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I've booked my lip lift for December 12th. I have...

I've booked my lip lift for December 12th. I have 20mm and I'm hoping to be able to reduce it to by 8-9mm to 1.1-1.2. I can see from other's experience that there is a few mm stretching to be expected. And I'm hoping, even with this, I will get a good result.
I have spent alot of time researching this procedure and analyzing pictures and I can summarize for Realself what I've found.
Hoping to avoid a stretched out scar, I am very interested in how the inner stitches are secured to avoid tension on the scar. The most interesting information I got from Dr. Hilinski's website were he describes how he attaches the inner sutures from the underside of the lip skin to the membrane of the nasal structure by spreading to tunnel past the muscle fiber to the septum, corresponding i (above the philtrum column) and the outer nostril. I've included a picture of this information. Also, by analyzing lip lift pictures and my own face, I've noticed that the philtrum columns slope gently toward each other. I've noticed at least one doctor, in preoperative markings, mark how the philtrum column slopes and where they meet the nose. I believe, if the surgeon does not account for this slope and merely pulls the skin up, the philtrum columns are a little wide at the top and may appear as a slightly unnatural look. I measured mine, the width of my philtrum columns are 15mm wide at the top of my lip and 12mm at the base of my nose. So 3mm total = 1.5mm less from the center. This is a very slight amount but I think this is where the attention to detail (of how natural philtrums are) shows through. So this is me working though my nervous energy through research. Thank you to everyone who posted on their Lip lift journey.
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I'm going back to Dr Mitchell for a lip lift. He has previously done my upper eyelid lift and filled my under eye hollowness with Belotero (which takes alot of talent to do it right), and cheek filler. All which came out natural and awesome. I enjoy dealing with Dr. Mitchell because he first will tell you of you're a good candidate and why. He seems to genuinely feel excited for the improvement he knows he can make with the surgery and enjoys his work. He's open to hearing my extensive research and concerns, even though some of it may be from other doctor's, he doesn't get offended and actually takes everything I say into account.

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