VI Peel Experience-Indian Skin - Herndon, VA

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I juz had my first VI peel. I have a wheatish...

I juz had my first VI peel. I have a wheatish brown indian skin color but i had lot of breakouts last month resulting in hyper pigmentation on all those breakouts, i felt sick when i look myself in the mirror, so i decided i meet my dermatologist for a fraxel treatment but she told me that kind of laser treatments are aggressive and my skin is not in that worse condition to pick laser(No wonder cost was around 2000$/sitting).hence she suggested me the VI peel, i am praying that the hyper pigmentation (one of the side effects)doesn't occur to me.

My doctor first cleansed my face, observed keenly on my dark spots, she applied alchohol, then applied 3 chemicals on my face, the frst two sting on my face,forehead and jawline,but the last chemical(retinol)had a cooling effect on my skin, she applied on my neck and face. Its been 3 hours now. I applied lots of sunscreen and protected myself from the sun.I need to wash my face in 3 more hours.then then applied the sunscreen. Today is Wednesday, hopefully i should start peeling from friday after noon. and go intense on saturday and sunday. I am prepared to hibernate for this weekend. Lets hope for the best.

I will keep you updated on my experience.

Update for the second day : I got up with s tanned...

Update for the second day : I got up with s tanned face my spots looked much darker and I am happy that it's good sign, it's been 40hrs now and I m noticing slight peeling about an inch on my chin area,i don't wana touch it that can make it feel it's burning, give ur skin some time to peel on it's own rather trying to pull it off and damaging your new skin. I shall keep u updated ..

Update for the 3rd day- Seems to be the hardest...

Update for the 3rd day- Seems to be the hardest day today, yet there is not sun today thankfully. My skin is burning, peeling and looks like a skin recovering from an acid accident. I am just applying the moisturizer all the time. My boss in the office asked me if i had washed my face with acid today morning.:(
This looks bad as of now. The new skin is pink ,delicate, looks like melted skin and somehow feeling painful since morning . I donot recommend this if you have sensitive skin. I am hoping and praying my skin comes back to normal.

Update after 3 months : yes i had a hard time with...

Update after 3 months : yes i had a hard time with the peeling since that was the frst time and everything happen was freaking me out. I peeled heavily on day 4 as well and over by the end of the day.
For a week my skin was light pink (fresh new skin), but gradually i retained my skin color.. You will definitely end up with a dry skin but if you have your moisturizer applied everyday , i think its manageable.

My dark acne spots reduced to brown spots, i have comparatively less breakouts than before, more manageable with my makeup to cover up those spots.

Now since i gave my skin enough time to recover, i am going for the second VI peel , to reduce those brown spots :)

i will keep you updated on my experience again.
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