Brazilian Butt Lift with Dr. Sergio Alvarez

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So far I have no complaints. I payed my deposit on...

So far I have no complaints. I payed my deposit on Feb 10th and booked my surgery for March 12th. I am pretty excited but nervous as well. Although Dr. OmuIepu has some pretty good reviews, I have read some pretty bad reviews of the Vanity Cosmetics, the location of where he works. I hope I am not one of the unlucky ones and everything goes as planned. Especially since I will be traveling all the way from California to Florida for the surgery.

Brazilian Butt Lift with Dr. alverez

So I am not longer having surgey with vanity or Dr. omulepu..... I am not having surgery with Dr. Sergio Alverez at Imagenes Cosmetic Center. I am go to Miami March 11th and have surgery March 12th... I am a little worried because this office seems a bit more unorganized. I have read many bad reviews about Vanity, but their staff with completely helpful to me. I will keep you all updated :)

Blood Work

Got my blood work done today! So excited... Let the Countdown begin. #9DaysLeft

Faja and supply list

Hey girls!!!!! If anyone wants to give me some advice on supplies to bring and what type of faja to get and where to get, I would appreciate it!

Thanks ladies

Final review of Alvarez

I know this has been long awaited, but I wanted to give myself time to fully heal before posting a review. I am currently 6 months post op. I can say overall my experience with Dr. Sergio Alvarez with Ok. He is a very nice guy but there are some flaws in his work that I will be getting corrected with a second procedure. My butt is nearly perfect, I will give him that, but as far as the lips, I wish he would have been more aggressive. I still have rolls in my back and a small pocket of fat in my stomach. I am currently looking for a doctor outsides the states to do more agressive lipo and add hips. I am very satisfied with my butt.

Final opinion

Sorry ladies for not updating on my surgery for almost a year, but I wanted to make sure I properly healed before expressing my opinion... so here it goes....

As far as my surgery in a whole, my experience wasn't bad... It is VERY uncomfortable laying on your stomach, and I had plenty of sleepless nights... I am please with the appearance of my butt, but not so much the lipo... I have some inconsistencies that I am not happy about and have to get another surgery....I am always complemented on my butt. It is much bigger, but still natural appearing. Sergio is a very nice man, who creates wonderful bottoms, but I can not compliment on his lipo... even the scars are too high and too visible... my back still has plenty of fat that I will be getting removed this year... Orginially he has gave me a little hips, but they didn't stay.... Overall, I would give him a C+ because my figure was very important to me which I explained to him. I love my butt, but not the lipo done on my stomach or back.
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