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I had my first treatment on November 12th. We are...

I had my first treatment on November 12th. We are now at the 2 week mark and so far I'm unsure if it's working.

Right after the treatment, I had a weird stinging, swimming like feeling in the veins. I called my doctor in a panic, but they said it's normal and should only last a few hours. After about 4, it went away. The legs looked like I had been attacked by bees and getting the stockings on right after, took 2 people. So don't be alarmed if that happens. I actually wore my stockings overnight because I was worried I wouldn't be able to get them on. Wore them all the next day. These photos were taken about 36 hours post procedure, when I took the stockings off.

The next day, getting the stockings on.... went surprisingly well. I think the legs weren't swollen. I also learned the best way to get the stockings on is lying in bed.

2 Weeks out

At the 2 week point today. I'm figuring I will need a 2nd treatment for sure. It appears that a few of the veins I was worried about in my upper thigh are all but gone, or at least very faint, esp in my top right thigh (These were less than the left thigh). I still have visible veins, with bruising but I keep telling myself "Time is key". The Physician Assistant who did my first treatment said they usually wait 4-6 weeks between treatments to get a better gauge of what needs to be done, so I'm waiting until then to panic. Although I am still slightly panicked about the bigger bruised ones. No pain, no weird sensations.

Officially one month post 1st procedure

Officially at the one month point since having my first procedure. I can definitely see a difference in my veins. I am for sure a 2nd procedure. I had to reschedule it to the end of the year due to flying for the holidays and didn't want to be hundreds of miles away in case there are issues. I am hoping that I will only need 2 treatments, but preparing for a 3rd if need be.

Where they did the originals pokes, the veins seem to be fading especially in my right leg which wasn't as bad. The left leg are going to take at least one more visit. I might even have to suck it up for a 3rd procedure. I'm assuming that some of this is dead blood in the veins, that needs to be drained as it seems darker. No pain or anything whatsoever. Since it's winter I'm extra pale, so determining what's a functioning vein and what's a spider one is hard. When I went in for my original consultation I tried to have a working vein stuck lol.

My goal is to be all shorts/bathing suit ready by May for my big 3-0 celebration. Fingers Crossed.

For anyone whose had this procedure done before and had great results, do you have any input?

2nd treatment

Had my 2nd treatment done today. Took all of about 20 minutes. There were only a few spots on the legs I wanted addressed and let the doctor do a once over. She did not touch the ones we addressed in the first visit, so I am assuming those are in the healing process and didn't need more injection.

I do have some on the back of one leg, but have decided not to worry about those for the time being. I don't see them, so who cares. It was a totally painless time. No foam injections were made, which I think is the reason why it was so painless. Some weird stinging sensations since, but that seems to be subsiding (4 hours after the fact). It was nice to kind of know what to expect. She said I was healing exactly like I should. The lower portion was still bruised from the first visit, which she said was normal. The legs will look worse before they look better. So expect that when you have this done. My thighs are healing up very quickly.

She said if I needed a touch up I can call, but other than that no need to go back. I might call in a month or 2 and see if they can do a quick look over to make sure the healing is happening.

The doctor said I should see the good results happening in about 2 months, given my age and what not. It all depends on how my body takes to healing.

As of right now, I would recommend this to anyone self conscious of their spider veins. I'll let you know if that changes in the next few months. Fortunately, it's cold here right now so pants are a must.

I will post pictures in the next couple weeks.

3 days post 2nd procedure

Here are pictures. I was able to take the compression stockings off tonight, so I could get a good look at my legs. They of course look awful. I have to keep reminding myself "Give it time". I might go in for another procedure... going to give it a month to see how it looks before I schedule anything.

Unfortunately, I had a heat rash the day of the procedure which I think hindered getting more of the veins.

Any idea what this is?

I can't tell if it's a bruise or some other discoloration.... It's making me nervous.

3 weeks post 2nd procedure

My legs look awful. I can't tell if it's the veins dying or if this is how my legs will look for the rest of my life. I've set up an appt with the doctor next week to look over and make sure this is not a permanent situation. She said she could do the touchups on my thighs then, since it's been a month since the 2nd procedure. I am really, really hoping that this fades by summer. Right now it's perfect pants/layers weather. But I really want to be comfortable wearing shorts again and not just play maxi dresses forever.

Update, going in Monday to get looked over

My upper thigh is really concerning me. I worry there's pigment issues happening. I worry about doing a 3rd treatment with this same doctor or if I should just let it be and give it time. I am pretty sure this bruising has only appeared since the 2nd treatment, not even a month ago.

Officially 3 months post first treatment

It's been 3 months since my first treatment. I've been a terrible patient, being ultra paranoid that I've screwed my body up. However, it appears that the spider veins are finally fading. I still have some hyperpigmentation on my upper thigh but it looks like it's fading. My doctor said it's normal and not to panic. I still have several raised veins, that are dark blue, that appear to still be absorbing. They don't change color when I push on them. I still have a few visible spider veins, but as a a whole I'm happier. As long as this discoloration isn't permanent, and fades by summer, I will be feeling more secure about my legs.

Had a follow-up appointment today

It's officially 6 weeks since my 2nd treatment. According to the PA, who did the procedure, I am healing slower than expected but it's still on track. She said if it's raised, and doesn't change color when you push down on the vein, then it's still dissolving. I have staining :( She said she wasn't concerned about it, since it's only been a total of 3 months. If it had been 3 years, then she'd be concerned. I am hoping and praying this goes away in a timely fashion. If anyone has any advice on this and/or any remedies to speed it up I'd gladly take them!

I am just accepting that the legs won't be perfect... I'll still have some spider veins. I'm just hoping that all of this work hasn't made my legs worse.

I plan on setting up an appointment in a month or so, just to be double check the progress.

4 months post 1st procedure

Not much change, that I can see... If you see it your eyes are better than mine. I have a big trip in 2 months. Hopefully they will be gone by then! I think the staining is fading. I've had some pulling sensation in the right lower vein, a reticular vein is what they called it. It has faded a fair amount.

Forgot the Top Left

This had horrible staining. Still there, but fading.

5 month post original procedure

I finally got in to see Dr. Siragusa, not his PA, and he was wonderful. Didn't feel rushed, very personable, answered all of my questions. I'm healing fine, it's just that I am so pale it's all very, VERY noticeable. So I'm going to get some spray tan before my beach trip in two weeks to try and cover this up. Just wanted to post pictures, in case anyone wanted to see the progression. I've actually started to notice how the veins are LESS noticeable (if that makes sense).


There is obviously still staining on my top left leg, which is uber frustrating.


It's still there, but looking at the photo today I've noticed change in a positive direction. I had hoped it would be all cleared up for my beach trip in 3 weeks but I'm not overly hopeful.

6 months post 1st procedure

I think the staining is here to stay. Not sure if the veins are still dying or not. I went to the beach and no one seemed to notice the veins, although I was self conscious. Hoping I'm just a slow healer (pretty normal) and by next year's trip, this is all gone!

About a year out

I wanted to post a quick update! Overall, I am very happy with the way this treatment worked. I wound up doing a laser treatment on one of the veins, lower left leg, that had blood clotted. It took all of 5 minutes, kind of uncomfortable, and only one treatment. And am very happy with the way it turned out!! I am going to do the same with the veins still left on my top left leg, but after the holidays. I didn't do anything originally with the back of my legs, but I think I am going to do a little laser on the back left leg as there are some spider veins there. My back left leg is fine. I have started wearing my compression stockings every work day, to try and keep away any further veins from forming. They were really annoying when I had the original treatments done, but now I've gotten used to them.

One more thing

I just looked at my 6 month update and compared to the pictures I took today. I can't get over how much of a difference there is. So all of that to say, give it time. I had a lot of people tell me if they didn't go away in 6 months they would not, but that is obviously not the case. Every body is different and mine clearly heals slower than someone else. Don't get frustrated if you don't see results immediately.
Nashville Vascular Surgeon

This was done by Dr. Siragusa's PA. Overall I'm impressed with how things went. Didn't feel rushed. However, I wish they had more post-op information either on their website or in the handout they gave as I left the office.

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