29 Years Old. 3 C Sections liposculpture + mini tuck - Hialeah, FL

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I have had 3 children within 6 years via c section...

I have had 3 children within 6 years via c section. My babies are amazing! I haven't held on to much weight since the first pregnancy. Maybe 10 pounds. I have this disgusting buldge above my incision i cant wait to get rid of! After baby #3 i had a tubal and im ready for my tummy tuck & lipo in 4 areas. Mainly front love handles and lower back/flanks. I have 1 friend who had surgery with de mario e reyes serrano but i canmot find much info for him online. Im a bit nervous.. he did a great job on her so... im praying for the best. Im looking forward to not seeing this pooch anymore, having a smaller waist and hopefully feeling better about myself! I'm a bit nervous but SO READY! For anyone interested in this practice, i plan to do a you tube blog of my entire process with a real review of the surgeon so if someone else is looking, hopefully they can find something thru me. I CANT WAITTTT!!!!

Surgery on the 16th!!!

Well! Time is coming up! Im starting to get a bit nervous. Mainly to leave my kids and be so far away for a few days. I've never been away from them except to gave the next one. I have family coming in to help amd my husband will be here so it should be fine. Already anxious and cant sleep! IM SO EXCITED! hopefully my surgery turns out the way i imagine. Im ready to be happy with my body! I'm packing my bag tomorrow and leaving wednesday! The count down officially begins!!!

Surgery in the morning!!!! 6:30am

Well... this is it.. no backing out now! I've paid my fee.. im now fasting! I have to be to the surgical center at 630am. Icame i town today. Went to the center, took my pre op pictures, paid the balance, signed my paperwork! I'm ready! I miss my babies tho! Can't wait to have this all behind me. This is my last post before surgery. 930pm and im attempting sleep. SEE YOU IN THE FLAT SIDE!!!!

IN OUT!!!!!

YAY! so.. previous to the surgery i had not met with the doctor. Today when i went in for my surgery the doctor told me i do not have enouhh skin for a full tummy tuck. He said instead he will do liposculpture on my entire back, entire abdomen and sides! Then do a mini tummy tuck to get rid of the c section scar and loose skin remaining. YAY! so i ended up with lipo in the bra line too. Im not having much pain. I woke up shaking and my bp was low. The nurses gave me soda and 10 minutes later i was good. My experience so far with this practice is AMAZING!!!! doctor reyes is so sweet. The drains and guck everywhere is dusgusting. I hope they give me a new binder tomorrow because i cant deal with this. Just yuck! Ill keep you posted!

Going home today!

Im going to the dr this morning at 9am then hitting the road to go home. Can't wait to see my family and be in my own bedm standing up and walking around is when im not in pain. When i sit down or get up OH MY GEEEZZZZ these percocet aren't doing anything for me. But i chose this and i will be happy. Just have to make it past this first week! I drained alot yesterday but last night from 11pm to 8am i havent drained much compared to how it was.

Day 3 pain pain pain

So today is day 3. I feel like my skin is on fire! My entire midsection is burning. Its not being changed by the pain meds but its not unbearable. My arnica cream comes today so hopefully that helps. Ill keep you updated! I know it will be worth it in the long run ?

Day 2 (po) pics

I took the binder off to apply arnica cream and get a bit of air to my binder burned areas. Decided to snap a few pics.

Day 3 (po)

Just updating a picture of 3 days after my surgery! I'm feeling quite a bit better but i just feel like my skin is burning. Ive been opening my binder and applying the arnica cream one time yesterday and once today. I took my anti edema socks off and rhey are in the wash while my binder is open. Ill be wrapped back up within the hour lol

Full shower today! AAHHHH

Today I washed my hair in the sink, dried and fixed my hair. Then i attempted to shower (which was very difficult) however, i did manage to shave and i feel alot better. I have pain in my right side of my abdomen. I imagine its where the tube is on the inside. It's a burning sensation. I've been leaving the binder open about an hour every day. I was up today so figured id take a pic without it. 5 days po.

Updated post op!

So. I havent updated in a while. I'm 8 weeks and 1 day post op. I'm pretty happy with my results. I feel that I needed a full tummy tuck. I have an area above my belly button on one side and the other is above and below. It's almost like a fat deposit but it may actually be skin. . I am going to miami next thursday to have the doctor take a look and see what my options are. I also have one sode where my flanks were to be liposuctioned, the right side needs more in order to be even.. my belly button is also a bit off centered. In all I'm happy. If i had to stay the way i am now, im happy! I wanted the flap from my c section removed and it was. I just feel that i did pay for a surgery and i should achieve the results i was looking for as they were not unrealistic! Hopefully the doctor feels the same and has a resolution. I will post pics as now i see atleast a few people have inquired :) I'll post more pics soon as well as an update of what the doctor says !
Dr. Mario E. Reyes Serrano

My surgery is set for july 16th. I cannot wait! I ket with olga for a pre op. She is such a sweet lady. Only issue is.. only one lady in the office speaks english. They will answer your questions but do nit volunteer information. You have to ask. I have a friend who did a tummy tuck here but theres no info on them online.. i will be documenting my surgery from them so no one will have this issue again if i can help it. Good or bad, im ready for a new me!

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