38 Years Old, 3 Children and 3 C-section - Hialeah, FL

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I have to lose 20 pounds before surgery but so far...

I have to lose 20 pounds before surgery but so far I have lost 13.4 pounds. I am anxious and nervous. I can't wait to be doctor McAdoo doll. I can't wait for my lipo and BBL. So far , I am doing well. I was going for tummy tuck but no hanging . lipo is the best option also Brazilian butt lift oh yeah.

Journey of BBL and lipo

I lost the 20 pounds. Yeahhhh. I will not be able to see Dr. McAdoo. He no longer at vanity. I was disappointed. He did a great job for my friend. Now, I will be going with Dr. Calls. Hopefully, he gives me my body back after children and c-section. Roxana aka Roxy is very helpful. She referring me to Dr. Calls. I have not be able to take any pictures yet. Busy! But will do before surgery. I am nervous, anxious and exciting. My surgery is schedule next week.

38 Years Old, 3 Children. 3 C-section

I have always to do bbl and lipo. I have been hearing people are dying. After I saw my friend, I like it. She had referred me with Dr. McAdoo. Unfortunately, he is no longer at vanity. I was schedule with him. I was so disappointed but Ms. Roxy was so helpful and she is referring me with Dr. Calls. I had never met him. I was schedule to see him Friday at 11am. When I get there at 10:30am, I did not see him. It was time for me to get to work. I spent 3 hours waiting. That was sucks. I have another appointment with Dr Calls on Friday. If I don't see him, I probably going to ask for refund and looking somewhere else which I don't want too. If I am unable to see the Dr calls, then I will not be able to see him after the surgery in case if I have a questions. So, far it is a red flag. I will see. Anyone else is going to have bbl or had bbl with lipo with Dr. Calls. Please, let me know.

Tummy tuck

My last consultation with Dr. McAdoo was Bbl. Now, I went to see Dr. Valls which they were referred since Dr. McAdoo no longer at vanity and he told me that I need to do tummy tuck then later bbl. I was kind if disappointed cause I was so ready my new booty lolll. Since I have lost 20 pounds which I have extra skin, I understand tummy tuck will be better now. My surgery is schedule next week. Anyone has tummy tuck with Dr. Calls, please let me. I am nervous.

Dr. Valls Doll Tummy Tuck

I have lost of total 36 Lbs. Tomorrow is the day and I am so anxious and excite. I keep you guys posted.

Tummy tuck

I made it. I am in lot of pain but it looks better. I will posted picture when I can.

Calls doll Tummy Tuck

I went to removed the drains today. I was so nervous but it was not painful but pressure feel at the abdomen. Sorry, I did not have a chance to take a pic but I will. When I do, I will definitely posted. I am still swelling and I am 7days post op. So far, so good.

Dr calls doll

My husband just took the pic for me. It's only 7 days. I am still swelling but big different. I will post before and after. I believe he did a good job.

Dr Valls doll 1 month post open tummy tuck v

Hello dolls
This week make me 1 months since I had a tummy tuck with dr. Valls. So far, it looking good. I have not been able to show off because I am still wearing the binder and faja. I am planning to wear them for 6 weeks. It really help bring down my swelling. My next one is bbl and I can't wait to get it done.
Dr Valls

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