Lift Lift After A Lot of Research. Henderson, NV

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I've booked my lip lift for December 12th. I have...

I've booked my lip lift for December 12th. I have 20mm and I'm hoping to be able to reduce it to by 8-9mm to 1.1-1.2. I can see from other's experience that there is a few mm stretching to be expected. And I'm hoping, even with this, I will get a good result.
I have spent alot of time researching this procedure and analyzing pictures and I can summarize for Realself what I've found.
Hoping to avoid a stretched out scar, I am very interested in how the inner stitches are secured to avoid tension on the scar. The most interesting information I got from Dr. Hilinski's website were he describes how he attaches the inner sutures from the underside of the lip skin to the membrane of the nasal structure by spreading to tunnel past the muscle fiber to the septum, corresponding i (above the philtrum column) and the outer nostril. I've included a picture of this information. Also, by analyzing lip lift pictures and my own face, I've noticed that the philtrum columns slope gently toward each other. I've noticed at least one doctor, in preoperative markings, mark how the philtrum column slopes and where they meet the nose. I believe, if the surgeon does not account for this slope and merely pulls the skin up, the philtrum columns are a little wide at the top and may appear as a slightly unnatural look. I measured mine, the width of my philtrum columns are 15mm wide at the top of my lip and 12mm at the base of my nose. So 3mm total = 1.5mm less from the center. This is a very slight amount but I think this is where the attention to detail (of how natural philtrums are) shows through. So this is me working though my nervous energy through research. Thank you to everyone who posted on their Lip lift journey.

Surgery day

I had my surgery this morning. I took the triazolam they prescribed me at the office and 5 mg relaxed me sufficiently. Discussion and marking and injections took about 45 minutes and the surgery took about 1hour. I did use a prescribed lidocaine mixture to numb my lip for the shots and they were better than others described but felt some especially up near outer nostrils. My conviction on fixing my long philtrum helped calm my nerves. My nose did weep blood for quite a while. I took two hydrocodeine and acedominephin 750/350. The car ride home i was dizzy and tired.
Warning: I went to the bathroom as my helper picked up my child up from school and felt nauseous and next thing I knew I woke up face down on the tile floor because I passed out and threw up the few bites of soup I ate. I have had many times before pain killers before but something was too much for me. So now I have a cut and bump on my forehead. After my initial dose wore off and a two hour nap, I am not taking any more pain killers because the nausea and dizziness is worse than the pain which is not enough to even take a tylenol at this point.
I cut a extra large bandage to fit around my nose and took the adhesive part off the part which would cover my mouth so I could disguise the gore from my son. But the weeping did not stop so I dabbed it with a wet black tea bag because the tannins in the tea help the blood coagulate. Now it has stopped and I am resting without pain for the night. Other than that, I am happy with my how my procedure went and my results so far.

Preparation for surgery

The shower before surgery I washed my face with the antibacterial soap my friend got before her surgery from the dr. Also, I shaved all the baby hairs from my lip since I've seen other reviewers get what appear to be clogged follicles along their scar.

2nd day

Today, I woke up and my lip felt like a fully inflated water balloon. Still have bouts of queasiness, which I used an old prescription for ondansetron 8mg (nausea pill) to stop. If you can get a doctor to prescribe them to you, they work great on stopping nausea even during stomach flu, but check with dr on that. I'm not sure if it was the pain killers or the antibiotic keflex causing my nausea. I'm not one to take many prescription drugs. I included a picture of the topical cream I used on the outside lip and philtrum area before my shots to avoid some of the pain from injections. (My advice is to apply it to the outer nostril area too.)My dr. didn't prescribe this, I had it from before. My pre op length was 20mm, philtrum length today is 13mm. And Dr took 7mm off. I'm hoping it stays like that once the swelling goes down.

Day 3

My water balloon of a lip is about 30% less full. The 6 day steroid pack (methylpredisone) the dr prescribed me seems to be part of the cause of my stomach problems.

Day 4

It's so hard waiting for the swelling to go down so I can see the result but its getting better everyday. As much of an improvement that I think it will be, it will still take some getting used to. Im hoping and reminding myself that the surgical way to alter my lips will end up being more natural than fillers, for me, in the end. I have gone from looking like a goldfish to a bunny rabbit today. And thats an improvement. Getting the stitches out on Day 7 will help because it draws the eye right to the blackness of the stitches. Plus Im ready to play with makeup on my new lips like I did when I got my upper eyes done.

Day 5

day 5

day 7 stitches out

I am so happy to have my stitches out. I feel a lot better about being able to go out in public and look just slightly odd. My post op with Dr Mitchell went great because I really enjoy pick his brain about things that bother me. I got a VI peel around my eyes that I tried to get before and couldn't bear the burning so he graciously let me get it done today. And told him I feel my lips are awesome but the youthfulness of my lips are contradicted by my squaring off of my jaw due to normal jowl aging and one wrinkle in my neck . He said I could get a S lift to pick that up and Im seriously considering that. Fun fun fun.

16 days after

I have decided that I love my lips. They look so young... but my aging jowls that square and elongated my jaw right next to them makes the results look slightly odd, so I talked to Dr. Mitchell about my concerns and he agreed to do a mini lift and neck liposuction this Friday. They say the recovery is quick so we'll see in 36 hours. I have been insecure about the tell tale signs of the slight sagging in my neck that has recently developed for a little while but now theres a bit of urgency. I think others may want to take the youthfulness of the surrounding face structure when they plan their lip lift because many doctors combine this procedure with other face rejuvenating procedures like facelift or eyelid lift.


During my healing I have felt a tingle or bubbling feeling similar to pins and needles but it actually felt good as if the muscle fibers were reconnecting. Sometimes I get a strange ghost sensation like a single hair is being dragged across my incision area and tickles like crazy, making me want to scratch it but it goes away in one minute.

mini lift and neck lipo done

I had my mini lift and neck jowl lipo 5 days ago. The first day was rough I'm not gonna lie. I was very stiff and swollen. But the second day was much more comfortable and I was able to do mild household chores. It greatly helped the lines marionette lines and definition of my jaw line already. I am happier, as the swelling is beginning to subside more everyday now. I have light discoloration where I had lipo, not noticeable unless you scrutinize. I use Scarguard strips on my lip scar at night along with my chin lips strap and the redness on my lip has been helped and healing improved. The chinstrap irritated my wounds behind my ears and under my chin for the first 4 days but now its more bearable. I am considering chin filler or implant to better define my jawline and create more facial harmony and possibly prevent my bottom lip from curling down so far.

Mini lift Stitches out

My stitches came out last friday and the nurse Bree said she was happy that my incisions was so "clean" referring to not alot of scabs the make the stitch removal more difficult, I attribute this to me taking a bath everyday and dipping for only a second the incision in the water but not long enough for the water to seep into my incision and lightly wiping aquaphor and bacitracin and neosporin (Prefer the cream to ointment) on my incision with tips. I washed and conditioned my hair everyday being careful to not pull or get product on incisions because the ointment made my hair super greasy.
I really do love his stitching. Both this time and my upper eyelet (I reviewed) that I had done in January had tiny little stitches super clean and perfect. The scar for my lip lift went perfectly along my crease and not in a unnatural straight line like Ive seen in other lip lifts. The front of my ear really doesn't even have the redness of a typical incision. The stitch does not follow the little bump on the inside of the ear like some doctors do because Dr. mitchell says he'e done both ways and stitching along that bump profile distorts it after it heals so I went with his professional experienced opinion. He did a SMAS muscle tightening under the skin so the tension does not lie on the incision but rather held up underneath in the muscle structure. His surgical assistant, Laurita has had a mini lift done so if anyone is going to the office for a consult ask her to see her scar to get an idea of how invisible it really becomes once it fully heals.
The doctor says I helped really fast like someone who juices. I attribute this to making a recipe of "Magic Mineral Broth" ( or google it- it will change your life) and using that broth to make Butternut Squash and ginger soup.( They say "Soup is the new Juicing." And the jaw was a little stiff for three days but no that bad. I also make Liposomal Vitamin c. (youtube) and ginkgo and butcher's broom for swelling. as well as bromelian/ quercitin.
The back of the ear takes a little longer to heal I think because of the contour of the crease but i believe mine look alot better than some Ive seen on reviews and luckily its winter and easily hid. I went back to gym today and did about 60% of the intensity I normally do with nothing that involves leaning over or arm work. Lifting any weight right now I can kind of feel very light strain in my neck and I don't want to stress my healing.

Front view progress

I am getting alot more looks from strangers and its good not to feel insecure that they're looking at the fact my lips don't match the age of my jowls. The minilift may seem minimal in pics but in real life it has greatly increased my confidence and made me super proud of my result of the lip lift. I have decided to enhance the result with a chin implant in the near future. Stay tuned:)

Day 6 Makeup on

Incisions 13 days out

My tightness is less everyday. The area under my skin where the SMAS was tightened has softened 80% back to normal and swelling down. I have a slightly harder area the size of a quarter under the skin where the chin incision where the chin lipo was but it seems to be shrinking. I see the dr. tomorrow about a possible chin implant tomorrow and he will check it out. I am an advocate of herbal healing and have used Trim balm topically (sold by to reduce swelling. It is used to help cellulite and fat reduction (especially helpful if used before working out) but I thought it may help get the fluids moving out of there and it seems to help alot.

Going back to for my chin implant, also dermabrasion on my lip lift scar

Hi back again. I'm going to post a new separate review for my chin implant with Dr Mitchell and dermabrasion on my lip lift scar and a fore head scar I had from a car accident years ago. Surgery scheduled for June 19.
Henderson Facial Plastic Surgeon

I'm going back to Dr Mitchell for a lip lift. He has previously done my upper eyelid lift and filled my under eye hollowness with Belotero (which takes alot of talent to do it right), and cheek filler. All which came out natural and awesome. I enjoy dealing with Dr. Mitchell because he first will tell you of you're a good candidate and why. He seems to genuinely feel excited for the improvement he knows he can make with the surgery and enjoys his work. He's open to hearing my extensive research and concerns, even though some of it may be from other doctor's, he doesn't get offended and actually takes everything I say into account.

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