19 Days PostOp Waiting to Be Happy :-( - Hershey, PA

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I always hated my nose. Was always way to big for...

I always hated my nose. Was always way to big for my face. I was hoping rhinoplasty would fix that problem but 19 days post op now i hate it from every angle not just profile. its still big and long..everyone says it takes time but i dont see how it will shrink down to be a size that looks pretty. Does anyone elses nose look this gross after surgery? Will it get better? I want honesty not sympathy or compassion. Thanks

3 months post op still not satisfied

This is a picture from October...its still to big for my face..its long..it doesnt fit my face..i didnt want a cookie cutter nose but i didnt want this either..it still swells randomly and from the front my nose bridge looks wider then before surgery..i hope this changes..ugh..not happy

basically 6 months post op :-(

It is now almost 6 months since my open rhinoplasty and it still looks long and to big for my face..it swells alot..i wake up and the tip looks big..i dont like the view from the front because my bridge is wider then before surgery and i still hate my profile..like ive said before i didnt want a cookie cutter nose but when i have ppl look at me i want them to focus on my eyes my lips..my other features not my nose..:-( im supposed to see my surgeon in February and idk..i dont think my thoughts are gonna change unless I see a big change in my nose..im hoping i do but ugh..i want to know other peoples feelings on their nose at this time..
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