Soon to Be 49, Finally Able to Get my Nose Done - Henderson, NV

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My consult was today. I haven't liked my nose...

My consult was today. I haven't liked my nose since I was a teenager. It looked ok from the front but hate my side profile. The staff at VIP were all so nice and Dr. Khorsandi made me feel comfortable. He asked me what I didn't like and he showed me on the screen the changes he would make. I want my nose to look natural and fit my face and get rid of the bump on my nose. He said he will also do something to the tip. I'm alittle worried that I won't look better after or look too different but I have faith in Dr. Khorsandi as my surgeon.

Counting the days

Can't believe my surgery is a month a way. Keep looking at myself in the mirror wondering how I will different after surgery. Almost watched a YouTube video of a rhinoplasty but quickly shut it off. I don't want to scare myself. I really can't remember what my changes looked like that my surgeon showed me. I've only seen good reviews of Dr. Khorsandis work so that gives me comfort. I only had 1 consult and had my blood work done at the same time so now it's just about waiting. I'm glad I can read all of your updates on here. It helps to know what's ahead. My front profile looks ok to me but I'm sure that will change too. My side view is a different story. Here's my front view.

Side pics :(

So u see why I need this done. I just don't feel very attractive with this nose. Most people tell me I look fine and I shouldn't do this but I don't want to come to the end of my life some day and wonder what if.


It's seems to be allergy season here in Vegas. My surgery is March 23rd. I've been taking Claritan here and there. Does anyone know if I need to stop taking it before surgery on my nose?

10 days before rhinoplasty. Getting nervous.

Surgery is 10 days away. Reading other experiences on here helps me prepare mentally and physically for this. I really don't remember what I'm going to look like after even though my Dr. Showed me a morph of me on the computer. I've been hoping for the perfect nose but this morning after reading more realized that that is unrealistic. The perfect nose is a nose job that looks natural and fits your face. The perfect nose is one that looks like it was always there. After looking at my surgeons before and afters I can see that he does that with his patients. Not everyone has a Jennifer Anniston nose. It wouldn't look right on every face. Even thoug that's what I would like it may not be realistic for me. Am I sounding crazy now. It's just a simple thing to understand but I guess I'm at the acceptance stage and my expectations are just to have a prettier nose that fits my face and looks natural. Picture of my nose now. Some pics I think I look ok and some pics I think it just looks big and not feminine or pretty. Profile view is the worst for me. Front view is ok I think.

1 week away- preparation

My rhinoplasty is in 1 week. I have arnicare gel, arnicare cream, saline for nose, soothing gel eye mask, vitamin E oil, hot or cold gel bead pack, and secrets for my throat. I just want to be prepared. I also told my daughter to have soft low calorie foods ready. She's gonna take care of me for a few days before heading home. Does any one else have any suggestions for preparations?

Night before surgery

Watching funny movies with my daughter. Tomorrow is the big day. Trying not to stress. Will update after surgery.

Surgery Day!

Getting ready to go to surgery center. Mouth is dry, just trying to wet it without drinking. Stayed up to 1am and up at 6:30 but guess I will get a lot of sleep today. Trying not to worry.

Day 2 post rhinoplasty

Didn't sleep much last night. After surgery I had a lot of nausea and my blood pressure was high but I'm better now. I just finally took a tramadol this morning. Last night I just took nausea med, arnica and Tylenol. I ate a lot of soft snacks last night. My daughter and sons girfriend took good care of me. I go to dr. Today at 3pm to get nose rinsed out.then in 1 week I'm getting splint off. My husband will take me to get splint off. I'm blessed to have people that love me and are taking good care of me.

Dr. Visit day 2

Today I went to Dr. Khorsandi's office and he cleaned inside my nose w a q tip and then applied antibiotic ointment and put patches under my eyes to help w the bruising. I'm so glad I went with this Dr. At the surgery center everyone was saying that I picked a very good Dr. and that he knows noses. My over all experience w him and his staff have been wonderful. I can't see full result yet bc splint doesn't come off til next Thursday. He said it came out good though. I highly recommend VIP plastic surgery in Henderson, NV.

Day 3

Woke up with a headache so back to taking Tylenol for pain. Applying warm pack to face now instead of ice, per Dr. Instructions. Just mostly watching t.v. and movies hanging out with my daughter. Instead of showers taking baths. I can even wash my hair in the bath without getting my nose wet. Every day gets better.

Day 5

Yesterday I had a lot of nausea. I've stopped taking anything for pain not even Tylenol. Trying to let my stomach settle. I think maybe the antibiotic is making me nauseated. I'm taking the nausea medication with it now. My nose is starting to itch a little under the splint. I've been catching up on sleep and trying to take it easy. Splint comes off Thursday. Can't wait. It looks like I have too much space between my nose and mouth but can't say I like the results yet as there is swelling and the splint is still on.

Emotional on Day 7

Yesterday I cried. I'm not sure if this is just part of the process but I guess the whole process of surgery and recovering has been draining. I know some people are able to go out after a few days but I just felt sick until yesterday and then yesterday I looked at what I could see of my nose under this splint and thought I looked bad. Today I'm feeling better about things and tomorrow I get the splint off. I finally got some energy yesterday and did some cleaning. Slowly getting back to normal. Tomorrow I see me nose. I just wanted to share my feelings because others may go through something similar.

Dr. Khorsandi is my hero!

My nose is perfect! I'm so glad I went to Dr. Khorsandi. My nose turned out better than I ever expected. He truly does know noses. Today I he took the splint off. I was so worried but now only feel relief and joy. If you want good results, go to him first!

9 days post Rhino

My Dr. told me to swan inside my nose with q tip and antibiotic ointment and to tape at night to keep down swelling. I don't notice any swelling. Nose is still alittle tender and I'm being extremely careful with it. I have a follow up in 3 weeks. For 6 weeks have to be careful with my nose. I took some more pics today.
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon

I only had a consult so far. I have no complaints. The office has a good atmosphere. I did not have to wait long. All of the staff was professional and nice. Dr. Khorsandi made me feel at ease and showed me what changes he could make to my nose and I was given a surgery date for the time period I asked for.

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