22yo, "Tuberous" Breasts 565HP Silicone - Riverside CA

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Hello darlings! I have been stalking RS and all...

Hello darlings! I have been stalking RS and all your stories so I thought I would join the community and share my personal story with you.

Here's a little about me and why I've decided to do a breast augmentation.
I'm 22 years old, Hispanic, with no children.
I've always wanted more "normal" looking boobs and since the chance has came up I've decided to just go ahead and do it now rather then later.
My birthday is coming up in August and so this is my birthday present to myself. I think it's a pretty awesome present! I'm so excited!

The reason I'm deciding to get a breast augmentation is because I've always felt uncomfortable with the shape and size of my breasts.

I've always known something was odd about the shape, they looked like tubes to me and just come straight out of my chest. I've never had the "round" or "teardrop" breasts that I see on my sisters, and flashing on the TV.

I've never had cleavage, and have always felt uncomfortable when I wear certain tops because I can never fill them out the "right way".

Bras don't fit properly either, no matter if I loose weight or gain weight or even do certain exercises, I can never seem to fit a bra properly.
I've come to the conculsion it's the shape, and the fact they are slightly asymmetrical. (I could be wrong though)

I recently measured my size and it states that I'm a 36D. I think it's wrong where are these 36D boobs at? I've been wearing 36C and it fits "okay" however I have no upper pole fullness so it gaps at the top even if I gather my boob and pull it to the front of the bra.

I just want to feel comfortable with my breasts, I want to be happy about my boobs. I don't want to feel uncomfortable whenever I get undressed, or wear certain clothing.

I've told everyone in my family and my boyfriend if 6 years about getting an augmentation since I live with them and they will be helping me once I have my surgery. They are completely supportive of my decision, and told me they just want me to be happy. I am very thankful that they are being so supportive, and that they have even gone to some of my consultations with me.

I've been to three different board certified plastic surgeons and each one has recommended something different from the other for a breast augmentation.

Surgeon #1. Dr. Hughes in Culver City, CA (found him in my own)
I've decided not to go to this surgeon because he wasn't my cup of tea and it was just an uncomfortable consultation for me. Especially since he was my first consult (ever!)
He was an hour and half away from me and my mother went with me for support and ask questions just in case I was a deer in the head lights and got overwhelmed.
We show up 15 minutes early, I check in sign the paper work and after I turn it in the front desk clerk takes me back to an examination room and said that the doctor will be inside shortly. I waited over 45 minutes for the doctor to come in. He says hello, asks me what I would like done, what size I am, and my history. Once that part is done he says, "okay well let's take a look- go ahead and stand up and lift up your shirt" I felt it was a little odd, but I didn't know how a consult was supposed to work since this was the first consultation and I really didn't do any research. As my shirt was raised I explained o him that I think I have tuberous breasts, he said that I have a little bit of constriction but not tuberous breasts that he would recommend 525cc saline implants through the umbilical. (To leave no scar). I explained to him that I do not mind a scar that I just want the shape fixes he said that the large implant will fix the shape.
I had several pictures of wish boobs on my cell I showed him one and asked if it was a realistic expectation he said that my body is different from the ladies in the picture and he can't guarantee that my breasts will be the same which I mean is undertandable however I was talking about the breast shape in general. I don't want the "constricted, tuberous" shape anymore.
By the way this all happened in a span of 15 minutes and he was out the door taking me to see his coordinator. I didn't like her very much, she was very pushy and wanted me to schedule a day for surgery right away.
He's been the most expensive I've been to so far out of the three.

Surgeon #2. Dr. Paul Chugay at Chugay at chugay cosmetics in Irvine, CA (referral from a friend)
I loved him! Felt very comfortable with him. My boyfriend went with me to this consultation. We spent an hour with him and was everything that I've read about how a consultation should go. Although it was a bit of a wait ( the appointment before me arrived late and was getting snippy that she wasn't going to be seen, he still fit her in but ran into my appointment time which was fine after everything)
I met Dr. Chugay in his office where he asked what I was looking for, my current size, and what size I'm trying to achieve as well as my medical history. Once that was done he walked me to his exam room (which didn't even look like an exam room it was so pretty!) he told me to remove my top half of clothing put on the gown and he would be back in shortly with his nurse to take measurements. I changed, put on the gown (it was so soft and comfy) and he came in with his nurse five minutes later after he took all my measurements and she wrote them down she left to grab a surgical bra and the rest sizes from 425-500. While she was gone he explained to me that I do have slightly tuberous shaped breasts with constriction in the lower pole of my breast. He explained that for me to achieve the look I want that he would "break" up the ring of construction I have. The example he gave me was cutting spokes on a tire to relieve the tension I have. That he would not recommend a lift because of my age, the severity of my tuberous breasts is not bad and he believes he can fix it with just the slicing of the breast tissue.
The nurse came back in and we tried on sizers (after I struggled getting the bra on) we started off with 425 and worked our way up to 500. He stated that for my size and tissue he would not exceed 500cc. I liked the way 500 lied however I wish I could've looked at larger sizes. I felt it didn't give me the look I wanted.
After trying in sizers and we agreed on 500cc he left to his office and his nurse brought back silicone and sailane implants for me to touch and decide what I would like. I personally preferred the silicone. I then changed and we went back to his office where he gave me the incision site options, he explains stay since I preferred silicone that I would either go through the areola or the crease. I asked him what would be the best option for him since he will have to slice my breast tissue he told me the crease so we agreed. He then explained the surgery to me, my expected time off work and what to expect in general after talking and asking all the questions I had he took my boyfriend and I to his coordinator, she was very nice, a tad pushy but not bad. She gave me a quote which was cheaper then the first surgeon and gave me a folder with all Dr. Chugay's information, his resume, his offices and the price for the BA. I told her I had a couple of more consultations to look at and that I would give her a call back to set up my appointment of I decided on him.

Surgeon #3. Dr. Doan from Newport Cosmetic Institue in Newport, CA (referral from step-sister who had a BA by him)
I liked him however he didn't seem to grasp during our consultation that the reason behind me getting a BA was because of the shape of my breasts, not because of the size of my breasts. It wasn't until after I had left that personally called me and told me that if I really wanted to change my breast shape that he would recommend a donut lift.

I arrived late. I felt horrible I couldn't find his office for the life of me! My very pregnant sister and my mother joined me for this consultation. I was taken back to a exam room (even before I was finished with the paper work) asked to change into the disposable gown and wait to be seen we waited five minutes maximum and then he walks in introduces himself and asks what I would like done, and what size I'm trying to achieve along with medical history. after taking measurements and explaining that I could start off with 550cc and go up from there he gave his spiel about himself, the surgery, the incision site, recovery and time off work. From there me, my sister and mother went a couple of doors down and tried on sizers with his assistant. (The sizers here were actual implants, not the kind that Dr. Chugay had that resemble what a breast look like) after trying in sizers from 500-600 I decided on 600cc I loved the way the looked in the bra and in a shirt! I had boobs! And normal looking ones at that!
After changing back into my clothes she takes us to look at his photo album while we waited for the coordinator. I didn't find anyone similar to my stats with my breast shape, everyone looked very "normal" they didn't have assymetrical breasts or constricted tuberous. The were just small.
I met with the pt coordinator who was soooooo nice! I loved her, she was not pushy at all and even told me to take my time making a decision and go to a couple more consultations. She gave me his information, where he went to school, that he is refferal based only and that he himself won a black diamond award from Allergan. She gave me his price (he's the cheapest one I have found so far) a folder that included his resume, his office information, her card and placed the price inside. I told her I have a couple of more consults and I would get back to her if I decided.

I have two more consults to go to, Dr. Pousti in San Diego and Dr. Hardesty in Riverside all within these next two weeks I'm planing on making my decision by June 16th for a doctor so I can get the ball rolling since I want my surgery by July 16th the latest.

I'll keep you lovelies updated! And I'll post pictures later on today but no later then the end of this week.

My Before Boobies!

These are my current breasts, as you can see from the pictures I have tubular breasts, or constricted breasts.

What I'm hoping to achieve from my BA is to have more fullness all around, including more of rounder shape rather then tubular, triangle, or cone shape. As well as go up a size or two. I'm currently a 36C (I don't think that is right) I would like to be a large D or even a DD

I would love to have cleavage and some side boobage as well ;) I want to be able to not wear a bra (if I choose not to).

I feel as though I have broad shoulders so I think if I have larger breasts then it would balance me out a little more, but I don't want to look "top heavy".

I'm looking between 500-600cc ????

I'm so excited! Yey! June 16 I'll be making my decision and paying for the procedure ????

Wish boobies!

I have so many wish boobies and they vary on sizes, I'm looking more at the shape of them ??

Doctor is chosen!

Hello Lovelies!

I apologize about not posting for quite a bit, but I was going to back to back consults and wanted to finish with all of them as well as decide on the surgeon before I updated again.

Whelp! I've finally found one after going to 8 board certified plastic surgeons! Woot! I'm so excited!

I'm not sure if you all would like to know all of the consults I've gone to but I'll post them all just in case. If you don't, just scroll down a bit to chosen doctor :)

Surgeon #4 Dr. Hardesty, Imagine Plastic Surgery- Riverside, CA
Dr. Hardesty is awesome! He is very sweet, knows his stuff, my friend actually ended up going with him for her consultation because she liked him so much! He's that awesome! And his staff is so sweet! And answer all your questions. The reason why I decided not to go with him is because he was stating I needed a lift (donut lift) for my desired look. I also was afraid I would end up with a double bubble if I decided I didn't want a lift.

Surgeon #5 Dr. Pousti, Pousti Plastic Surgery in San Diego, CA

I liked Dr. Pousti's office and his team, I was able to meet up with several patients of his that were there for follow up appointments and they all had raving reviews! I was actually thinking about going to him but I decided that the drive would be a tad too far for me. Another deciding factor was he stated I needed a lift (donut lift) because my breasts are "low".

Surgeon #6 Dr. Park, Face & Body in Upland, CA
Dr. Park was very thorough and went over a lot of things with me. He specializes in reconstruction surgery and lifts so explained to be that I do not have tuberous breasts but rather tuberous shaped breasts, and that I wouldn't need a lift. Which was a HUGE upside, the reason why I decided not to go to Dr. Park was because of his availability, he didn't have anything that would suite my schedule, but that was my fault since I was still looking into doctors into the end of June.

Surgeon #7 Dr. Andresean, Inland Breast and Body in Ontario, CA
This was my running up doctor and the last consult I went to. (My 8th surgeon is my winning surgeon but I went to her between dr. Pousti and dr. Park) Dr. Troy Andresean was awesome! It was like he could read my mind on what I wanted! It was wonderful! Because by this time I had already narrowed it down to the size I wanted: 500-550cc, the incision: infra mammary fold, silicone, and the profile: HP. I didn't have to explain anything he just knew! It was crazy! I felt so comfortable with him too! He is so warm and welcoming and his staff is phenomenal :) would highly recommend him. He also explained to me that I do not have tuberous breasts but rather tuberous shaped breasts and that I do not need a lift whatsoever. That he wouldn't even consider a donut because the scars are unnecessary :) the reason I decided not to go with him is because of the price. I narrowed it down to him and the winning surgeon (whom I LOVE!) and the surgeon I chose offered me a better price.


I have decided to go to Dr. Della Bennett in Victoria Gardens, CA at Gemini Plastic Surgery.
The reason I decided to chose Dr. Della Bennett is because she let me know the risks and benefits with whatever I decided to do. She also told me that I wouldn't need a lift! Woot! She told me that she would use a dual plane method as well as cut my lower pole tissue to loosen my constriction :) I felt very comfortable with her and her staff. She is very warm and so sweet! I LOVED her before and afters they all looked so flipping gorgeous :) we decided on crease incision, dual plane, 565cc HP sientra :D
My surgery date is scheduled for July 15, 2015.
I'm so anxious I can't wait! EEEK!

8 days!

I got my recovery kit from Jenny Eden (Eden Knows Breast Implants) in the mail yesterday! I'm excited to see how well it works I hear amazing things about the kit :)

I also dropped off my prescriptions last night at cvs and I am glad that I decided to get them way before because they were all out the Percocets but should be getting them in Thursday :)

As the day starts getting closer I'm getting more anxious and can't believe I'm actually doing this. It's unreal. I'm starting to not really get a good nights sleep because I'm so anxious and just toss and turn all night. Sigh. I hope I sleep all the way through the night before so I won't be a crabby sleepy monster.

I'm really scared as well, my friend who just got hers done on June 30 is almost week post op is still in a lot of pain and can hardly move! I just hope and pray that I'm not like that :( I understand pain is inevitable, we are getting sliced open and a foreign object is getting shoved into your body but I just hope I'm feeling somewhat okay by day 4/5. I don't do very well with pain and my family and boyfriend are already making fun of me :(

I took 2 weeks and some days off of work because I do a lot of pushing, pulling and transferring patients from one bed to another (I work in a ER) & I don't want to over work myself and then something ends up happening /:

Okay! Venting over :)

Mishaps, tattoos, periods and surgery time!

Hello lovelies!
A lot has happened since I last updated!
I actually had quite a scare this past Sunday, I took excedrin for a severe migraine without thinking on Thursday and remembered that I am not allowed to take anything of that sort in Sunday, so I quickly called my doctor and explained to her what I did, she asked me by surgery date and said I will be fine but not to take anything else. I told her no problem! Ahaha
Then that same day (Sunday) the lovely Mother Nature decided to grace me with my period ;_; so I will be dealing with that during surgery and recovery! Yey! :( I hope I am able to use the restroom by myself because I don't want my family/boyfriend to deal with that mess. AHHH!
I also got a tattoo! It's been something that I've been planning for the last couple of years and was able to find someone that I would feel comfortable doing it :) woot woot! (I got it cleared by my doctor before I did it)

The surgery center called me today and gave me my instructions as well as what time to arrive, as well as what to wear. I have to go in tomorrow at 1130 and I will be going into surgery at 12.
It is finally here! Holy moly! I cannot believe it!
I will be on the other side with boobie sisters soon! AHHH!


I made it through!
Holy crap I feel slightly sick, no pain at the moment, just very tight and sore.

I love my doctor she is so sweet :)
She gave me a strap to wear for the moment the tomorrow I will shower and wear the bra! Woot!
I'll update later, just wanted to let you lovely ladies that I'm out and have boobs!

Sorry if the pictures are sideways :(

Nauseous patch

I placed the patch on wrong this morning :( so this entire time it hasn't been working. I took off the backing and placed it correctly around 1040 and I feel a lot better already :)

I can't stop looking at a before and after I made because I'm so in love and excited to see how they are going to look once they drop and fluff! Ahhhh!


So, I think I might've been pushing myself to hard...or its maybe normal? I'm having really sharp burning pain in both my breasts on the side it happens when I move to quickly or when I move in a certain way. But other then that pain in fine I just took my ibuprofen and antibiotics yesterday no narcotics and felt fine :) I'm going to do the same today and see how I do.

Still no bowel movement and I've been chugging liters of water :( I'm so bloated! It sucks! I feel so fat gahhh!

My boobs are not so swollen, still pointy but not to bad I can see them dropping a little :) YEY!

I'm attaching a picture I took from the day or surgery (before) and three days post op (yesterday)

I'm having boobie greed already, I wish I would've gone bigger :( but I think I'm thinking and hoping that the size will give me a nice natural shape :) but I wouldn't have minded a more "fake" look.

Two week update!

Hello darlings!

It's been two weeks and it's been some crazy two weeks!
There has been lots of stress and I am not going to lie... I have over done it this past weekend/ week.
My Tia was found in her home unresponsive (she is an alcoholic and went on a bad bender) and my mother took her in once she was released from the hospital (even though we all told she couldn't handle it...with her being sick with lupus and my sister being pregnant and me being in recovery...she didn't listen because that's her sister) my Tia was back in the hospital by the end of the week because she was getting worse and my mother followed her on Saturday (the day of my sisters baby shower) because the stress of it all hit her so my father had to take her to the emergency room.

My sister had her baby shower and I helped out as much as I could, and I ended up being in so much pain in both my breasts especially my right, I could hardly move my right arm without sharp pain, my left was a warm burning pain with movement. :(

My boyfriend and I had sex (not for the first time after surgery that was 8 days post op) but I totally forgot to wear a bra to hold the babies tight and I was regretting it so much /: after I felt as though I ripped my muscles again and was in so much pain I had to take a pain pill (which I haven't done since the beginning of the first week)...Blah!

I'm better now but not completely healed :(
I saw Dr. Bennett Tuesday (7/28) she took off my tape and said I need to push righty from the top to more towards the bottom middle since she cut my lower pole constriction it needs to be filled out. She also told me I need to wear a tight band full coverage wired bra so my breasts won't drop down anymore but have loose cups so they will be able to fluff :)

I'm happy with where they are at! I can't believe how big and full they are, yes they still need to round out but I am very happy with how much cleavage I have and I can't believe I have big boobs! :D

YAS! I feel as though it makes my body look proportionate in some way? Like I actually have a waist now :D ahaha anyways that's my two week update my apologise it took so flipping long just so much craziness and it's not even close to being done so if I don't update for a while understand it's not that I don't want to :|

Also! I'm sorry if the photos are upside down!

Pictures over time

I wanted to post pictures from before BA to now :)
Sorry if they are upside down!

Sized and thought about a possible lift

I went to go get sized yesterday because I really needed to get another bra...I held out for as long as I could but the ones that my sisters "donated" to me were getting to tight! And I now know why...
I went to Nordstroms and they sized and fitted me at a 38DDD! I could not believe it and the bras that I got fit awesome and proper. The center gore of the bra fits flush to my chest and the wire on the side is in my armpit like it's supposed to :) so I'm very happy I also got soft cups so my breasts are able to drop more since they are still pointy /:

I'm thinking about getting the donut lift if they don't end up rounding out like I was hoping they would with the loosening of constriction :(

One month!

Wow! I can't believe it's been a month already!
Holy cow!

Here are some pictures from this past weekend when I was in Vegas celebrating my birthday.
They are with no bra ;) and one with me in my new wired lace 38DDD bra from Nordstroms

First day back to work

So yesterday 08/19/15 was my first day back to work! After a month and two weeks off!
I'm glad I waited as long as I did because I'm sure if I pushed myself to go back sooner I would've been in so much pain.
It was only 8 hours not a full 12 hour shift but it went smoothly :) I was slightly tender in my left side after work but it's okay now.
I have today off and go back tomorrow (Friday) for another 8 hour and Saturday/Sunday for full 12 hour shifts. Let's see how I feel after three days.

1 month and 3 weeks!

Almost two months! Gah!

So seeing these pictures made me realize how I really need to get on using lotion religiously as well as getting something before I get really ugly stretch marks. I only have them in the bottom portion of my breasts because I never had lower pole fullness.

I'm so happy with them!
I went to get measured again because the bras that I got we're getting too tight.
I measured at a 38G! They don't seem that big to tell you the truth. All my old shirts fit, just better. :) I haven't tried on any of my dresses though.

Also, excuse my fatness ;_; I have gained so much weight after my surgery! I want to cry! I need to get moving. Seriously.

I have no pain just the feeling of tearing in my left breast after a long day at work. Other then that I'm fine :) the feel so soft and squishy! I'm so happy with them! It doesn't even feel like I got them done! They feel like my own :D

Comparison Photo!

I've added a photo from before to now :)

6 Month Update

Here's my six month update! My goodness time has passed so quickly! Can't believe my babies are 6 months!

I've had a couple of sharp pains, especially in my right breast, but nothing too concerning to Dr. Bennett. She explained to me to make sure I'm always wearing a good supportive bra and that my straps on my bra are tight! I noticed when I tightened my straps a bit more my breasts didn't feel as heavy :) (gah! I should've paid more attention!)

They have dropped a good amount! and have softened so much!

I'm very happy with my results and glad that I chose Dr. Bennett :)

Comparison Photo

Here is a comparison photo!

Before, 1 month 3 weeks, and 6 months!

They have changed so much! My righty is bigger now :( it's okay! I still love them :D
Rancho Cucamonga Plastic Surgeon

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