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July 5, 2012 I am twenty years old and have...

July 5, 2012
I am twenty years old and have always hated my body, as an athlete it is frustrating to carry extra bits of fat on my hips and in between my thighs when I work so hard to eat right and exercise both in and out of practice. I finally decided to have this procedure, and even if it isn't exactly what I want I can't deal feeling the way I feel forever. My procedure for my trouble spots is set for 9:00 am on Thursday August 2. I am terrified but I think this is a worthwhile investment. Removal of this fat might allow me to accomplish more as a runner and team player than ever before, considering less weight=higher potential for me to jump higher and run faster. This procedure is not a fix all but a boost to continue taking care of myself!

**My profile Picture is my front view, I'll add the side view later.

One year later

I haven't double checked, it's been a while since I've been on here, but at the time of my procedure there wasn't a link to the office I went to. is the web address for the specialist I went to. I highly recommend these guys for their great customer care and quality services for way less than you will generally find anywhere else.

As for an update over a year later, my results were really iffy for awhile, different parts of me firmed up more quickly than others. It wasn't until about nine months later that I saw the beginning of the final results. Finally though, a little over a year later I am consistently hearing how great I look. In hindsight, I wish I would have waited a little longer and saved for one more spot for my inner thighs, but overall it's completely worth it. My face is actually beginning to look thinner as my weight is re-distributing, and my breast size has gone up (I'm not thrilled about this as a runner, but I'm adjusting to buying more heavy duty sports bras). The only drawback from this whole thing is that I still have one set of scars at my waistline that I am trying to get rid of. The rest of them (the anterior scarring on my pelvis and lateral scarring for my outer thighs and butt) have basically vanished. I'm currently trying different products to get rid of the top two.

A quick note to the gal who chastised me for getting the procedure, I have a genetic pre-disposition for a slow metabolism that will continue to slow down as I age. I have an uncle who was a state champion sprinter in high school, an incredible athlete, but by the time he was my age he became extremely overweight. That is only one of many examples in my family and in my second year at college I was already beginning to head in that direction despite a strict diet and exercise regimen. I wanted my body to resemble the work and planning I was physically putting into it. I wanted to not hate myself every time I saw my reflection, and you know what? Now I don't. I don't spend absurd amounts of time on the internet researching the "newest" and "greatest" cardio work outs and diets. I don't stress and panic when I look at photos from the last half year. I don't spend money on diet pills that will allow me to work out longer and eat less. I now have ample time to stress about other, more productive things e.g. my senior thesis.

Aside from that personal rant, believe it or not, I was the ideal candidate for liposuction. Liposuction is not meant for the extremely overweight, or those with large volumes of fat that need to be removed. The procedure works best on people within range of a "normal" BMI (which is kind of a stupid categorization system, but generally fits the average person) and have small pockets of fat that don't respond to diet and exercise. Also, now was the best time for me to do this, because after age 21, skin elasticity dramatically decreases. I thought long and hard about liposuction, knew I was going to want it at some point in my life, and decided that now was the time I was going to get the result I wanted.

Again, I highly recommend the folks over at MyShape Lipo, the staff was incredible. I believe Brandi was the name of the nurse who assisted Dr.Schmidt. She held my time the entire time and assured me that I was going to be happy with my results. I am pleased to report that she was right! I will try to post pictures, so you can see for yourselves!
Trevor Schmidt

It won't let me post without saying something here. I am an out of state client and they were very helpful in getting everything set up based on my photos.

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