Tummy tuck with dr Ortega and breast reduction with dr Michael samson

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Hi dolls. Here I go asking for you guys with some...

Hi dolls. Here I go asking for you guys with some help to decide what procedures should I got done a tummy tuck or lipo. 3 years ago I was not like this I don't know why I gain so many weight in my tummy but anyway I need your help with . Choosing in the right procedure. I'm a mom of 3 kids and a wife. My husband said he had no problem in my body but I'm very uncomfortable cuz I was not like this so I'm not doing this for no one but myself. I know in the long run 3 years from now I would have to give my husband a child that's how along he wud off to wait. Cause at this moment I'm not happy with my body so guys help me out here

My tis ...and tummy got bigger . Since I did a keep surgery in March 2015..from then really I Realize my body started changing.

Going for a mummy makeover..but I just can't book a date yet..have so much things in front of me..I think I will go a head for sometimes in February are ending April. I'm so tired of this body. They have a saying . Beauty comes from within .yes.how long I'm going have my body covering up with for. Confidence I used to have I have it no more .yes I'm damn sexy when I'm in my clothes and the waist Trainer. But hell l am tired of it just want to be me once again.

Mommy makeover Hmmm

Recovery supplies

On my spare time doing some research

Research about MRSA

Breast reduction. With dr Michael samdon

So it been awhile guys since I've been on realself after all the drama with dr Omulepu. I hope all is good with him.. I decided to chill and really think about all I really want to do my surgery with no I'm going with dr. Michelle Samson in my home town.. For my breast reduction I was approved 3 weeks ago. My surgery date is June/2/16 I'm so excited .way cause this have been a long time...

I'm still getting my tummy tuck but it will be in Miami witch doctor Ortega.

8 more days To go

8 more days to my breast reduction... Paperworks all done blood work &meds take care off..cant believe I'm finally going to do this

One more day..omg

So I'm ready to take on this big step surgery is tomorrow for my breast reduction I'm getting nervous as heel lol and praying a lot hoping for the best and no regrets.should be in the sugrey center 8:30 am.not sure what time sugrey will start.hubby will be there with me...

Its time dolls

Went for my first follow-up visit

Hi ladies surgery went well yesterday I have not much swelling or pain just little burning sensation and sleeping a lot they took 992gm from my right breast and 899gm from my left breast. Oh what a relief when I first woke up after surgery I realized that I feel so much lighter and my breast much flatter. I must say I think I would be in great pain but hell no , I slept well last night and even now as you can see I have no drains in my doctor them out today. So they did do inside stitches which is great arms feel free no type or even my boobs just a little. I should say Dr Samson omg he's such a wonderful man very warm always smiling someone you can talk to ask any question and you will answer very gentle wow the staff at the surgery center of Volusia they are really loving very very very clean facility everything from dr. To staff 100%

My first shower

So I had a shower this morning I'm feeling so great have some discomfort last night but I'm not bad right now I did have a good sleep anyway I was a little nauseous this morning not sure why at first I got up and sitting in a chair in my room I was just reading about the stool softener then I started to feel dizzy and nauseous my husband got to rush me back in bed then he gave me a cup of tea with some fruits I started to feel much better so now I had a shower and in my bed about to take a nap.thank dolls for the support love.

Two weeks and 2day

Hi dolls hope all my Sugery sis doing great, will I'm so far was out of it yesterday , I have felt so sick nauseous and sleepy I felt like 3 days after surgery you know that feeling right , my breast was hurting not on the top but the side was soooo tender and swollen especially on the left side ,anyway it was my visit to see the doctor again he said I'm doing fine and suggested if I can stay without bra for a while that would be great don't put any pressure on them cause it'll make it worse he also prescribed some antibiotic for me in case I have an infection inside, the night before I went to see him yesterday that would have been Thursday night I was not feeling well ,i was sooo cold I had to turn my AC off I was also sweating in the middle of the night lol,thank god I'm doing fine now,just want the swelling down!

dr michael samsom

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