Tumescent Lipo on Chin, Hips, Love Handles, Lower Back, Upper Abs, and SmartLipo on Lower Abs - Las Vegas, NV

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I have been counting the weeks and now I'm finally...

I have been counting the weeks and now I'm finally down to just a few days before I fly to Las Vegas for my tumescent liposculpture procedure. With this feeling of being overjoyed that my big day is near comes an overwhelming sense of anxiety, hindsight criticism of my selected treatment areas, and just plain old worry that I won't be able to endure all that I'm about to experience. I get very faint and squeamish at the sight of secreted bodily fluids. But I've got to overcome these feelings if I'm ever going to conquer this weight loss infinite loop I've been caught in since my divorce some 8 years.

To be honest, I'd really be motivated to do more in terms of committing to a fitness routine if I could see just a glimpse of progress when I look in the mirror or try on my clothes, my fat is just so stubborn! I'm hopeful that by having this procedure I'll have a slender profile and not look so broad from the rear. I've already increased my cardio and even included hand weights into the routine (Daily Burn workouts are fun and never stale). Now granted I've only been working out consistently since January 2014 but shouldn't I have lost a few inches and maybe a couple of pounds? I've actually gained weight!!! I know this is due to stress and not nutrition or inconsistency in workouts…I get it!!! That's why I'm opting for surgical intervention. My weight has gone from 208 in December 2013 to 218 in January and finally, I've been holding steady at 220 for the month of February :'(

I'm traveling to Las Vegas next week to have my procedure performed at MyShape Lipo. I'm super excited, very nervous, but feeling more excitement than anything. I have been warned that SmartLipo doesn't tighten the skin or have any other competitive advantage over the tumescent method and to not waste my money by purchasing this add on. My concern with my lower abs is that area already has stretch marks and I want to do all that I can to improve the appearance of this area…I also don't want to throw money down the drain either so if anyone has insight or can share their experience with SmartLipo and skin elasticity I would greatly appreciate it.

Wish me luck!!!! And I'll write more later in the week….

Whoa baby!!! I'm in some serious pain!!!

And the pain meds prescribed don't agree with my tummy. I can't deal with the nausea but I'm trying my best. The surgery began at 9am and wrapped up around 11:20. I think the xanex makes ot difficult to keep my eyes open.

Per Op Photos

Preop Pics

Trying to upload photos...

one day after procedure

Getting beyond the 1st week….

Well I managed to complete 2 full days in the office this week. I was scheduled to return to work mid week but I had to contend with a slight fever and severe weakness. These past 2 days have been very taxing on me physically. My belly has gotten rock hard and is very, very swollen. I'm still very numb to the touch but my chin has starting tingling and I can now sense when my lower back is itching (darn adits!!!).

This week has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster too! I've been boo-whooing all this week and it's not because of the pain/discomfort. Having this sort of an elective procedure and recovery period kind of forces you to rethink your decision and second guess your reasoning for having the surgery in the first place. I've had to challenge myself to remember why I chose to do this to my body, this 'unnecessary procedure'. But it was a necessary procedure, here I am weighing 223lbs, 5'7" with a 43" waist, unable to cross my legs, polish my toes, try on shoes (especially strappy sandals) without having someone else fasten the buckle….and this is what I remind myself whenever I feel that emotion of despair creep in.

I am one day past the one week milestone…So I am going to post some pre and post op pics with this update. I've been taking pics all week long but due to fatigue, pain, and severe swelling, I just haven't been able to post them in a timely manner.

2nd Procedure on 3/17

Call me crazy for scheduling my second procedure less than 3 weeks from my first but I just wanted to get past it. I was scheduled to have my thighs done but went with arms, back and front bra rolls. I added my lower back to list of initial procedures on 2/27 after my consultation and I have not received smooth symmetrical results so I was glad I scheduled my 2nd procedure so close to my 1st. During the consult, Trevor said the diagonal line across my lower back is cause by something I'm wearing that's causing that indentation like my jeans or pant but the I don't believe that to be accurate. You can clearly see in my pre-op pic there is no diagonal line across my lower back and within 24 hours of having lipo the line is present and has not improved over the past 3 weeks. For me, and others that have seen it, believe it's related to the procedure (I totally agree) and will require a touch to improve. I expressed my concerns about a week into my recovery and Bree and Coryn suggested I go for a lipo massage or constantly massage the area myself which I have been doing with the a Homedics massage pillow which has really soften the area but not improved the appearance. I don't know what else to do because that was the only suggestion offered during my consult with the exception of not wearing whatever clothing that may be cause this indent in that area. I have been wearing spanx since 3 days post-op praying the area will smooth itself off but no such luck. I'm posting pics 3 days post op from my 2nd procedure. I do feel better about the results of my arms, back bra, and front bra rolls.

Just a Little Shopping

I couldn't fit anything in this boutique pre-op...their size large would be considered a size small in most other clothing stores.

3M Update on Full Abdomen, 2M Update on Arms & Front and Back Bra Roll

My apologies…I promised to get this post updated this past week but I was a little under the weather. I has been 3 months since my first procedure (chin, upper & lower abs, hips, love handles, and lower back). I am most pleased with the results of my chin! With my body type, I gain weight all over and fat in my chin made me look angry and tired in pics. After the procedure I look a lot younger and have a jaw line now:) I find myself taking more pictures with family and friends too!

My abdomen measures UA at 35", BB at 37" and LA at 37"….I have lost significant inches in my tummy region! Prior to the procedure, my BB measurement would fluctuate between 42-45". I have gone from wearing a size 14-16 in pant to a size 10-12 pant but I can still fit a 14 but they are loose on me. I switched out of my compression garment to spanx earlier in my recovery. Now that I am post 3 months, I'm wearing a waist cincher, just got it this weekend, and I love it! I opted for a workout latex cincher. I realize I'm still healing and wanted to find a garment that would yield optimal results and I'm glad I made the investment in this cincher. I have started a cardio workout routine which, most evening, consists of me going for an hour walk, my cincher had me pouring sweat and when I measured my waist this morning I was 35.5"…I only wear it for 8 hours a day. Now, please note I really did not have a change in weight at all, right now I weigh 220lbs at 5'7" but I have been motivated to exercise more and prepare my own meals because I choose to invest in myself. My goal is to lose 20 pounds by August, wish me luck;-)!

Now my 2nd procedure was a couple of months ago and I had arms, front and back bra roll done. This was by far the easier of the two procedures to recover from. My arms measured 19" and today I fluctuate between 13-14". I can now wear a size medium blazer (both several at The Limited) where I was an extra large. I can wear most of my size medium tops (pull over and button up) and I can't tell you the last time I wore a button up top! I am very grateful to be able to wear come of my old clothes…especially my tops! I don't remember my other measurements from the 2nd procedure.

Now in the pics, you will notice the diagonal line cross my lower back has not gone away since I had my lower back done. I'm going to give it another month or so and see if it improves with diet and exercise (may have to return for a touch up idk). I feel like my left side yielded better results than my right, I probably had more fat on my right than left or more was taken out of the left than right, either way, I'm hoping diet and exercise will improve the appearance.

But overall I'm pleased with the results. Thank you all so much for all of the care and concern! You guys are awesome!!!
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