47 Y.o. in Need of Lip Volume - Hermosa Beach, CA

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I am seriously contemplating having 5 mm Permalip...

I am seriously contemplating having 5 mm Permalip implants upper and lower. I met with Dr. Pearson of Hermosa Beach and he said I am a good candidate.
I even like the "trout pout"; I feel it would balance my big nose. What do you guys think?
I am a bit nervous about a permanent procedure on the face - what if it doesn't turn out right...? What if it looks funny as the years go by? Can you really take them out without any repercussions?

Still contemplating permalip implants....

I will be getting another opinion on 5/17 from Dr. Harisson Lee in Beverly Hills, then I will make the big decision.

The night before

I am so nervous I cannot sleep. No food or water after midnight "just in case".
I hope I am not starting a problem for myself... This is what a few people warned me against.
So far, the decision is to get it done. According to everything I read and heard, the Permalips can be pulled out without deforming the lips. I tell myself I am only gambling money (and some pain). On the other hand, the gamble could pay off.
All right, can't wait to see the post surgery lips!

15 min post procedure

Procedure was tolerable. Dr. Lee used some Versed, so I was in a twilight state.
Now I am hurting and am cold, but ok.

The morning after

Not too bad. Swollen, but some oblivious family members haven't even noticed. Pain maybe 3/10. Dr. Lee has me taking meds for swelling, pain, infection, possible herpes, medicated mouth rinse, ice. I threw in a probiotic for good measure. Hard to go wrong this way. Right after the procedure it was a different story. Felt cold, had a headache, lip pain 7/10. Finally some anti-anxiety medication put me out of my misery.

About 30 hrs post procedure

No need for pain meds. The ice feels really good. I am especially excited about the methylprednisolone and the arnica, which are supposed to decrease bruising and swelling. (I really want to see the final result.)
Yesterday I cheated and had pizza instead of liquid diet, but I was able to shove small pieces in the 1 inch aperture. Today I ate "whatever" - not much appetite, but don't feel overly restricted.
Looking good, so far.....maybe a good gamble. I can feel them a bit, but not in an unpleasant way. The feeling in the lips appears to be all there.

2 days post

Minimal pain. Swelling intensified last night but is back down this morning. The work appears even and well done. (My lops are slightly asymmetric to start with). I can feel the implants but, because of the placement at the wet-dry border, they do not bother. So far so good. If I end up with half the lip I have now once the swelling goes down, I will be happy.

5 days post

Ok, now my lips look like they had a lot of Juvederm. I am restricting movement until doctor's orders - so I can't smile, laugh or eat very much. Everything seems to be moving along nicely.

6 days post

Look what I woke up to!

6 days post (or so)

They look OK but top lip is hard and has a duck bill quality about it... I hope once the swelling goes down and I get the OK to exercise my lips, this issue will resolve.

Day 7 post

Less swelling, still a bit of a duck lip on top. I will see tomorrow what dr. Lee has to say about this...

1 week post

So.....they look more like real lips today. Little bit less hardness on the top lip. Bottom lip remains fine. I get to see dr. Lee today and if he thinks these are normal phases of healing. I am also looking forward to getting the OK to open my mouth beyond 1 inch.

About 10 days post

Nurse says they look good for this stage of healing. I feel a bit of the numbness and hardness of the upper lip going away. Overall, this is a good experience. I do have to contend with friends and famil saying they look "done" (which of course they are...)
I am trying ever so slightly to smile to make sure everything works. It does, but, since I haven't got the ok, I am trying to leave things alone for one more week.
The asymmetry you see was there to start with.

Day 12

Bottom lip is perfect, feels good. Top lip is duck-like, implant is very obvious to the touch. I am going in this Friday to see what dr. Lee thinks. Maybe I should give things time to settle.... what do you guys think, as far as looks go?
I haven't got the official OK for a lot of lip movement, but from the little I tried, I think it will be ok.
At this point I am concerned about having to go through the same process with the upper lip, with unknown results. Oh well...I will post after I see the doc.

Day 13

This morning I think they look ok.

Day 15 or so

I saw dr. Lee yesterday. The lips looked goid to him. He said to be patient, because the swelling won't go down for another 4-6 weeks.
I am noticing that they look better (or worse) at various times of the day.
I did get the OK to move them as I wish.

About 17 days post

Most of the outlandish swelling has gone doen, but the doctor told me it will take 4-6 weeks for it to completely subside. They feel a bit strange but not bad.

About 19 days post

20 days post

Not looking too good today. The top lip appears flat, instead of having a Cupid's bow. The implant sticks out on the right lower lip corner. I also feel them acutely.
I guess I am having some second thoughts. However, I intend to give it the full 6 weeks of recovery time and will make a decision then.


Emotional up and down, to use the words of someone else who had the procedure. Sometimes they look good, sometimes they look terrible. They still feel awkward but the feeling is ever so slightly improving.


Feeling a tad better.
Right lower corner is definitely messed up - I wonder how he will fix it...?


Hmmmm.....sometimes I like them, sometimes not. The implant in the bottom lip slipped, so the doctor has to repair it - I think this week.
The top looks ok, still feels weird. I may be able to live with it.
Anyway, 6 weeks have not passed yet so I don't see the final shape yet.


So top lip looks better at the moment. Less duck-like. I think there is still more swelling that needs to go down.
Now the bottom lip bothers me.....what an emotional rollercoaster!
The most important thing is that I am getting used to them and don't want to rip them out with my bare hands. This is how I felt 2 weeks ago.


All right, today I don't much like them.


Today I am OK with them. I woke up and barely remembered they were there. Because the top one was placed hight, it doesn't interfere with closing my mouth while eating. Kissing is ok; I have a different focus then. My partner says they feel nice.
Actually, do you know what they feel like....? Like cartilage! It is ok, once you get used to them.
My young daughter tells me they look like duck lips, and she would prefer if I took them out. Even though they are not perfect, I think I will keep them, at least till they come up with something better (more pliable).
I find that I smile more and am not so self-conscious about a small mouth.
I returned to work, and all people could say was that I looked rested and my face looked slimmer.

8 months post or so

Finally looking better. What a journey it has been!....

8 months post or so

Swollen, shapeless and asymmetrical at first after surgery. Sausage-like. Went to get a second opinion from Dr. Pearson, the doctor I first saw, and he showed me some pics he took of me pre-procedure. My lips were VERY asymmetrical. The result was an improvement.
Dr. Pearson suggested that I observe my lips over a period of a month or so, and see if there are any changes. If not, he said he would revise my top lip for $2k. Luckily, they are looking better. Swelling going down and they are looking more like lips.
I am also getting used to the feeling of having a foreign body in my lips. It helps remembering that I went through a similar process with my breast implants. It has been 10 years and they feel just like my own body.
So, in conclusion, lips implants = worth it!

About a year into it

Well, I have mostly gotten used to the feel of the implants. However, there is a problem with the upper lip implant, which shows a lot sometimes, and sometimes little. I am not sure what the problem is, and dr. Lee apparently cannot see me for another 2 months (!!!). Hopefully he will fix it, as he initially said he would.
Take a look at this pic and tell me if you've experienced anything like this!
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

I ended up doing the procedure with Dr. Harrison Lee, in Beverly Hills. He was equally pleasant, calm and knowledgeable. His fee was $3,000. I chose him because he used Versed during the procedure to put me in a twilight state. It very important to me not to be fully awake during the procedure.

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