not saying he's bad not saying he's good but it's a hit or miss...dont gamble with your money!!! Hialeah, FL

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I went to Dr. Osak after switching from Dr. Hassan...

I went to Dr. Osak after switching from Dr. Hassan (I wish I would of stuck with him). I simply do not like my results and the follow up was horrible. I was rushed out of the office by the medical assistants. Dr. Osak does not have MALPRACTICE insurance either. Just please take your hard earned money elsewhere. It's a gamble with him and you can consider this a warning. I totally regret this. I know I cant see my finally results this soon either but I know it won't be worth the long recovery, money and the poor customer service. Consider yourself warned. God bless.

photos from this morning

Pleaselet me know what you think

pre op, day of surgery

Pre op, 185 pounds. Year and half post op from gastric bypass. As of today I am 172 from 260.

4 days post op

Yes I know I was very swollen, but I wasn't happy when my binder was unwrapped. This was my only follow up before returning to California and I was rushed out of it.

a few days ago

This way a few days ago, please tell me what you think.

this morning

Almost 3 weeks post op

Hello ladies...I hope everyone is doing well & recovering. I was very hesitant on posting a review but I decided to for support, & to let people know what they could possibly be looking foward to if they go to Dr. Osak. Like I said, I'm not saying hes bad or good because some ladies have excellent results, I just wasn't one of them. Now I didn't expect to be perfect but I know what could have been achieved. I don't look horrible but i know i could look better & yes I know i am still healing. Anywho I have decided not to let myself get depressed. Whats done is done & depression won't change any of it. My mother asked me would this surgery make me happy, I said no because we all know happiness is within. I let her know that it would help though lol. All I am concerned about is recovering and being healthy and getting in shape "serena williams shape". Also It is sad that hard earned money was spent just to not get what I wanted. But God gave me what I asked for. I feel like if I had stuck with Dr. Hassan I would have gotten better results. After watching all of Dr. Osaks YouTube videos and reading all the reviews I switched to him. But hey whats done is done cant go back in time a change it lol. But i appreciate the support ladies. God bless you all, you guys have no idea how much you have helped me. I really appreciate it.

Almost a month post op

Hey ladies. I'm definitely improving. Swelling is going down & I'm walking straighter. Im already planning a round two with either Dr. Cardenas or Dr. Correa. They are both amazing & I love Dr. Correas scar less techniques. I just dont want to fly to Colombia. Dr. Cardenas is great, honest, professional and is right by me. Dr. Cardenas office provides great customer service & she always calls her patients to talk to them about their procedure and a quote will follow. Round two will consist of a breast lift augmentation, thigh lift and lipo of my full back and waist. The breast lift will be extended to get rid of the loose skin on my back. I will be getting round two next year. When I'm at 6 weeks post op I will start exercising, I need to start dieting now. Well I hope everyone is well. Enjoy your Sunday. God bless :)


Hello ladies hope you are all doing great. I am now 7 weeks post op as of a few days ago. Let me tell you, this has been a journey. Although my body has greatly improved it hasn't at the same time. So for starters I knew I wasnt going to have the results I wanted when I took of the binder a my first post op appointment even with the swelling. As swelling went down I thought I though a had a seroma but turns out it was just fat (love handles & on my lower abdomen). So when I sit fat and loose skin hangs over. I also have loose skin above my belly button. I got an infection idk how, that's something I'll never know and my incision is hideous. I also have a lot of scar tissue so I massage daily. Now I haven't spoke to Dr. Osak in a few weeks because it's useless he can't help me from Florida, he couldn't even help me when ai was in Florida. (I think he seen my review, Heyyy). I have just been seeing Dr's and plastic surgeons in the bay area where I live. I wear my compression garmets, massage, I started to exercise but I stopped lol and I'm walking up perfectly straight. My stomach gets tight when I sit down but within minutes it loosens up when I'm walking. But for those who are considering Dr. Osak or anyone really do your research. My results should have been better and nobody can tell me different not even the Dr. The pictures I post today will be the better looking pictures, not the ugly side because I want to stay positive on this day lol. You ladies have a great day.

Dr Osak

Well as you can see Dr. OSAKS license has been restricted, so my review shows why.

Encore and Vanity cosmetic surgery have horrible customer service. They forget about you as soon as you give them your money. Encore rushed me out of follow up and when I call it takes forever for someone to give me an answer. Their medical assistants don't know much. Please take your hard earned money elsewhere. And I wouldn't recommend The Home Away Recovery house.

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