Fixing Imperfections. Dominican Republic

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Okay, so here goes everything I've been...

Okay, so here goes everything I've been practically obsessed with for the last year plus. Between school and moving into my new apartment, I wanted to make sure I was mentally focused and comfortable enough to start a review. First of all, Thank you to the vets, who I've been following and observing your pages, countless hours a day. You have made my research process substantially more informative. A little about myself, I'm 27, 5'4 and 137 lbs . What's different about many other reviews and mines is that I've had silicone injections done 4 years ago. I don't see any reviews on here with that similarity except one and thought this may come in handy. As an adolescent I always wanted to be a little thicker and struggled to gain weight. At 20, I was 104lbs. My PCP prescribed me something to take and along with another medication I ordered online, I gained 25 lbs in 11 days. Yeah, I was eating like an animal. I definitely got thicker but still wanted a little more fluff in my butt. Being young, desperate and uneducated, I opted for silicone injections which years later left an inflammation area on one of my butt cheeks. For the most part since then I've fluctuated between 127 - 130 lbs. When I first inquired I was 130lbs and was told to gain 15 lbs for surgery. With the weight medication, it's a breeze, the only problem is my boobs and face gets fat and I HATE that. Im trying to avoid having bigger boobs so now at 137, I'll shift to protein shakes and ensures to see how that works with weight. I also don't feel like it's necessary to put on the whole 15lbs because I do not want a gigantic bottom. The main goal is to smooth and even out the inflammation I have on my right cheek, a smaller waist and a little hip action.


Although I'm scheduled for the 29th of March , I wanted to do my massages at Medical Massage Professionals with Marian. The problem is she'll be on vacation from March 31st - April 12th. So I'm considering pushing my surgery up a few days so that I can Atleast get in 5 massages with her. The dilemma is the nurse I considered hiring (Amy) won't be available anytime before then. Amy did say she works with Elsie who's as good but I would prefer to go with Marian. I'm bringing my mother with me but also wanted the nurse around to look after me and of course for prescription pick ups and transportation.. Is there any other creditable nurses around? Or would It be okay if I just skip having a nurse and just have my mom? Any suggestions dolls? :*


Back at the drawin mg board. With all of this going on with Dr. Osak license being restricted, I called to find out what was happening. Needless to say, they canceled me. Saying he doesn't feel comfortable with doing the BBL on patients who have had silicone injections. Good because that while situation this past weekend scared tf out of me . Would any of you ladies know of a doctor who does? Please advise. Thank you

King Cabral - Dominican Republic

So after much research, I've decided that I am going to the Dominican Republic and having surgery with Dr. Hector Cabral. The doctors there want your hemoglobin to be 12.5 and above. I've started taking the necessary supplements and drinking beer juice. My Hemo levels are at 13 but I'm going to triple my intake so that I can be Atleast 14 going in. I've ordered supplies and booked my stay. Now to book flights, pack and take off.

Open Space At Princess Recovery House

Hey, if any of you ladies are looking for a room between May 18th and 26th. I have a booked stay at princess recovery house . There's already a $100 deposit down on it which I'm willing to give to anyone looking. (This is in a triple room). The remainder is a $500 balance with transportation and meals included. The residence is 5 minutes away from Cipla. Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions.

Going to Cabral

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