might sleep in bed tonight.
I didn't get any pictures today because the nurse put all my dressings back on and said I can't shower until tomorrow because of the tube holes. I did undress when I got home and tried to get a good look. My breast look good with just a little bruising near the incision. They are still really tight and set high o my chest but starting to get a better shape. The are still a little square on top but I can see improvement from yesterday. I no longer have the roll above my BB and my stomach is completely flat looking at my BB. I don't have the hangover, flabby skin at the bottom of my stomach anymore but it does look like I have a little pooch there but I think that is swelling. I can tell a huge difference from front view but I still look fat from the side. I really hope that is swelling and bloating and will go down over the next few weeks.
Good luck to everyone having surgery this week. I am just 4 days out from surgery and have been on the go all day with only taking a regular dose of Advil today. Remember that getting up and moving around but not over doing it is the best way to get feeling better and work out the soreness.

Finally some after pics.

I have been busy and haven't had time to upload these. It is very uncomfortable to go without a bra and CG so I haven't taken many pics. I am still really swollen and bloated so I hope the results get better. I can tell a big difference in the front view and my tummy looks flat. My bb looks scary now but I think it will end up nice. The side view still upsets me because of all the swelling. I put on regular clothes yesterday and had to put on some that were almost 3 sizes bigger than what I wore before surgery. I think I will be happy with how everything looks when the swelling is gone. My breast have dropped some but are still very tight. I am ready for them to finish dropping and soften. I normally wear a 36 bra but am so swollen that a 40 is cutting into me. You can see marks on my sides from the bra and CG. I am going to switch to really tight spanx tomorrow in hopes that it helps with the swelling. I have very little bruising except in the pubic region. I am completely black and blue there. I guess the blood pooled more there. It looks horrible and is making me swollen but it doesn't hurt. The doctor said it was normal.
I am getting around well now with only a little pain which is mainly stinging pains in my breast. I only took 600 mg ibuprofen all day yesterday so that means the pain is definitely going away. I have also slept in the bed the past two nights and it was more comfortable. I have found that I feel a lot better and in less pain if I am active so I am doing as much as possible that doesn't risk me getting hurt.

Recovery is going great

Sorry I haven't gotten to post any updates in a few days but I have been on vacation with my family. We took a camping trip this weekend. No, I didn't sleep in a tent on the ground. We have a large camper so I didn't have to rough it too much. I was worried that I wouldn't feel well and would have to come home early but getting outside and moving around actually made me feel a lot better. I am doing well enough that I haven't needed anything for pain in the last two days. I took it easy but am back to doing all my usual activities except anything that requires lifting. I am planning on going back to work tomorrow, just 10 days after surgery, and I hope it goes well since I have a desk job.
I had a lot of pain and could not move hardly any at all the first three days. For the next two days, I was in a little less pain but was able to move around a lot better. Since day 6, I have been able to move around and do everything fairly normal but still being careful not to harm myself. I have had very little pain at all from my TT except if I cough or sneeze. I do get the occasional stinging pain but it goes away quickly. My BA has been the worst part. My boobs hurt all the time. At first it felt like I had pulled muscles and that the skin was going to pop open because of all the swelling. Now, it is more of a dull pain and I have horrible sharp pains that hit me when I move the wrong way but they go away quick. My back has really bothered me some because of walking bent over some and the additional weight of my breast. I really understand why people get breast reductions now because these things weigh more than I thought they would. I have always had really small breast and just got 425cc but they are swollen and are a D cup right now. The center of my upper back hurts a lot and I keep hunching over because of the weight. I have to keep reminding myself to keep my shoulders back. My breast are dropping but not as fast as I would like. I think my skin still needs to stretch a lot to make room for the implants. The swelling in my upper stomach has gone away but from the bb down, it is still really bad. Switching to a different CG really helped with the swelling. I will try to get some more after pics tonight or tomorrow.

Freaking out a little today

My healing has gone great so far and I haven't had any real issues until today. When I woke up this morning, I had a small brown spot on the bandage covering my bb. I didn't worry much about it because my bb has looked fine and hasn't been hurting. I clean it with peroxide and put ointment on it daily. When I got out of the shower, it looked find so I cleaned it and put a bandage over it. About 11 am I went to the bathroom and could see a brown spot on the outside of the bandage where it had come through. I removed the bandage to find a quarter sized spot of brown stuff. It didn't really look like blood to me. My bb was really wet looking and appeared to have stuff oozing out of it(sorry that this sounds so nasty). I have had a few sharp pains around my bb today also but nothing major. I did cal the doctor right away because I had an appt already scheduled for 3pm. By the time I got to the PS office, the drainage had stopped but it looked like the scab around the bb had flaked off. The nurse an PS both said this was ok and that it didn't really appear infected. They said to just keep it clean and dry. The nurse cleaned it out really good and now it is bleeding more. Has anyone else had this issue? I just want to know that it is normal and not something that I need to worry about. It has really freaked me out because I am afraid something might be wrong.
On a bright note, the PS said everything is healing great and that I have a lot less swelling than he usually sees at this point. I went down a size in my compression garment yesterday and it really reduced my swelling. I am hoping after a few days it will be gone completely.
Dr. Joseph Fewell

I have been really impressed so far. The office staff was extremely nice and helpful. Dr Fewell has answered all my questions and seems to be very upfront about expectations.

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