Liposuction with Brazilian Butt Lift - Hialeah, FL

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Hi my name is Bridgette, I'm 22 and on Saturday...

Hi my name is Bridgette, I'm 22 and on Saturday 6/22/2013 I am scheduled to have lipo and a bbl done with dr. Pelayo. I'm not to scared about the procedure just a little nervous. I'm 5'9 and weigh 200 pounds. I'm pretty happy with my body, but the lipo with take away all the love handles!!! The price to me was fair but ill keep you guys posted on how the surgery goes

Pre surgery

It's over

Well the surgery is over and I'm in Alot of pain, I had the fat removed from 12 areas of my stomach. I love my results even though I'm not fully healed yet

It's been 10 days!!!!

I'm feeling a lot better, however my stomach area is still very much swollen and it feels very uncomfortable without the garment! I still can't sit on my butt until July 14, but I'm just happy I'm feeling a lot better


Hello I haven't updated you guys in a while, but everything is going well, I'm loving my results more and more everyday! The last two weeks I was itching terribly ( signs of healing) but that has gotten a lot better. The swelling in my stomach is still there, but has decreased a lot, I am able to bend over now!


Hi everyone, I'm feeling great! I still have swelling in my stomach and my bruises are slowly healing. My butt is softening and the itching has subsided! I am going to get me a new waist trimmer, I need a smaller one!

Updated photos

More photos


I haven't updated you guys in a whole but it's been almost 3 months!!!


Its been on here in a while I'm just updating my review. I'm still in love with my results and still maintaining my weight just eating right and exercising. The only things that I did not like about my surgery is that I still have black spots on my back. I will soon began to test out lighting cream to get ride of the spots


its been a while

Its been a while since ive updated but im still happy with my results, ive gained a few pounds but im still happy
Vanidades (dr. Pelayo)

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