42yr Old Mother of 3... Reclaiming Me!! - Hertfordshire, UK

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Well like a lot of you lovely ladies my journey...

Well like a lot of you lovely ladies my journey started in 2013 and I have been browsing this website for the last year or so. I have had 3 children and never really lost the extra weight gained. In 2013 I became unwell with an ear problem for 7months which caused vertigo and sickness , this experience changed my life and I decided to get my body back in shape and managed to loose 98lb through a change in diet and exercise.. Really proud of myself but not so happy with the skin that has been left behind. I have been to see a Ps twice now and have booked my surgery in for 4th July. I can't believe it's quite happening and that I'm here about to begin my new chapter and sharing my Story.. Really excited and terrified at the same time!! I am having a Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift without Implants..

Counting down the days!!!

Few more pics

Dilemma now... Implants or no implants

I'm so unsure if I should have implants or not.. I don't want bigger boobs I'm a dd now and would happily go down to a c, but worried they won't be perky enough without implants.

2 weeks and counting


Just over 1 wk to go

Ok so got a call from my Ps nurse today going through any concerns... Omg do I have a lot of those.. Worried I'm being selfish to spend all this morning on a new body!!! Got over that quickly however as I deserve this!! Have my final appointment with Ps on the 27th to ask a final question, not sure what's left to ask really.. Just pray and hope he has a good nights sleep before the surgery I guess... Lol

Last visit with Ps before Op

Well saw Ps yesterday for any last questions, I was so nervous I spent most of my time giggling and shuffling on my chair.. Forgot most of the questions I wanted to ask to be honest, although I've done so much research of my own I don't think there was anything left to know....6 days to go !!! I just can't imagine what it will be like to have a wash without having to lift up extra skin ... EXCITED!!!

Pre op visit

Met the nurse today for my pre op check up.. Had blood tests, blood pressure and urine checked.. Fingers crossed all comes back clear.. Cannot believe I only have 4 more sleeps till surgery!! Feels like the count down till xmas ... Lol

2 more Sleeps!!!

Not long now, just doing all my last bits of housework as my caveman surely won't be able to do MY chores on his own!! .. Then off to the shops to get some big knickers.... Can't wait to see the back off this belly xx

All done now

I am very pleased to say I have had the surgery and now on the road to recovery, Thank God. I must say yesterday before the surgery I was extremely nervous but the Dr's and nurses were great with their distraction techniques... Lol

Can't see anything yet as all bandaged up, but boobs seem to be sitting really high at present but know they'll drop over time..

Pain wise quite comfortable at present. Worse pain felt was when I woke up in recovery the boobs were really stinging, once I told the nurse she gave me 2 tablets (don't know what they were) and the pain went quite quickly. Don't like sleeping in my back much I must say but got no choice... Have a machine strapped to my calves which makes so much noise sleep has been abit of a problem!!!

Other than that not much else to update at present, currently been given 2 codeine tablets and 2 paracetamol and they seem to be working well so far although I think the codeine makes me feel a little woozy headed..

So pleased

Came out of Hospital yesterday and staying with my mum for the 1st week to get respite from children and get some mummy tlc of course!!

So far so good.. Pain manageable 3 out 10 I'd say, incisions start to feel stingy when it's time for more meds do that's my alarm bell to top up but again still ok., very thankful for my time spent working on my core muscles pre surgery as Defoe need the strength to move about more easily I'd say.

Main problem I'd say is the hot flushes tend to feel warmer than usual but not got a temperature so guess all part of the healing process and have noted this from other people's reviews.. Apart from that nothing to complain about, just taking it easy and allowing the body to heal.

Having to pinch myself at the moment as can hardly believe this is my body!!

Day 5

Managed to have a Bm today yay!!! With the aide of senocot.. Feeling quite comfortable only sore area is the sides of my tummy and abit of swelling on outside of breasts.. Other than that nothing to complain about.. Sitting around my mums doing absolutely nothing and enjoying every minute of it..

Miss not been able to have a shower but still refreshing when I have a wipe down, seem to get most swelling by late evening and binder gets uncomfortable at this point and incisions are starting to each like crazy but assume that's the healing beginning..

Few more pics taken yesterday morning and if this is what I look like with swelling OMG!! So happy

Can't help taking pictures

Cannot believe how my body has changed... Enjoying being able to see my nipples without having to roll up the breasts!! Lol

I just can't believe these are my breasts without implants, SOOOO happy I was able to do this without implants.

Had a second Bm today wasn't painful at all thank god.. Only taking paracetamol now as more feeling of pressure than pain. Looking forward to my energy getting better as feeling a bit run down but to be expected I guess. Drinking about 3ltrs of water everyday and trying to eat clean. Everything just feeling right and side of boobs feeling a bit swollen but manageable.. No regrets!!

8 days and first visit to see nurse

Went in this morning to see my Ps nurse to check everything healing ok.

Unlike some of you ladies I was advised not to touch any of the dressings or to have a shower until this appointment. Today I had all the dressings removed and the stitches from my belly button removed.

All looking good so far, wounds healing well and Bb looking happy. I have been cleared today to have a shower and advised to dry the dressings with s hairdryer afterwards.

Completely off all meds now as not feeling any pain just occasional soreness. Appear to bloat slightly in the evenings but nothing too drastic.

So far so good, sneezed today for the first time and boy was that painful!!

Weighed myself and happy to say I've lost 7lb since the surgery... Yay me!!

Day 10

Omg I have hit what I have been reading about ... SWELL HELL!!!

This is no joke, I feel like my stitches are going to pop open, along with the binder squeezing.. WOW is all I can say

Day 14

First appointment with Ps since surgery all looking good. I was a bit worried I had an infection as there was a faint smell coming from my left breast. Ps took all dressings off today and on both breasts there is s slight opening at the t section but he reassured me this was quite common and nothing to worry about. So breasts have been re dressed for another week and all cleaned up..

Everything looking good and feeling really although looks like I have horrible dog ears but difficult to tell if this will settle as still got a lot of swelling.

Missing the gym loads now as everything turning to jello!!! Can't believe how quickly everything starts going south!!

23day update

Well I've been feeling a bit down over the last week as I am having problems with my left breast healing and the hole has got bigger.. Trying to keep it clean and dry and still have to keep a dressing over it so it's not getting air which I think it needs to heal!! Feeling very frustrated but on the bright side at least there is no infection just hoping it doesn't get any bigger..

Also had all the dressings removed by the nurse 2 days ago and must admit I feel a bit like Frankenstein at the moment and everything looks so angry, but do not regret my decision 1 bit. Best thing I've ever find for me..

Hubby and I had the horizontal fox trot a few days ago and it was great.. No pain and i felt like a new woman, no excess getting in the way if you know what I mean.... Everything feels very sensitive at the moment but apart from that I think everything is going in the right direction.. Doing a bit more around the house but still get quite tired and need to take regular naps. Looking forward to getting back to full strength..


It will be 4 weeks tomorrow and I cannot believe I am still so fatigued!!! It's quite depressing really

Week 5

Starting to feel more like myself now. I even done a bit of gardening today.

Quick question, what is the best tried and tested scar treatment you ladies have been using?? And when did you start using??

Loving my Breasts!!

5 month update

So far so good.. nothing to complain about.

Everything healing well, just still a bit itchy now and again but guess that's all about the healing process!!

Just trying now to keep my weight stable as I don't feel as strong as I did pre surgery and not fully back in the gym as often as I was, but slowly getting there.

It's been a while

It's been a while since I've been on this page, I remember pre surgery looking through everyone's results thinking I can't wait for my turn and how I would do this and that!!! ???? Unfortunately that's not been my reality, I've totally self sabotaged and over the months become complacent and put on 28lbs since my surgery. I feel very disappointed with myself but I guess the removal of the excess skin made me over confident and I took my eye of the ball.. on the plus side I'm finally pulling myself together and have got back into the gym and eating right so fingers crossed I've not undone all my surgeons good work .. I'm healing well and despite the extra weight I'm still really pleased with my results, not keen on the scars as still very dark but hopefully they'll eventually fade.. any advice I can give to anyone reading this is, eat right and exercise.... don't take your eye of the ball!!!
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