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I am very excited about the procedure. I want to...

I am very excited about the procedure. I want to start by saying I wanted this procedure since 2007. I thought that maybe and i had a baby I would get some bootay (at least that's what everyone else thought) and the results of that were negative. I search high and low. My choices were Dr. Salama, Dr. Salzhauer, Dr. Campos, and Dr Pelayo. I did not chose Dr. Salama because I just wasnt satified with his work. I loved Dr. Salzhauer work however it was out of my price range me being a single mom and all. Dr. Campos seemed promising but looking at his work a lot of girls butts well....really didn't change to much in there after photos and who am I to rain on someone else's parade? My final choice is Dr. Pelayo.

I am having upper abs, lowers abs (my gut), love handles, sacrum area (for that S look, lower back and upper back with fat transfer. I am not sure where I will be staying yet. As January nears I will update that as well.

I maybe traveling with my sister or alone. If I travel alone I will stay where there is staff on site to help me or check on me. Which ever keeps down the cost of travel and plane tickets.

Including RXmeds, pressure garments( I plan to get two one after surgery and one when my swelling goes down), plane ticket(s), hotel, food, transportation I am looking to spend another 1,000 to 1,500.

I will know more as time nears. I am darker brown skin complexion. I am 5'7" I appear taller in person. I weigh 190 lbs. I gained weight for the procedure over a year time frame I started gaining weight for the procedure in March 2011. Mu normal weight is about 165 to 175. It may still seem like alot but anything less and I would look like a crackhead. No offense to those who are 5'7" and 120lbs but being that small is just not a good look on me. My measurements right now are 38DD-35-44 1/2. I have a slender build so with clothes on I do not appear to weigh 190lbs.

My long time Boyfriend of 8 years knows and he is excited too. His only question was how long did he have to wait until we could have sex and when could he it my new butt. lol typical man. I do not know that answer right now.

I have to have labs done two week prior. I will list the labs once I get the list. I am still in the beginning stages. However the price I have was the best price I was told. I think it's because I waited soooooo long to get the quote because the doctor was so busy and she said he was having a good day. I paid a deposit of 1,000. I would recommend having at least your deposit ready because the quote I recieved was so good they were not going to hold it for me for six months like all the other doctors would.

I will do my best to answer any questions you may have. A special thanks to screen name "wannanewbooty' for all your help!

I will be posting my recovery list soon.

My labs I will need two weeks prior to the...

My labs I will need two weeks prior to the procedure:

CBC w/diff (complete blood count with differential)

CMP (complete metabolic panel)




HIV Test

I will be going to an outside lab where you dont need a doctor's order. You can order any test that you like.

I have started getting my recovery bag together. ...

I have started getting my recovery bag together. I am looking for a really really good post compression bandage can anyone help? I know this is soon but all I can think about when I look at my flatty patty is my new booty ugh lol

Time is nearing. I hope to go sooner than...

Time is nearing. I hope to go sooner than 2/24/2012 but I wont rush it. I know from experience that patience is a virtue. I have done most of my blood work this month the CBC the CMP and the HIV, I still have 3 more labs to do. I know those will be fine as well. I still have no definate date because I want to try to have it done 2/10/2012. I have to work around my job schedule because of my position ugh if I leave for like a day there is major confusion. Anyway I am excited but I dont think I will be crazy excited until he is drawing on me lol. I still need to get the funnel to pee. I just wonder how it will look afterwards like most of us I can not afford to waste money.

I am about 30 days away from the actual date. I...

I am about 30 days away from the actual date. I thought I was prepared but I guess Im not. I need to know what I need to start doing now? I have to return to work the 9th day after my surgery. I know its soon but there are a couple of people on here who went back to work within the first week or so. I need advice. What should I pack? I bought XL scrubs to wear afterwards should I have gotten sweats? I have a high pain tolerence so I am not sure what to prepare for. Please help!!!!! I will post more before pics right before the surgery 4 weeks to go WOW!

All labs are done date changed because of work. I...

All labs are done date changed because of work. I paid extra for a garment $120, a board $40 to go into the garment, and foam $40 so the garment wont be so tight and crush me to where I cant breathe. I will be staying a a cheap motel about 43 bucks a night thats cheap to me. I am not picky I just need a safe place to sleep and for now it seems as though I will be alone. My friend backed out at the last minute on me UGH.....I will post more befor pics soon. I will update as soon, as time nears.

So today I'm in my motel room got somewhere cheap....

So today I'm in my motel room got somewhere cheap. I went to the clinic today I signed my life away well I signed the paperwork lol. The clinic at this location is small but clean. I'm exhausted flew in arrived at about 10:45 am. Since the clinic I've been in Miami all day. Somehow its not real to me yet. However there's no place like home and I'm ready to go home even though I just got here I hate nt knowing where I am or where I'm going. Until tomorrow I'll update then.

Well I was very uncomfortble yesterday. I'm better...

Well I was very uncomfortble yesterday. I'm better today still sore. The assistant Orlando was awesome. He kept it real. He said they took four liters of fat from my body wow I didn't even think I had that much. I got about four to five hundred CC per cheek and it looks big with just that. I think we say we want 1000 eack chhek I definately had enough but it would be way too big. It does feel weird when I reach back to try and wipe my va jay jay because bow I'm going around a bigger ass lol. I wasn't in pain juft and fyi just freak in sore likhe when you work out to hard and its your first time working out and you knew you didn't, stretch. Well I'm on my belly typing this on my tablet. I posted more before pics from yesterday night. Whn the camera charges I'll post some after pics so far I'm happy. Thanks to Dr Pelayo and Orlando. I'll see you guys soon!

7 days post op and I definatley see that it my...

7 days post op and I definatley see that it my butt has went down. I am not upset about the reduction, I still have some. I didnt want a ghetto booty just something that goes with my shape. I would like to tell all the women here to just keep and open mind about the results and be realistic they are doctors not mircle workers. Some women want ppl to know they had a bbl but I didnt want anyone to know so mine was done in moderation. I will post more pics tonight. I am back at work. It's 2 pm here in Houston, TX and Im sooo freakin sleepy. I havent been up for 8 consecutive hours doing work since I left. I have not been sitting on my butt but using pillows and yoga mats and sitting on my thighs. I was asked a question about if I would do it again. I was not pleased with my recovery I was fine during the day as I am noe but have a hard time sleeping. I do not have any more fat lol they took it all lol but if I thought I needed it then I would have another round.

4 weeks tomorrow. My stomach is still hard and...

4 weeks tomorrow. My stomach is still hard and smushed in places. My back is hard too. My waist is awesome. I will be going back in 9 most to a year because its not big enough. This is no reflection of the doctor. I was really flat before. I didn't notice it until now and I thought I had some booty at first lol. I lke my results my boyfriend loves it however I want more volume. I was told I had to wait about a year. I even called Dr Salama boy did I put my foot in my mouth before he was nice and helpful. He said I could do t a second time but I may just keep getting fuller at the bottom of my butt instead of the top according to my body type and genetics. And just because they keep putting fat there doesn't mean it'll stay. I try my luck once more. I called him for a second opinion and i was told the same by both docs. I will see what the results are in about 4more weeks.

Just posted the 4 week post op pic of my stomacg...

Just posted the 4 week post op pic of my stomacg to show no loose skin. My stomach is still hard and lumpy. There's a lump straight across right under my belly button. My belly button is still smushed. My stretch marks are really bad like I got into a fight with Freddy gruger lol. But I wanted to show you guys not hiding nothing wanna be up front. And I'm still considering a second round. I won't have a quote for round two until 2 months w Dr salama and 6 months if I go back to Dr pelayo. We will see I'll keep you guys posted if anything changes.

I am feeling about 80% better. I am still hard in...

I am feeling about 80% better. I am still hard in my upper back area and some areas of my stomach. I am waiting to see if my stomach will return to it's orginal color I sure hope that it does. I am not too worried about my stretch marks. I just want to see the final result of my stomach so I can see what happens to my skin but so far so good.. I am still wearing the faja, wont leave home with out it. I was instructed to wear it for 3 months. Forst month day and night second and third month just during the day. I am wearing it just during the day now. Was anyone else told something different? Just curious. I love my new shape. I am not sure if the attention is from my new shape or from my new attitude because I def have a new one. I still dress conservative however you can tell Im much more slim. OMG, I love it, its all in my new walk lol. I am still considering round two but I love the results it was well worth the pain lol. I will post more pics at 6 weeks then at 8 weeks post op. I will also try to post some with clothes.

Added my wish pics and see almost there but not...

Added my wish pics and see almost there but not quite need more volume at the top

So the assistant called me yesterday the doctor...

So the assistant called me yesterday the doctor wants me to come back to follow up I'm not sure when I'll go but I will soon. It is official I'm going back for a second round. Getaboty, I know you said it'll pop out like pow but the ony time its pow is when I have the garment on. My measurements are 36-32-44. With the garment on its 45. I was 44 1/2 before the surgery. What the what? I know there is butt back there because of my before and after pics and I can feel it. When I put on clothes without the garment I'm back to a flatty patty. I have no projection at all in my clothes without the garment. I'm sad I haven't been out since the surgery and even though my shape is nice I'll have to wear my garment until I have surgery again cuz again no butt without the garment. On top of that my bf was like it looks like the butt u had is gone he said that last night ugh. What happened. What happened to all my fat. Did it all die. I'm sorry guys I don't mean to be a Debbie downer but this means a lot to me.

Six weeks post op yeah I made it lol. I am still...

Six weeks post op yeah I made it lol. I am still hard in some areas of my stomach and my back. I have been itching for the last two weeks. I guess I got my itching toward the end. I am still loving my shape to lipo areas are great I couldnt have asked for better in those areas. My color is coming back in my stomach areas so my stretch marks dont look that bad any moe yea! I am so happy about that my stomach is looking really ggos and I can not wait until everything is soft again. My butt to me still looks the same but idk I am my worse critic and I use to diff measuring tapes got two different measurements ugh maybe someone else needs to measure me? I like the fullness of my butt I just wish it were that way all the way around the whole cheek full not necessarily poked out just fuller or more volume as we say. Well I will post six week post op pics when I can I can t find the charger for the camera. I am still considering a second round. I forgot that one of my problem areas where the back of my arms I never considered having that lipo'ed well we will see I will post new pics as soon as I can. I am still happy with my reslts over allat list I do not have dunlap disease anymore.

Its a been three months I'm still very happy with...

Its a been three months I'm still very happy with my shape. I just wish my buttocks had more volume and was rounder. I am still considering going back I'm just waiting until I have more time under my belt before I go back. My concern is nit having any fat to remove. My stomach s still flat no hanging skin but I have some cellulite in my buttock area nt bad though just a little. I will be going to get treatments for that. So very all I'm happy with my shape but definately need to have a rounder bottom.

It has been four months now and now that...

It has been four months now and now that everything is returning to normal I only see a few more areas I could pull fat from. It has not stopped me from eating though what can I say I love food. I am still very happy with my shape my girlfriends are like Damn Bre you have a coke bottle figure. I still have cellulite in the buttocks area which I had before and it seems it all returned lol. However I'm not sure if I should have the treatments done until I know for sure if i am having a second round for more volume. If I have a second round then I need to wait for the results on that before so i wont spend extra money. Has cellulite happened to anyone else? My measurements before the sugery where 38DD-37-44 1/2. Now Im 36DDD-32-45. I dont think my breast sized increased I just think that I wasnt wearing the right Bra or it could have because I did gain weight for the surgery. I am 188 lbs so I gained all the weight back. My family says I look juicy/stacked I'll take that any day. I definately dont know about measurements but my butt is definately different from when I started out. I am not looking to spend more than 1500 to a redo. I will try to post pics by the end of the week.

So it has been about a year I am still loving my...

So it has been about a year I am still loving my shape. I feel sexy and curvy. My final measurements are 34-35-45 1/2. I say final because I dont think itll be getting any bigger lol. My stomach is still flat but I love to eat so I havent been watching what I eat. I am not prepping for round two but will be going back. My butt to me is just OK not really noticable. My concern is will I have enough fat to achieve the results Im looking for. Can anyone who has had minimal fat or went back a second time with not so much fat tell me if its possible.

I got the generic reply today.from dr salama...

I got the generic reply today.from dr salama office price 8499 I have sent in my pics I hope they go diwn on the price but we will see. I will also be taking a trip to Hileah soon to have a second time around consult with dr pelayo. Hopefully i can just send pics instead.

So I am going back to my original doc. I am being...

So I am going back to my original doc. I am being charged 3500 this time and ill get the garment for free it was 100 before. I am trying to figure out when to go summer or christmas. Ill be deleting my profile after my second round.

My measurments have changed yes! My hips are now a...

My measurments have changed yes! My hips are now a 47 so I guess time has made a difference to me. I was told to wait up until a year and it worked for me. Thanks Dr. Pelayo. Im still going back what can I say Im love my butt. I will be going back hopefully in December.
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