I Am Mrs. Deshawna Sanchez Strungys 42 Yrs Old Looking Forward to Gastric Sleeve Surgery - New York, NY

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When that day comes in in June to get VGS I can...

When that day comes in in June to get VGS I can get rid of hypertension, foot spurs and hopefully to lose 95 lbs from being at the weight I am in is 209lbs. This only thing and I tried everything nothing works and this hypertension,sleep aphnea and the foot spurs is making my life as a battle field and never win. After this surgery being 5'2 and weighing over 100 lbs is a heavy burden to me and family. My husband and have 8 children from young adult to infant I want to be healthy and see my grandbabes one day. I know personally this weight will kill me. DeShawna

The day is here Yay

Well I seen my psychologist set me aback she told me that I am give you approval for the Gastric Sleeve surgery yay I got the letter I am so happy I went thru tedious appointments for the past 5 1/2 months the 6 month I will get the date for surgery after I see the dietician to get the review and meet my surgeons so excited.

Big question I have

This is the question I want to ask fellow gastric sleeve members that went thru the surgery pre-op and post-op do you lose some weight after surgery and how much will you lose. Than I have another question my tia told me that my weight will drop very rapidly is that true. If you have any information about the gastric sleeve it will be greatly appreciate from professional and real life patients. Gracias

Seeing Dietian Nancy

It was a wonderful experience for $250.00 worth she gave me homework to change up my diet no sodas, zero soft drinks and juice. Only eat fried foods once a week with no candy at all put more low fat and protein in my food regime. Put exercise in my regime like walking constantly be active. Than I she made appointment to go too the seminar on June 14, 2016 at 5:00-6:30 p.m. can not wait to go than I lost from 210 to 201lbs from the homework she gave me plus I am taking Citracal +D3 vitamin D 500 IU and Calcium 400mg. I am so excited for my VGS surgery will be scheduled in July.

Dietian update the Seminar

Hola my amigas/os my dietian Nancy, updated the seminar to 26 Mayo 2016 I am so excited to go at 5:00 to 6:30 p.m. to hear how the pre-op and post-op will be and other topics just can not wait. Wish me luck amigas/os

Going to Seminar Yay

On May 26, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. going too the Seminar to get all the information on the GSV, an meet others that are getting the same surgery the pros/cons about and the dieting I am so excited too cannot wait to go to go thru my journey to my goal weight in 5 to 6 months to be 136-115 lbs and just celebrate that my blood pressure is control and get rid of sleep apnea be more energetic with my 8 children and a boost of confidence in myself I will be posting pics of me. Just can not wait yay!!!

D-day time I got my medical Clearence Letter

Finally my PC gave me my clearance letter to me too give to Bariatrics Center at 161 Harper Pavilion to get thru my insurance company to review and make a decision in 15 days for my Gastric Sleeve surgery it has been a long journey ever since December 15,2015 I am relieve that it is coming to the end of the clinic's and pysch letter now I am down to 207.6 lbs. The new beginning for the surgery once my insurance give them a answer. Pray for me and my family it is going to be a new improve DeShawn Raynetta, Strungys, Sanchez I am crossing my fingers wish me luck.

I got my letter for Clearence

Well I got my medical clearance from PC to give too Bariatric Clinic on June 10, 2016 they told give 15 days of the date to put in to my insurance for a answer please pray that I get a approval of Real self it has been a very long journey for me I am down to 203 being at 211 lbs of today. Trying to keep on point of losing weight a day at time until the big day comes. At the present time I am proceeding of getting Renal Gland surgery to from the kidney doctor to get rid of my hypertension the surgery will happen tomorrow. Wish me luck byeee.

Frustrated and Scared

Today I called the Herbert Irving Pavilion GI & Bariatric Clinic to find out did all my letters of recommendation have been mailed out. Josie from the Clinic mailed it out yesterday to my insurance company Healthfirst she said it will take 15 days from the date she mailed it out I am thinking it was mailed out yesterday 6/22/2016 so hopefully I will from them at least on the July 7th or July 9th on what decision they made wish me luck.

DeShawn Raynetta Sanchez Strungys as me of today

I am very shy when it comes to pics of myself waiting for this surgery to save my life. Dealing with hypertension, light sleep apnea, foot spurs, and taking 70lbs off to be my ideal weight for my health and self esteem to be a healthy person for my spouse children go to a new journey in life.

I got cleared with my insurance Healthfirst approved

I am so glad I will be meeting my surgeon on July 6,2016 for scheduling for the Gastric Sleeve Surgery I am so relieved, nervous, and definitely ecstatic about the up coming event. I am 203.4 lbs 5' 4 in height and my goal weight is 125 lbs. If I did this for six months and stuck through it all good and bad times. I still stay on my path to success to my whole life. Wish me luck GSV familia.

Stress test with PC

Well it jas been awhile I wrote to Realself I will ne getting a stresd test with my PC before I get a surgercial clearence letter. If I passed she will finally get my surgery date finally it had bern a long time Aug is when i get this test and hope zi can get the letter so I can move forward wis me luck my current weight is 202.3 lbs my goal weight is 125 lbs to get control of my high blood pressure and my foot spurs and carrying extra weight. So pray for me. I am torn between yhe gastric sleeve and the Gastric bypass because I have surgerical scars when I was born plus I had 4 c-section and my surgeon is suggesting the gastric bypass please what u think torned.

Finally getting my letter for surgical clearence

I will be receiving my letter Thursday on the 4th of August I am so excited about this new life change for the better I just can not wait when I see the surgeon again to give me my surgical date the dilemma is now he was suggesting to get the Gastric Bypass instead of the Gastric Sleeve because of the scars on my stomach from previous surgeries and C-sections what are your thoughts on this have you ever went thru this when you was going thru your journey curious.

I got the Call

Well yesterday my doctors secretary call an gave me my surgery date on Augusto 30, 2016. Than next week on Monday, I get bloodwork done sign a lot of papers than go for what know what time I will be prepared for surgery I can not wait preparing for a gastric bypass. Wish me luck fellow sleeves and bypassers.

The Day of Surgery Augusto 30th

To let everyone know that I am on a 2 week diet to shrink my liver up my potassium too I have to eat small meals like a 1 ounce and drink my protein shakes Premier Protein shakes for breakfast and lunch and eat a small dinner that has vegetables, 1 ounce of meat 1 once of wheat pasta or rice. Once a week I can eat fried food and maybe diet soda low carb juice. Pray for me this is a challenge but I am taking one day at time until D day whew this whole situation is going to change my life dramatically. Love all of you. Sorry I do not have pics today.

Today on 2nd week pre op diet.

Well I am taking a day at time my weight scale is bi-polar yestetday hot in cab to see my pc to get my potassium result it is fine I am so happy about that. They weigh me I am 207 lbs now I just want to lose 8 more pounds until the 30th it is hard staying focus at the goal. What ate today is yogurt,2 egg whites and 2 breakfast sausages. Than I ate for lunch spanish shrimp an rice toddler size last my protein shake vanilla from Premier very tasty. I am holding strong focus the struggle is real. Pray for me Realshelfers luvs!!!

Finally thr Gastric Sleeve Surgery Aug 30tn

Gastric Surgery DeShawnss

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2nd day Post op

2nd day post op going thru the motions

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Second Stage Purees

It has been awhile I have blog on the post op eating baby food, applesauce, low fat yogurt, and cream soup I even tried cottage cheese which I do not like at all but I tried it. To get to my goal weight in 3. months time I cheated a little bit I ate 2 French fried and 4 popcorn I ate some salmon I will never eat whole salmon until my dietian says so I threw up learning lesson number one. I am stick to this diet until the 4 weeks up. Did anyone went thru this in the early stages in the first two weeks let me know. Cubanldy42


Well it has been a adventure for me I was 207 lbs starting drop to 194 lbs CW I am about 175 lbs I lost about 40 lbs my GW is 136lbs but that will take some time the food is setteling ok the meds not so much the vitamins it is going down great the throwing every now than if I over eat but I love the way I look still going to YMCA to excersize when I can it has a very busy 2 months constantly walking my pressure is alright. I will get surgery for my adronial gland underneath my kidney. I misd talking to you all let me know whats going on with you all progress. Much mas amore xoxoxox. Sleveer 4 Life.

This a better pic of me of my progress in weight.

I lost about 40 lbs life is Good

This journey has been exciting, being self controlled learn yourself and everyone around you. When I was noticing my weight dropping I was so amazed now my goal hopefully by February 30th I hit my goal weight of 140-136 lbs I 'am about 167 lbs since before surgery 211lbs in between that I lost to be exact 44lbs I need to lose 31 more pounds to hit right on the head. I came long way baby wish me luck my Real Sleevers' stay strong and stay on the path to new you.

It has been 8 months of my progress

It has been a journey I lost from 211 lbs to 149.6 lbs of today the pants sizes I 'am wearing according to the make of pants is 3,5,7. I am still working getting down to 136 lbs to 125 that will be my plateau and high blood is non-existent and i more energy I can walk up 100 stairs in 6 minutes. So the estimation is 61.8 lbs and still working on it and last but not least I am register to Lucille Roberts, Cubanldy42 is work in progress love all you sleveesers.
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