BBL Done 4-2-2012 6 month update NEW PICS

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My profile pic should tell you the reason for...

My profile pic should tell you the reason for choosing BBL! You can iron clothes on that thing. My earlier post stated the date wrong it is for Monday the 12th march 2012

Hello Ladies! yes I made it, I don't know how...

Hello Ladies!

yes I made it, I don't know how all you ladies went shopping and took long plane rides within a week of having your BBL. I must be a whiner, I was so sore and so stiff dear lord!

Surgery went well, I woke up and I shouldn't say woke up because I only had a spinal with conscious sedation but when I came to. Dr. Garza was standing in the door way I was propted up between pillows and husband was sitting in the chair beside me. All I wanted was pain pills and to sleep.

so much more to tell you but I will have to repost more info soon :)

I must be spoiled, you ladies are my hero

and yes pics to come soon, I took some the second day after and again some today please don't let me scare anyone off, it is sooooooooooooooo worth I have a tiny waist and kaboom an boom-boom

All right here I go at catching up on my post....

All right here I go at catching up on my post..

1st Day pain/sleepy/nurse Lupita was amazing. Interesting part was I was in twilight sleep so I heard the suction sound and could hear Dr. Christian Garza breathing like he was working out....poor guy :)

I was in recovery and noticed what was taken out of me (6 liters) and he put 700CC in each cheek. The ride to the hotel went well I laid back in the back seat and slept most of the time no drainage I mean literally about the size of two quarters on the lower left hip area.Dr. Garza told me that it was a 360 degree lipo he lipo'd my upper back thos two ugly rolls on my waist love handles (good riddence) Felt awesome sore stiff but walked around the hotel room thought this isn't so bad

2nd day "Did anyone see that train? I am sooo sore and sooo stiff my face is swollen my hands are swollen my eyes look like I've been on a 7 day drunk. I walked hunched over even thou tI did not have a tummy tuck. the small of my back is killing me.

Went to the Doctors today after a bath and a arnica massage by my hubby. He tole me I have a long torso and apparently a LONG BUTT! I always knew I had a hih waist. I told him I thought it should be bigger and of course he told me what every Doc says.."Wait' you just had it done you are still swollen everywhere. Be patient, I proceed to tell him th ladies on REALself look amazing from day one :( Again he told me all patients are different we can not expect our results to be the results of someone that has a different body style. Being a nurse I should know the drill:)

3rd Day Up at 7:00 still swollen still sore but getting better lower back still very sore. Taking the arina tablets sublingual and the Bromelain 5000mg 3xday Wearing my compression stockings no swelling in my vajayjay area but he did lipo that fatty pad i had there :) The pain today seems to be turning into more of an "indian burn" feeling and alot more itching not to much of an appitite no bowel movement yet

These pics are from day 2, sorry they are hard to take

Hello Ladies Had my first lymp massage and...

Hello Ladies

Had my first lymp massage and ohhhhh wow it was so nice I felt 80% better almost immediatly. Scheduled the next for friday afternoon. I also found an interesting way of self massaging. I take a rolling pin (stop laughing) and roll it gently from just under my breast to my groin area, and switch to the back from as high as I can get to over my bum. I have seen alot of pic that the areas of lipo look lumpy I'm hoping this help smooth out any congested areas of connective tissue... It feels great anyway :)

Still haven't sit on my bum yet. The doctor told me three weeks so that the new blood supply has a good start in their job of nourshing the new fat cells. Funny how you don't know how badly you'd like to sit down... so tired of laying down turning from side to side or laying with my feet hanging off the bed.... Ahhhh what we do for beauty

Love and Healing

Went for my 2nd lympy massage. Feeling a bit more...

Went for my 2nd lympy massage. Feeling a bit more like myself today. The swelling is going down more the garment I wear is beginning to feel looser. Still brusied on my inner thighs and around my bum. Pain is managable with motrin. I am not sure but the shelf he gave me seems to be moving down a bit. Oh which I am glad for I thought he put an ass on my back :)

Feeling so much better, out of that surgery haze today :)

Health and Healing to all of you

Back to work tomorrow, I had my BBL on April 2nd...

Back to work tomorrow, I had my BBL on April 2nd 2012 I feel ready and restless to get back into the routine I call life. I am an RN so I don't sit down much at all at work, just a bit worried about becoming too tired with having to work 12 hours but all the girls on the unit know what I have had done and are sweethearts I am sure they will step up. Tried on my scrub pants last night and guess what? I HAVE A BUTT and that is hard to to in scrubs. Thought about tossing all my scrub tops and replacing them with colored long tee's Thinking those scrub tops do nothing for reminding me to never let myself go like I had..... Part of me says I would do it again..... The other parts say "you better never have to"

love and healing

Hello Ladies! It has been 21 days since my sx!...

Hello Ladies!

It has been 21 days since my sx! So I am at the 3 week mark. I am feeling almost normal the tightness in my torso has lessen and the stinging twinges are almost gone. It is still uncomfortalbe to sleep due to the fact I am still sleeping on my side and it sometimes causes my shoulders to ache in the morning. Oh speaking of the moring that terrible morning stiffness has almost left all together. I thought I might post some new pics with some clothes on. Oh and I have lost 9 lbs since the day of the surgery

All right, on a new note I have just started...

All right, on a new note I have just started feeling an incredible ache in my bum it is more of an over exercise ache??? Not a pain really just a constant ache? My guess is the muscles are being stretched? any suggestions. It has been 24 days since my surgery

2 Days short of a month since I had my BBL in...

2 Days short of a month since I had my BBL in Hermisillo Mexico with Dr. Christian Garza and I have to admit I have acquired a Love/Hate realtionship with my garment today when I was washing it I could hardly wait to put it back on??? I hated that thing in the beginning?? Huhhhh? Oh well the Doctor said he wants me to wear it for 3 months I will be getting my second stage garment early this coming week and that will be my new love interest :)

Love and Kisses

Got my stage two garment today... scared my dog...

Got my stage two garment today... scared my dog while putting it on.. :)) I think she thought I was trying to kick her heheeehh Holy Crap it is tight again! Almost feels like the first one only without the pain. I called the Doctor and asked if the tightness on my bum will be bad for the grafted fat and he said no. The blood vessels are already formed and the tightness is to further apply the skin to the underlying muscle in the areas of the liposuction, the stage 1 garment was larger due the amount of swelling in the beginning so a larger garment is necessary. Now don't get me wrong I don't really want to wear this for another 8 weeks but I do not want to go against what my Doctor has told me to do. Actually I am planning on wearing it until the 15th of June and that is when we are going on our summer vacation and I am not about to wear it all summer!!! Will post a new pic when I can feel the circulation in my legs again :))))

Hello Ladies I just thought I would add my wish...

Hello Ladies I just thought I would add my wish pic's not for the Doc to see but for you ladies to see, each of us have a different idea of the perfect butt well here is mine :)

High, tight, and round :)

Here is a ton of my 1 month date!!! Look at my...

Here is a ton of my 1 month date!!!

Look at my tight, cute butt

I'm loving it! I have to admit I thought in the beginning it wasn't going to go well due to the fact my butt was still so flat, but look what happen!!!!!

Hello Ladies, New question? I find myself...

Hello Ladies,

New question? I find myself squeezing my butt cheeks for no reason? I have to keep reminding myself to relax those cheeks! What gives?

I still have an ache in my entire butt. The hard spots on my inner thighs are still there but I massage them daily along with my torso (till using my rolling pin) My lower back aches after I finish my shift at the hospital? If I dont' wear my compression knee highs to work I tend to swell in my lower exteremities.

But other than that My butt keeps changing, for the better :) it is rounder and getting softer in some places. I still do not sit squarely on it (rather I sit on what you call my sit bones) if I were to explain it I would say (sit on my thighs, back straight, almost as if I am sitting on my va-jay-jay.. I still drive with the yoga matt and sit at the table with my boppy pillow. When my butt starts to ache/more than usual I go laydown on my side until it passes. Not wearing anything tight, Do not go for more than 1 hours without my garment on.... Hey all this painful recovery, time, and sacrifice by my family. I do not want to do this again

Oh my husband says no more NAKED BUTT photos! :)

health and healing everyone!!!

Morning On another note, I was interested in...


On another note, I was interested in finding out the difference of some of the ladies that post on this site and have great, round bouncing bottoms :0 ) and there is one thing that most of them have in common, It is height, it seems to me that the short ladies seem to have a different muscle makeup in the glut region. Where as the Tall ladies have a long muscle in the glut area. (probably a good questioin for the Docs)

Not to say us Tall ladies can not have a banging boom-boom just an observation I made.

What do you guys think?

Oops I forgot to add my Height Height before ...

Oops I forgot to add my Height

Height before (just kidding) Height 5'8"
Weight before 192lbs
Weight now 182lbs ( started Nurtisystem after surgery)
Breast before 36DD and that was tight
Breast now 34DD
Waist before 34
Waist now 30
Hips Before 43
Hips now 46

I should have measured my thighs before because when I sit on the toilet they look alot leaner :))))

Very happy overAll with my decision!!!

Today I went to my daughters graduation and did...

Today I went to my daughters graduation and did not wear the garment all day, but in the evening when I attempted to put it on there was so much swelling, so I think it best to continue to wear it. Dr. Christian Garza told me to wear it for 3 months I am beginning to think there is some sound reason to it... Anyone else still swelling after 6 weeks post-op I personally think that is alot of fluid movement after such a long time??? Thinking I might need to do some researching on the matter

I have noticed that most of my jeans do not fit right anymore. They are to big at the waist and seem to put alot of pressure on my butt...Any suggestions as to a brand of jeans that might fits our new shape

Just a quick thought about the fluid retention...

Just a quick thought about the fluid retention after a BBL the percentage of water in a person depends on the amount of fat tissue, which is only about 20% water (fat tissue that is) where as a lean body mass or muscle mass is about 65% water, so the more fat a person has in his sor her doby the less water is present. I suppose the fluid retention might be the bodys way of adjusting to the new more mucular frame it has undergone in a day. Because muscles generate more heat during metabolic activity and the body needs additional water to keep the body temperture within specific ranges.... Just my take on the fluid retention :))

Just a quick up date. I still have a buring...

Just a quick up date. I still have a buring stretch pain along my sides when I stretch out while laying down on my side, it is a quick burning type sensation. My lower back from my waist to my upper butt is still numb and when I rub on it it also has a burning yet deeper pain then on my waist. My butt is changin yet again, it seems to have that "jiggly" feelling when I walk. I have heard alot of ladies on her say they felt that early on in their recovery and I was disappointed because I did not feel it, but I am just now beginning to feel that jiggle, "I'm like WHAT" is that :))) in a good way of course. The shelf he gave me is turning into a nice curve that looks like the smooth of a peach.
I am still wearing a garment, I bought a to the knee Marena it is so soft and not made of the fabric that feels like plastic much nicer for the summer months in Arizona. During the night I sleep in a spandex bottom and spandex top as well. I am feelling better going without my garments but I still feel that strange tingling sensation when I don't wear anything.

This has been a long and tidious recovery..... and I still can not say I am fully recovered yet and I am allmost 2 months 2 weeks out I am planning on posting new pic's on my 3 month date as I am sure there will be more changes.

Love, Health, and Healing

Been 3 months since my BBL. My waist is still sore...

Been 3 months since my BBL. My waist is still sore but everything else has calmed down

July 15th that makes it 3 months and 10 days out....

July 15th that makes it 3 months and 10 days out. My lower back from my waist to the beginning of my butt is still somewhat numb and when I stretch it kind of stings. I also have a knot the size of a quarter just under my left rib you can not see it but I can feel it when I massage the area. My butt has not gone down at all but it stills gets a funny feeling when I sit on it for too long not a hurt just an uncomfortable feeling so I still sit on my sit bones (mostly I put my weight on my things instead of my butt)

But I still love the results, not sure I would go for round two I feel Dr. Garza would do an awesome job but it is a very long recovery period so I think I'll stay with my booty!!!!!

Love and healing

Hello Ladies just wanted to update you on my 6...

Hello Ladies just wanted to update you on my 6 month progress. I still would do it again with Dr. Christian Teran Garza in Hermisillo, Mexico. I do not have any lumps I did not have any problem with "fat dying" The pain of recovery lasted way to long to for me to be honest. I still sometimes feel a numbing around my lower back. Going to have a breast revision with Dr. Garza in April of next year. He is awesome!
Dr. Christian Garza

Dr. Christian Garza, is careful to detail, speaks clearly and tells you what you need to hear not what you want to hear. His staff is kind, and I would plan any other sx with them again. They are located in the Cima Tower Hospital in Hermissillo Mexico, Hermissillo is the Capital of Sonora Mexico with all the modern conviences of a busy city center. Dr. Garza is truely an artist!!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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