Round 2 August 10th/Anthony hasan - Hialeah, FL

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So far ive been excited, nervous, scared,...

So far ive been excited, nervous, scared, happy, spoke with about 4 ladies who went to him this year and thank you so much for sending before and after pictures, im loving the results.

my profile picture is the me before baby and im not that far from it now but just picture a nice little puge and my butt went down funny how that works for some and for others they get perfect hips more donk, lol like mary/mary alittle so im determined to get back right, yes i work out yes i eat right but i want a immediate change meaning just healing time and then ill keep it up,i would like to have 1000cc's in each cheek and 200cc's in each hip never really had hips and i want them,5'10 180 pounds and ready to be a beast,lol the great thing about our bodies is as long as there is something there you can always sculpt what there at the gym trust me my ex husband was a trainer for some nba players hence as to why we are divorced he thought he was an nba player, anyway being recently divorced with a 10 month old is alot but i researched this bbl before i tried to get pregnant and with what i do it the safest smartest way to go if your pretty determind like me, but ladies i have to say my fears are becoming more frequent and i just love reading all these post and seeing picture of everyone i cant stop looking at the site,lol but i would like to know what all do i need pre and post surgery that they wont tell until you get there to purchase more???

Okay so now im thinking i should do 1300 cc's...

okay so now im thinking i should do 1300 cc's total for each side that would include the hips of course, i think i want some nice hips, i keep looking at pics and it seems like hips bring everything out more,lol what do you think. i figured if its too much i can always work them off,lol

So I have 6 more hours and I can't wait to get in...

So I have 6 more hours and I can't wait to get in there. Please pray for everything to go smooth and great. I'm trusting and believing that it will. So I've decided on 1400 cc 1200 in the back and 200 for hips. Lol Iam not playing donk city here I come.

3 more hours so im stating at the Ramada inn. In...

3 more hours so im stating at the Ramada inn. In Hialeah Fl abducted its nice. There a restaurant attached so no worries on breakfast lunch or dinner. I'm directly across from the mall. Wentvthere yesterday the. The bank is right nextvto Ramada in the clinic is less then a minute away in driving and. A 5 minute walk and in front of that was Winn Dixi and target. Lucky so now I'm just passing the time. I've been taking pre open pics and plan on asking. Jennifer who has been great to take pics during and after so I can post them

Very dissappointed with overall exsperience, my...

very dissappointed with overall exsperience, my lipo was great bbl not what i wanted or asked bc i was specific but it ok, they changed doctors and days on me when i goth there, i also paid for 5 messages got none they ran me to 3 locations for messages and changed the time of the appts 3 times in one day so i left and decided to get a refund and now i have to fill a form out for the messages that could take up to 4 weeks to process, i think the doctor was ok but the treatment of everyone else was very dis organized, you may like the results but the process was horriable and frustrating.

Still sore not to stiff at all, still feeling...

still sore not to stiff at all, still feeling oookk about the transfer but im loving the waist and my hips

7 days and its getting better!! im glad its coming...

7 days and its getting better!! im glad its coming together

21 days post op

21 days post op

I'm loving the results but I think I need to slow...

I'm loving the results but I think I need to slow down on eating. Not eating much but not eating what I should bc I was locked iPhone in the house so long but iambic going to the gym starting in June. Keep up this investment

Love it, so worth it

love it, so worth it

6 weeks post op

Booty shrank but iy still looks good

7 weeks pic

7 weeks

8 weeks Tuesday

Pics added

8 weeks pics

8 week pics

8 week pics

8 week pics

8 week pics

8 week pics

8 week pics

8 week pics

10 weeks

Photo shoot

so I'm thinking of a rpund 2 just to tighten up those

Spots that were missed this time I'm going with yilly

round 2 yilly commin soon

I know why right well. I want to

10 weeks

10 weeks

please ask to use my info

I checked an email and a women told me she posted a link to this page on Facebook. And could I participate in there group. 2 things I'm sure she met no harm. But if I wanted my link or status on Facebook I would put it on there. I have way to many cobtacts. Co workers and family that would never know it if it was through Facebook just allow me to make that decision. 2 my realself does not contain my real name by posting my link and pictures someone could easily find me. I'm just getting back into datibg and its none of my dates or there fams business. This is why I made a profile on here not there. So I'm consideribg taking down my page with all my info

7 months post

Bigger and better

7 months

Bigger and better

7 month's

Bigger and better

11 months and you do fluff

Pow. Don't make any sense

way bigger and better then I hoped

Its almost been a year. April 19 its been a gift and a well mot a curse but toting all this ive lost friends. People who know you swear you did it for attention and really you just want to look how you feel or in my case how I did pre babies. I do music I model I host events and I enjoy the extra income other then my 9-5. But i really saw who was real people characters. Would I change it hell no. Dr Hasan did more then make me a bomb shell again it help me clesr out all the people that should nt have been around. Yes I get attention from the homeless to the rich. But if I didn't I love the skin im in im happy and looking back I got it after my divorce. And its so funny to see the ex cringe. These cakes these show strippers enter a

11 month update

Fluffing does happen about 10 months my girls were like good is it growing. Lol warning some girls cant handle being out with a baddie. Knew 2 for almost 8 years. Jealously instantly and I never changed how.I was. Same ol me but I guess them cakes thats my butt was talking to much trash when we go out. Im always asked do I dance. Its not flattering or funny bc I dont and never will but I do love my results

my before

My before

removed pics.

Hey guys I removescall pics bc I googled dr hasan and in image's I came up I it lead directly to my profile not comfortable with that. Thanks

Round 2 August 10,2015 looking for a sx buddy to room with me and a ride from the airport

Hello everyone I am back I'm having my bbl for the second time with Dr hasan.. he did my first surgery and he did an awesome job almost 3 years ago and there was a few spots that were missed and lipo that I want to touch up I definitely do not need any more bootay but this is a birthday gift to myself so I definitely want to have a flat stomach and a little more hip. I'm hoping that I will have a surgery buddy that is willing to room with me because I hated being by myself the first time and if I could get a ride from the clinic to the hotel the day after surgery I didn't want to tell any of my close friends or family because they would think I'm crazy and I didn't want to defend or discuss my choice for a round 2.. so if anyone is interested please please email me I will post some recent pictures and these are my results almost 3 years later so he's a really awesome Dr. This will be it for me no more surgery because I am terrified of surgery and I have a 3 year old son and I definitely need to be here for but please pray for me I know the results will be amazing and hopefully I will have SX buddy. Support and not have to tell my friends or family this go round.

9 day s and I'm not nervous just ready to start recovery

Well I'm paid in full and my sx is August 10 th and beyond ready. Round 2 for me and I broke down and bought a flight for a friend to come with. So ready to get it done by my awesome Dr for rd 2...please pray forbl sucess and speedy recovery

Dr hasan is amazing very sweet and funny

This was my round two with the doctor has on and we caught up about my divorce kids his children is very sweet we laughed and also gave me some good advice for the future just as in dating and being a single parent doctors on has always been amazing and I'm so glad that I would choose him and now my body will be completed I will not be taking on any additional surgeries I believe I am perfect
Miami Physician

Hi I have decided to rewrite my review because this is my second around with dr. Hasan he did absolutely amazing the first time and there is a few spots missed because it was about 3 years ago and I believe I was one of the first to have it done by him but I absolutely love dr. Hassan he's very friendly very very nice and he related to me life level we were able to catch up and laugh about things completely. Unrelated to surgery. And he complimented me on keeping my body healthy and well put together after the first surgery which felt great because I'm always in the gym and very health conscience.. oh and he does give hips Sophie Reade anything this is he doesn't it's not true anymore I specifically asked her hips he said he can do it

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