24 Years Old, Past Ballerina, Current Professional Dancer - Hialeah, FL

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Hey Ya'll I have done ballet my entire life and...

Hey Ya'll I have done ballet my entire life and currently am a professional back up dancer and fitness junkie in Miami, FL. Based off of my passions in life there's no surprise that I am a 32 a/b cup size. I have been debating for years on getting a boob job & I have finally decided now is the time!

Hard work is done ... NOW I WAIT

So I have done my first and second consultation and blood work with Dr.Omulepu. The last time I went to see him we spoke about the size I want to be again and about the areola incision. I have super small nipples and areolas so I've been FREAKING OUT about how the implant is gonna fit through the whole LOL. But he calmed me down and let me know that he has performed this many times and he should have no problem! This is crazy I get boobs in 3 days!!

1st and 2nd consultations

1st consultation
2nd Consultation
So I decided to post my videos from after the consultations with my doctor. Hopefully they will be helpful to someone.


I could barley sleep last night! I'm so freaking nervous and excited ...I'm emotional lol! Good bye push up bra hello new tata's :)!

Officially 2 days Post Op

It's all done! Very sore but not much pain. Like a lot of ppl say it's more pressure than pain. I'm so excited I have TATAS !!

I was watching boob vlogs to help me make a final desision on a doctor. I watched Tanesha Frazier's video randomly on YouTube and realized that her breast were amazing! Than she stated she went to Dr. Omulepu in Miami. I found Dr. Osak Omulepu on real self and the reviews seem very professional and helpful about him! The thing that spiked my interest the most were his results both with everyone on real self and Tanesha in her Boob vlogs. I am so freaking excited!

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