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Being from Miami is where beautiful bodies reside...

Being from Miami is where beautiful bodies reside at. I don't feel like I fit in with this regular booty I have. Yes I'll admit I want to look ridiculous lol. I live near strip clubs so at the local stores is big booties everywhere. So far I have reached out to spectrum and made a deposit with Dr. Alvarez for my bbl. I'm now deciding on a date that is convenient for my kids and I. I probably will wait until school is out before I have surgery.

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Finally had a consult

On May 13 I went to my first consult with Dr. Alvarez. When I went I only waited thirty minutes before he came in the room. He's really down to earth, knowledgable about his craft and assured me he can give me what I want. He answered every questioned I had until I ran out of questions. He told me I'm a great candidate and he's ready when I'm ready :) of course he told me I would need a tummy tuck after this procedure which I'm considering to do early next year . Overall I'm ecstatic and August 5th can't come any sooner. The only complaint I have was parking!!! I had to park at Burger King and walk to the office.

Getting closer

I've been toning my body, working out to pass time ,and patiently waiting for sx August 5th. Feeling really anxious but excited!! I'm getting a mommy makeover early next year . I've never had boobs and I'm finally going to buy me some.


This was the dress I wore on a date and I couldn't have felt anymore insecure about myself in this dress ????

Lost a little jelly belly

I don't want my stomach to be too big for surgery then he leaves me with the remaining so I've Been losing some belly fat on my own but I leaving enough to give me a big booty ????

Getting closer to sx

I'm getting mixed thoughts about what's about to go down in about a month. But then I go take my clothes off and stand in the mirror then I'm like listen bish it's now or never. It's seems that not everyone's ninja is supportive the closer they get surgery. He is suppose to help me after surgery and with our kids. No one knows about my surgery but him. Idgaf about nobody's opinion about I'm fine just the way I am!! It ain't trickin if you got it so there for I'm enhancing my self. The message packages were 10 for $600 I'm not sure if that's a good price or not. I also don't want to go to nobody's dungeon for some naked ass lymphatic massages for cheap. If anyone has any recommendations please let me know (:

I'm not satisfied with my decision

I'm not elated with my pic of surgeon!! I just haven't seen none of Dr. Alvarez work that wowed me and yes dammit I need to be wowed!! I'm not spending money to get off of no operating table looking incomplete. I've seriously been looking high and low even under some tables for upcoming dolls but nada has surfaced!! The ones who had sx with him that I did follow was very dissatisfied with their results. How in the heck am I supposed to feel like I'm getting the best results?? Im not only looking to be snatched I'm also looking for a huge derrière with plenty of hips. I'm damn near hysterical.My mind is telling now while I still have time to switch my surgeon to Dr. Ghurani. Let's see how this works out for me :-/

Update.... Sx in 30 days

Well I've been MIA DUE to stress and everyday life. I'm so excited yet nervous that sx is so quickly approaching!! I've have not been crazy with my supplies besides a dr. Miami booty buddy, arnicare,pineapple juice, Tylenol, one faja, I've always had 1,000,000 maxi dresses , and some other first aid stuff . Here are some pics of me that's not so flattering but hey that's what this site is about having no judgements and more support :)

Had my pre op with Dr. Ghurani yesterday

Had my pre op with Dr Ghurani yesterday and what a nice down to earth but tells you straight like it is doctor. He examined me then told me to loose about 10-15 pounds mind you my sx date is 10-13-16 best of luck to me btw I'm 5"7" and 200lbs he goes you carry your weight well ... I did my blood work and got my email today that I'm cleared for sx :) I'm so excited!! Living local to spectrum is such a bonus for me!

Cleared for sx

Hurray!!!! I'm good to go....

Just made my last payment

So now I'm secured Knowing I have a zero balance and now I can focus on next Thursday. What is for you is for you!! Lord only knows I wasn't ready or prepared for this surgery in no form of way what so ever. But that's a thing of the past and I'm so ready for change and I pray this hurricane goes else where steer clear of Hialeah Fl !! I know everything will be fine and I will look fabulous snap snap

Today is the day!!!!!

I couldn't barely sleep last night with out waking up and praying not to oversleep and overthink. I'm excited and nervous but I know Everything will be fine and I will be happy with my results. I'm Dr. Ghurani's first patient so let's get this over with. I will post pics after sx. See you later dolls :)

4 days post op

There is absolutely nothing you can do to prepare for a surgery like this. I guess it's a lot of sick patients or crack heads where I live that I've been unable to fill my prescription for Vicodin. I've been managing my pain with some extra strength 800mg Tylenol and in all due honesty you would think that some of my pain would subside. It's more of the stiff ass dead rat feeling and numbness along with skin sensitivity that's killing me the most. I can honestly say I love the projection and hips Dr.Ghurani gave me . I have major swelling going on which is a horrible feeling in my abdominal areas . He left me with a clean roll free back which I love . I will post whatever pics I have in my phone. Hopefully this swelling subsides soon

Quick update at 12 days post op I believe

Well I'm feeling much better and loving my results can't wait to heal so I can lastly do my tummy tuck!!!

Quick update at 4 months post op

Hey dolls, I'm about 4 months post op and my swelling is up and down but of course it's much better when I put compression on my stomach nightly with my corset. I absolutely love my results and I'm very natural looking. Yes I still need a tummy tuck and that's in December. I'm going to put up some pics of me and please feel free if you have any questions to ask away!!!

Some more pics

Just some updated pics
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