BBL Nightmare at Vanity Cosmetic Surgery - Miami/Hialeah, FL

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I have always been the thick girl all my life and...

I have always been the thick girl all my life and have come to accept that about myself but have always felt disproportioned. I have PCOS and as a results I have an android body type plus huge breasts for my size. I carry most of my weight up top and in my mid section and none on the bottom. I decided I wanted to do something about it and I lost 25lbs two years prior but was never able to get a nice shape. I did my research and decided to go with Dr. Fisher at Vanity cosmetic surgery. I live in NY so I sent my photos and got a consultation where it was recommended that I do a BBL. I made my down payment and about midway through I got a call from the coordinator saying that due to my weight Dr. Fisher was no longer going to do my surgery but rather Dr. Bass would as he specializes in heavier patients. I am about 30lbs overweight mind you. I couldn't find any before and after pics and kept telling Anna my coordinator how concerned I was. She assured that he was board certified and he would do a great job on me. I was told I would be able to have my surgery at the Plantation office however after I arrived I was told the doctor could only see me in the Hialeah office. I explained to the doctor in details what my concerns about my body and what my expectations were and he assured me that I was a good candidate and he was sure he could make me happy. Once I came out of surgery and got a look at myself I knew something was wrong. My stomach was so huge, I knew something was wrong. I also noticed that on the sides of my butt weren't filled out but when I asked he Dr. he just blew me off and said that my body is very swollen and I would not see any results for a while. I spent 10 days in Florida including my surgery day and came home and two days after I returned home I ended up in the Hospital for 8days with a nasty infection. At no time during my time in Florida nor any of my follow up visits did anyone check my vitals, check my temp nor do any kind of clinical assessment on me. All that the doctor did was look at my butt and said oh it looks great. I also had one side of my butt very inflamed due to fat necrosis, which means most of the fat he put in that area died. I kept them informed about what was happening to me. I did my best to be patient and I waited until month three to really start to complain. I have seen no results really anywhere........ My stomach looks exactly the same, my back and sided are still the same, you can see a very minor change in my backside but that won't last as I was told by the doctor the fat is still dying off. I Bought my ticket and took two more days off of work to go see the Doctor face to face to discuss my results and that was another ordeal... I had a 12pm appointment on Wednesday and at 11am I got a call from the office telling me the doctor has an emergency and has to leave, can they reschedule me to come back next week. Know keep in mind I just flew in for this appointment. She then proceeded to tell me if I could get there in 20 minutes the doctor would stay and see me otherwise he would have to leave. I ended up getting a $265 speeding ticket trying to get there. When I finally saw the Doctor he told me that in order to fix my issues he would need to do over the entire surgery. He told me that He would be willing to re-do the surgery but he is an independent contractor so the office manager would have to work it out with me. Nevermind the fact that I don't trust them treating me again cause they almost killed me last time plus I have no results. When I got to the Office manager she did not speak a word of English and had to have a medical assistant translate. Long and short is they want to charge me the almost the same price as last time and are not willing to do anything else. I told the manager that I had got another consultation Dr. Fisher elsewhere and he had no problem doing my surgery at my weight, so they lied to me.

For the love of god and for your peace of mind and satisfaction I beg you guys to NOT go to Vanity Cosmetic Surgery you will be sorry.

Getting depressed by the day

I am looking at my results and all I get is depressed. I don't see any difference in my shape at all. I am realizing that I have to find the money again to do round two that I am worried about. I don't know how these doctors get away with butchering people and are able to roam free to Butcher other people.

BBL Nightmare with Vanity Cosmetics and DR. Bass

I have been getting consultations from other surgeons and I'm getting increasingly annoyed. The general consensus is that very little was done to me ( as is obvious in my pics). I'm angry because it will cost me the same as I spent before and in some cases even more than before. Why am I being penalized for a doctor doing a half assed job. If I hired a painter to paint my house and the finished product is streaky walls I would ask him to correct it or refund my money. Why is it different for these doctors. I wonder if I could take them to small claims court?? Why should I have to not only be out the money from my first surgery, but now I have hospital bills, added lost PTO time from work and I have to find the money to pay to fix me up.......

Thinking about accepting an offer to go with Dr. Fisher

Vanity has told me that they are willing to let me get a revision of my bbl with Dr. Fisher for half price. I am on the fence about Vanity, actually I'm scared. I mean after my ordeal I really have to think hard about this. I am really really trying hard to keep my weight down. I know I am not gaining any weight but shedding the pounds seems like an impossible task (I have PCOS). Here are my wish pics, I wonder if there is any way I could get anything close to this. What do y'all think?

Dr. Bass & Vanity Cosmetics scammers

Hi ladies, just wanted to update you guys on my continued nightmare with Dr Siddarth Bass. I had been in communications with Claudia at vanity who said she was helping me with my situation. I had been working on a lawsuit and requested my complete medical records since November. She called me up and we went back and forth for about two months then she told me that she brought my case to the CEO and management and the options they offered was:
1. A redo/retouch with fisher but for $6000
2 A redo/retouch with another doctor for a fee or
3. A refund due to the fact that I had gone through so much and I had incurred a hefty medical bill from my stint in the hospital
I obviously choose the refund. They Had me fooled, they even had their lawyers send me settlement paperwork to sign. The lawyers called me and said everything was finally finished and they would send me a check but then Ms. Claudia called me the following day and told me that SURPRISE we changed our minds and we will not be refunding you after all. She said they were going to cut the check but then Dr. Bass said that he didn't think my situation warranted a refund. Can you imagine?????? He says he could correct the issue for a fee as could one of their other doctors. I think it was their plan all along. In the beginning I was having a problem getting a lawyer as I live in NY but fortunately I have legal representation in NY who referred me to an attorney in Florida who is gladly taking my case. I don't care how much it cost me I am not going to stop until I shine a light on Dr Butcher aka Dr Bass and Vanity Cosmetics.

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