Breast Implant Removal. Under Muscle, 460 Cc. Silicone. - Henderson, NV

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I have been reading the reviews for a year now -...

I have been reading the reviews for a year now - learning, researching and interviewing PS's. I appreciate the time all of the participants on this site have taken to document and share their experiences. It truly gave me a direction and managed my expectations.
I am turing 50, and have had my "current" implants for 9 years. They are Silicone, by mentor. Not sure the exact specifications, but they were put in right around the time silicone was approved again. I have them under the muscle. I am also ready to just "be" me. One nurse put it eloquently - I have a different lifestyle now. I do a lot of yoga, and my kids are older, and I guess I am just comfortable in my own skin.

SO - after interviewing several doctors this is what I decided.
1- I would like to do it in a doctors OR verses a surgery center - I would like to use a LOCAL verses General
Because money is somewhat of a consideration, this choice seemed to knock the $6000.00 price tag down to $2000.00.
2- Geographically acceptable distance - My original doctor in LA, would remove the implants for very little, but I was worried about post op appointments, so it was worth finding a doctor in Las Vegas that would be reasonable.
3- Listen to my doctor - I have read horrible things about the drains and bandages, I really wanted to avoid them at all cost, but my Dr. had some very valid reasons why he did things the way he did, so I am going to "go with the flow" and trust him.
4 - It is easier for me to research - than pull the trigger.
I am not really a crier or sissy, but paying for the surgery had me a bit emotional. I am not sure if it is I am doing something for myself- and not one of the kids or my boyfriend, but I had a hard time, choosing to do something for me.

So now I am doing pre work. I went to Therapie, in Las Vegas. They do breast massage and break up any adhesions due to mastectomy surgery or even implants. They were amazing and I will see them again on Monday before my surgery. I attached a photo of my breast in a "suction" cup. It is similar to cupping, and lifts the implant up so the lymph can be drained. It was amazing and my breast were softer and almost as "fluffy" as when I had them put in.
The other picture is my before. I will post afters as soon as my surgery is over.
(for some reason my front shot keeps posting upside down... I may need to post one the doctor took.)

Tomorrow is my surgery

Tomorrow is my surgery; at the end of the day. Tomorrow morning, I will go to the breast lymphatic center for a treatment, go to work and then directly to my appointment. I originally wanted my boyfriend to pick me up; but now..... I am not sure if I am starting to act strange or if he is, but we are sort of fighting and I am not sure i want him there. I just feel scared. Not doubting my choice,...but how do I explain my feelings to him, when this is what I want; but at the same time wondering if I'll still feel sexy and attractive.
On another note.....
I am picking up my prescriptions today. An antibiotic, valium (yay), pain killer and something else.
The PS's office called me Friday and followed up with a detailed email on instructions the day of surgery. Because I am going to do this under a local, I am able and encouraged to eat breakfast and lunch. An hour before surgery I am going to take the valium, and 1/2 hour before a pain killer. I start the antibiotics today.
For now, I understand, the surgery should not take longer than an hour, and I will be tightly wrapped with drains. They have not given me sleeping instructions; like if I should only sleep on my back, but I know I have a follow up Tuesday at noon.
No new pics. The next ones will be post surgery.. :)

Post op - day one

Wow - Yesterday was surprisingly easy. The first thing in the morning I went the Therapie, and had another breast massage to make sure all adhesions to the implant were broken. I saw a couple clients, to make the day go faster; then left with a friend to the doctor's office. I arrived a bit early and they brought be right back to a smaller room where they took my blood pressure and made sure I had taken the right pills at the allocated time. I put on a robe and booty then was brought back to the surgical room. The OR was clean, and Dr. Sohn came in to say hi, look at where he had marked and gave me a local under the breast fold. I didn't feel loopy and was able to talk through the whole surgery. I was amazed I had no pain what so ever! It was exactly as others had written before me, a slight pressure, and it popped out. I am an esthetician, so I could only compare the experience to extracting milia. Fortunately, my implants were clean, no capsule, no rupture. They cleaned out the cavity, and stitched me up.... with drains. I am not sure how long the drains will stay in, but I trust him, so I'll go with the flow.
The drive home was easy, I made a veggie taco before going up stairs and then - i couldn't stay up. I fell asleep till this morning!
I have my post op at noon, but couldn't resist seeing what I looked like so I removed the bandages. I am a bit shocked, lol, as my implants were actually 460 cc's and I am much smaller than I remember. But fluffing will occur over the next few months.
I feel good. I can't explain it, but I feel better. My neck and back aren't stressed, I feel lighter. And oddly I have always had strain in my head that felt like a pre migrain, and that is gone.
So I am posting what I look like today, and will try to post images weekly.
For those who wonder if they could do it under a local - it is easy!. I am sure there are considerations about implant issues and rupture, but if you feel as though you are a good candidate do it! Also, I cant stress enough, if you have a breast massage specialist, you should see her. You would be surprised how good your implants will feel and look. You also will be surprised how much lymph can get trapped under the implant!

One week and a day post explant

Hi -
I got my drains out Friday. And, (again) like most reported, it felt great! I was surprised how much drain is actually in the breast tissue; but it pulls out easily and a creates a freedom of movement. Dr. Sohn, came in to make sure there were no issues or questions, and the nurse wrapped me up again. The staff at Hankins and Sohn as well as the Dr. have been truly caring. The nurse seems to know before I do, things I may need. She made sure I had enough bras, ace bandages, and really was genuine.
Health wise: I feel lighter, better and no neck and head pain. I don't think the implants caused a reaction in my body, but the size of the implant did. I also sleep so deeply and soundly.
Appearance wise: I feel like my boobs look like a ski jump lol. They are fuller at the bottom and still flat at top, but I am patient and I love how the look in a yoga top or cami. I still wear tight compressions and i will get more concerned about further aesthetic assistance (such as a mini lift) in a year.

I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to all those who posted before me. While every experience varies, they are all very similar. Thank you for sharing and thank you for your support. I will continue to post images.
Henderson Plastic Surgeon

I chose Dr. Sohn because he is very meticulous, honest and had good reviews. His staff is awesome, office is close by and I felt he understood what I was looking for. He isn't sacrificing his work, because I am only under a local. He assured me it was the same surgery whether I was asleep fully or awake. The follow up with my surgery have been easy and they are always on time!

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