31 Year Old Single Mother In Need of a Lifestyle Change BBL with Dr. Ortega

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This was a hard choice for me with many reviews...

This was a hard choice for me with many reviews and often asked question, i decided to go with Dr.O. My starting weight was 240lbs May 2015 and now am at 198lbs Dec 2015,I want to go down to 170. My surgery is April 21,2016 I need help recovery house or hotel length of recovery and etc pleaseeee :}

Yes I did that, Down payment and Date confirmed!!!!!!!!!

After a year of careful research I have chosen Dr,Osakatukei Omulepu, MD to do my lifestyle change for me. Made my first down payment on my surgery yessssss!!!!! My weight start at 250 and now am 198 God is great! My change has started and I see the difference and people are tell me that I should stop losing weight that will never happen but everyone has a rigth to talk just not listening to them. My BBL will be a big shock to them. Am super excited about this journey of a new me. Still looking for a recovery house and ppl that are going around the same time that I will be having my surgery.I need to keep my head up because this is just the beginning.

Flight confirmed, halfway paid recovery house choosen

So dolls this has been a long process so I finally got things started to move on the right track I got my flight confirmed I'm feel scared halfway paid recovery house choosen. Anyone going in april need a buddy. So far lost 65 pounds on my own!! Need 30 more things are getting real.

68 days left until my new me

The struggle is real, I have 2 months and 2 weeks left am down to 190 pounds. I wonder if I should loose anymore weight, who else is get the surgery around April 18-22 week any good websites to buy my items from.

I need help my O Dolls

Hey ladies so I need help in losing this last weight before my surgery pls any help with this my beautiful ladies. Just 15 pounds

Dr Osak is still performing surgeries and everything is okay thank God.

So I just got off the phone with my surgical coordinator Leo and she just informed me that the Dr just went to his medical hearing and his licensing is suspended just for "1DAY" . As of today he is still doing surgeries and just spoke to one person that had hers yesterday and she was scared but her heart is very loyal to Osak and she is happy with the surgery. Even thou these females that make this serious cases didnt like there out come and the best way to back , was to sue the doctor which was a pity move on there part. Am still team#Osakbabydollapril2016

OMG 30 until the New Me!!!

You its official ladies, 30 days from today I will be a Macadoo doll. I so happy that I also met a R.S. sister on here and became bff, am so excited and scared at the same time. I need to lose additional 10 pounds b4 the surgery. Any advice on how to lose these additional weight . And last min information I need to know b4 my big day.

My Up To Date Doctor

Due to all the drama with Dr. Osak , I will be getting my surgery with Dr. Mcadoo. I have seen his work and all his pass and present patient all love his work. So I think that I will be pleased.

I Need HELP!!!!!!

I am 20 days b4 sx and I need to lose 10 pounds any advice dolls. This is getting real.

Omg I need help

So my surgery is next week and my blood count is still low they did my blood work during my cycle. Its at a 8.6 which is low but I always run that low being a gastric sleeve patient and fib. i have been taking iron pills and up my diet with iron food. Will doctor McAdoo turn me away. What the low they will do.

Am trying this again

through all the ups and downs with this procedure I've decided to go with Dr Ortega I'm going to give myself a year to prepare my body, my blood level, also my mind. If anybody done a procedure with pls leave me your comments.

One year 2017

So it comes to my decision that I would rather go with Dr. Alvarez because he has more experience and plus-size females who have lost extreme amount of weight. If there are any ladies who had surgery with Dr. Alvarez or going between November and December of 2017 let's keep in contact cause I promised myself this new figure, and also would love a surgery but it because I'm going by myself.

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