2 YRS 1 Wk POST OP! - Henderson, NV

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Hello I'm 30yrs old, I stand 5'6" and I weigh...

Hello I'm 30yrs old, I stand 5'6" and I weigh 150lbs, my current bust size is 34B. I've wanted an breast augmentation since I was abt 17. I desire a full C or a Full D whichever looks great on my figure. Went to a consultation last week Dr told me i have thick breast tissue and any type of implant will look great on me. We started at 425cc mod plus but I wanted to go bigger, Dr said if I got bigger I would have to go to high profile because a bigger mod plus would be too wide for my chest. I tried 475cc & 500cc and I still want bigger. I dnt kno what to do at this point cus I dnt wanna go too too big. What amount of cc's would look big enough for me and my frame?????

Can't wait til its my turn ;-)

Hey ladies!!! Can't wait to join some of u on the other side, getting my monies together so I can be happy with myself. Hopefully I'll have my funds together by July! Can't wait!

Excited! Nervous! Ready!!

Set my date today, Yay Me!
Pre Op appt is July 9th and my Operation is on July 12th!!! So happy.

3 Weeks

Ugh I'm so impatient. Can't wait til July 12th is here, after so many years of wanting this done I feel so so good knowing its finally going to happen in just a few weeks!!


Today I had my mammography done and all is well!!!! Eeeeek I'm so excited!!!

I love RealSelf!!

It amazes me how so many women share my same thoughts and feelings abt wanting/getting this procedure done. Feels good to know I'm not the only one feeling unattractive, embarrassed, or just unhappy with small breasts... Thank u RealSelf and thank you to all you ladies on here for sharing your stories, I'm proud to be apart of this site.

Blood Work

Today I go and have my blood work done! Yay this month is almost over and I'm that much closer to my surgery! I'm so excited and I just can't hide it! Lol

2 Weeks!!!

Ok its weeks until I go for my BA, I'm not EXACTLY sure what size I want but in the beginning I was leaning towards 550cc's. I see that a lot of you girls are getting less cc's and your results look huge then their are some of you who have gone with 550cc or more and they don't look so big. Results vary from patient to patient. So now I'm just so anxious to get my pre op appt over so I can pick a size!
Any advice from any of you ladies who are already on the other side? What did you all do to prepare yourselves for your surgery 2 weeks beforehand? I'd love to know.

1 Week Exactly til Pre Op!

Abt this time next Tuesday I will be walking into the doors of Desert Hills Plastic Surgery Center for my BA Pre Op appt. I can't wait its all becoming so real!!!

Adding Some Wish Pics

I see many of u are posting what u'd like ur boobs to look like, so I will too. These are a few Wish Pics that I really like.

Two Tops I'd love to Fill Out

Before pics of tops I have but never wore because I have small boobs. Just two of the MANY tops I have but don't wear. I will post more and I'll also have after pics with these tops.

Two More Tops I'd Love to Fill Out

More before pics of tops I've had and never wore because I can't fill them out. Two more of the MANY tops I have and don't wear. And I'll post after pics too.

Oops deleted the "Two Tops I'd love to Fill Out"

Accidentally deleted the pics I posted yesterday of the 1st two tops I'd love to fill out. Well here they are again.

Yes Two More Tops I'd Love to Fill Out

Here's another two of the MANY tops I have and can't fill out so I never wore them. Will post after pics of these as well.

A Week to Go!!! Excited!!!!

One week til surgery day I'm so excited but like most ppl I've been having mixed feelings, crazy thoughts and worries. I do know this is what I want so I'm going to stop letting my mind play tricks on me lol. I just pray that it all goes well and I have a safe and fast recovery, I pray I love my results 1,000% and I pray I'm happy and satisfied for rest of my life after its done so I won't have to worry abt them again! Whoosaaah!!!


Omg! I found a pair of breasts that I absolutely love and I want my results to be similar to these babies!! Beautiful set.

This Is My Week!!!

Yes! My time is almost here! Tomorrow is my pre-op appt and I cant wait to pick my size and then go do my shopping!!! Cant believe I've finally been blessed to have this opportunity! This has been a 12yr dream for me and my dream has come true!! I'm so excited.... and so nervous! Lol. Good luck to all the ladies going in this week. Best wishes to everyone on this site!

PreOp Appt

Here at Desert Hills Plastic Surgery Center inside the lobby waiting to be called back. So excited!!! Paid and ready to pick a size.

500cc Or 550cc... IDK

Ok so pre op went well today but didn't come to an exact size Dr Brown is going to wait til surgery day to decide on whether to put in 500cc or 550cc. Lol I took pic in my paper made top, I thought my boobs looked nice in it lol.

Got Everything I Need

Medicine?Wedge Pillow?Bras?Zip-Up Shirts?Oils, Creams & Lotions?Food & Drinks?Ice Packs?Gauze Pads?Antibacterial Soap?Straws...Have I forgotten anything...?


Friday is so close! I've been having pretty good dreams abt my operation so I'm hoping its a sign that everything is going to go well. I'm so ready for this, not looking forward to the pain but I'm ready. I've been waiting for this opportunity for a long long time. I'm very pleased and thankful I have the opportunity now. Best wishes to all u ladies and happy healing!

24 Hrs!!!

Almost my turn! Its 8am and 24hrs frm now I'll be getting implanted lol. Yes!!! I cant wait!


Its almost 9pm I guess I better get a meal in before midnight and drink as much water as I can lol. It feels good to know tomorrow is my surgery day FINALLY my dream has come true. Will update before and after my procedure. Good luck and best wishes to everyone!

All Done!

I'm implanted! Lol will take pics and everything later, I'm so sleepy right now. Thx ladies for the love!

Quick Pic

Still tired so here's a quick pic.


Cant keep any liquids down!!! So I'm in pain but can't take my meds because I keep vomiting!!! OMG! But the pain isn't too bad, its the tightening thats driving me crazy!! But I'm so happy I have bigger boobs!

Good Morning!

Hello ladies!! As u all know I've joined most of you in boobie land yesterday and let me tell you it is not at all bad! The pain is tolerable, I couldn't keep any liquids down yesterday so I couldn't take any meds, I just had to deal with the pain and it wasn't bad at all! The tightening was driving me crazy, not bad but uncomfortable... I only slept a few hrs before surgery I was so anxious and nervous I woke up around 2 or 3am and just watched television til around 5am then I started getting ready. We (my boyfriend & I) left at 6:30am, made it there abt 6:50am. I read and signed a few papers, then my nurse Shelly (so sweet) went over everything with me, weighed me, gave me a pregnancy test, I changed into a gown then she took my blood pressure, it was a lil high because of my nervousness and excitement but she said that was common/normal before surgery. She took my temperature and put my IV in, then I met nurse Patty (very sweet as well) we had a lil Q&A and they assured me that I'm in good hands and they'll take very good care of me, that made me feel better and eased my mind a bit. Around 8am the Anesthesiologist (my Dr's husband) Dr. Steve Brown, came in to talk to me, he's funny and awesome. Around 8:15am my surgeon Dr. Hayley Brown came in and she was so excited and happy for me, singing a 550 song she'd made up (the size implants I was getting) she's funny too and very beautiful. She explained everything then made her markings on me. The nurses wheeled me to the OR, I was put on the surgical table and given the anesthesia and it seemed like 5 mins later I was waking up in recovery! Everything went smoothly, everything went great thank you Jesus!! So its 7:49am right now I'm up early, I can shower today and put on a regular full coverage underwire bra and I'll definitely post pics ladies! Thanks for all your love and support and happy healing to those who've already had their surgery. And to those who haven't yet best wishes and good luck to you all.

Pics Before Shower

After Shower

Feeling Great

So far all is well, loving how they look so far. Chest is super tight right now but I'm not bothered I'll take a muscle relaxer soon. I've been enjoying my two days in boobie land, feels great not wearing a padded bra!! Everyone here at home loves them already and they aren't settled yet that's awesome! All good over here so far.

Hello Ladies

Having a wonderful day in boobie land! I'm loving the fact I have boobs and I feel really sexy, I cant stop touching/looking at them!!! I'm so happy I cried a few times!

Burning Sensation

Hello Ladies! Quick update, I'm having a burning sensation under both armpits, hurts like hell! Anyone else experience this too?? It only burns/hurt when I'm trying to get out of bed or when I'm trying to get comfortable on my pillows I have to use my elbows to do both if no one is around to help me. I've also been reaching back behind me to scratch back or adjust my pillows. Please tell me I haven't messed up anything inside my chest from moving in such ways!!!??

Incision Sites

A little bruising underneath the left breast. Right breast no bruising. Both breasts have burning sensation under my armpits. I hope the burning sensation is normal. I'll call my Dr today.

3 Days Post Op In A Few Of The Tops I'd Love To Fill Out.

Looking good so far. #3DaysPostOp

Device ID Card

Posting my cute lil card.

Day 4 Extreme Tightening!

Post Op Day 4 today and my breasts have been extremely tight on and off all day. Call me weird but I kinda like the tight feeling lol. I'm icing them down right now with frozen peas, feels awesome!!! I love them so much and I've only had them 4 days. I'm constantly looking at them and touching them! I cant stop thanking God for his blessings, letting my dream come true. I am truly thankful for all he's blessed me with my whole life... its a beautiful feeling having bigger breasts I look and feel amazing! I think once they drop and fluff I'm going to be so BIG HEADED! Lol. Cant wait to buy some summer dresses from Soma Intimates they are very beautiful. Happy Healing to all recovering and good luck to all with upcoming surgeries! ??

Post Op Day 4 Pics

Few pics I took today, just a small change in them, not too much but I cant help but to show them off. Lol

PostOp Day 5

Loving my boobs especially in the NUDE haha! Looking lovely by the day! They look small in clothing (regular T-shirts and sweaters) but that's just temporary lol, cause once they settle they're going to look AMAZING! Here's a few day 5 pics for ya!

Great Day

Post Op Day 5 and I havent had any tightness or burning sensations today.. I've been feeling really good all day, no pain. Tomorrow is my PostOp Appt cant wait to see Dr. Brown and thank her for her amazing work! 5 days in and I'm extremely satisfied with my boobs so I know it'll only get better as the days, weeks and months go by. I feel damn good abt myself now, I look in the mirror and cry tears of joy and happiness! Yes Lord, thank you!! Dr. Brown I appreciate you!

Post Op Appt

Good morning ladies I'm here at Desert Hills Plastic Surgery Center for my 1 week post op appt. Its 9am and I'm waiting for Dr. Brown to see me, I'm getting my stitches out this morning and she's going to see how well I'm doing... so I'll update you girls when I'm all done. Tty soon.

Post Op Appt

Post Op appt went well. Myself, Dr. Brown and Miss Alethea (Surgical Tech) are loving my results so far! At my Pre Op appt last week they thought 550cc's would be too big for me but today they agreed that 550cc's are perfect, yay!! Dr. Drown and Alethea told me how fast and easy my surgery went and that the Keller Funnel was an excellent choice to use during surgery due to the large implants and my tight chest muscles. My stitches were removed and my incisions look good.

I absolutely love Dr. Brown's and Alethea's company, they are sweet, loving and extremely caring I feel right at home with them. I knew from my 1st consultation they were the of people I'd like to do my surgery, I felt comfortable with the WHOLE staff (Nicole and Michelle awesome people as well). Most of you ladies went to see two or more Dr's for consultations but not me! Dr. Brown was the only Dr I consulted with and right away I chose her to be surgeon regardless of the price. Most have gone with the cheap Dr's but I didn't bother with them after meeting everyone at Desert Hills Plastic Surgery Center! Thank you all!!

PostOp Day 6

More pics of course!


Stitches Removed

Post Op Day 7

Breasts are doing great, they're starting to feel heavy I love that! Muscle Spasms here and there but not too bad, burning sensations still under the armpits but I've pretty much gotten used to that lol. Other than that I'm doing great, I feel amazing and sexy! Posting before & after pics together.

Inside My Fav Shirt

Wow totally different look from what I'm used to seeing in this shirt. Looks way more sexier on me now. Lol NO PADDED BRA UNDERNEATH!!! YAY

1 Week, 1 Day PostOp

Still feeling the tightening throughout the day not bad at all. Did a lot of walking yesterday that made my breasts hurt a tiny bit. They're feeling heavier and heavier daily but only without the support of a bra. Haven't had any problems with sleeping or using the bathroom since I've had my surgery so I'm grateful for that, been doing it all on my own without help from meds or anything love that. So I haven't had much bloating going on. Yay me! Abt to take a good nap then start work. Ttyl.

1 Week, 2 Days PostOp

9 Days Post Op and I doing amazing. I see very little change in my boobs and I don't believe they've started dropping yet, still looks like they're in the same spot. The shape is changing and they're getting a little softer though as I mentioned before they're feeling heavier daily but I love that! Dr said it may take abt a month or longer for them to drop because my muscles are so tight. I start massaging in 2 weeks so I'm sure that'll help them drop faster. I love love love them but since they're so high up and tight they look very small in most of my clothing cant wait til that change!! But all and all I'm painless and I'm happy.

THE NEGATIVE is I'm tired of sleeping slightly sitting up, I'm getting crooks in my neck and my back/side hurts sometimes. I want to go back to sleeping on my back, stomach and sides cant wait til I get the OK to do so I just want to be comfortable while sleeping!! Best Wishes and Happy Healing to all!!

More Pics

Cute lil sports bra I bought at Walmart


More pics frm today PostOp Day 9

1 Week, 3 Days Post Op

Day 10 and boobs are softer and have little movement, looking prettier and prettier daily. I just need these lovely girls to drop just a tiny bit for now lol. I'm so happy I finally got want I've wanted for so long I cant express that enough I swear!! Cant wait to see my final result. Yay I have boobies Thank you Dr. Brown & staff!!

1 Week, 4 Days Post Op

Few pics. 11 Days PostOp and they're looking great, still one bigger than the other. Should've went 25cc's more in my smaller breast but Dr Brown thought it'll be too big so she just put the same amount in both. She's amazing so I'm not mad at all, kinda sad though but I still look amazing!!! Love them!!

1 Day/11 Days

Day 1 and Day 11 pics

1 Week, 5 Days PostOp

Extreme Tightening! Its Day 12 and I've been experiencing tightening since abt 6am, at 1st I thought it was just "morning boob" but here it is 5 almost 6 hrs later and still tight. Called my Dr's office and told Alethea (Surgercial Tech) what I'm experiencing, she asked me a few questions just to make sure its nothing horrible like hematoma and since my answers were 'no' to all of the questions she said what I'm experiencing sounds normal and to relax and take it easy, so I'm a lil at ease but still concerned. My breasts look and feel the same, just tight! I took 2 muscle relaxers, one at 6am then another at 10:30a and didn't help at all so that's what made me call the office. Its noon now so abt 2p I'll take another one and hope it works. Anyone else experience this and turn out just fine??

12th Day Pics

Boobs are tight as heck but they look normal so I'm not too much worried abt any problems at this point. I was assured the continuous tightening is normal so I'll accept that until I see or feel differently.

1 Week, 6 Days Post Op

Woke up this morning to extreme tightening x5 but now I'm back to normal so all day & night yesterday my boobs stayed tight and they got tighter this morning. I just showered and oiled my boobs down as I do every day but today I noticed that they've dropped a little bit, yay!! So I guess all that tightening yesterday was a good thing thank God for that!! Here's a pic.

Day 12 vs Day 13

I can see the difference and I'm extremely happy lol.

2 Weeks PostOp

Here are my 14 Day PostOp pics. Not much has changed but my incisions look awesome and my breasts are starting to drop a little. Still having extreme tightening and uncomfortable sleeping but all in all I'm fine, doing great!

2 Weeks, 1 Day PostOp

15 Days PostOp and they're softening up more and more daily. I know once I start massaging them they'll be even softer, faster! Can't wait til they're all squishy, jiggely and bouncy! Lol I know I'm going to love them once they're all natural looking and soft. Ahh it feels so damn good having this done, oh the anticipation is...wow!
I love the fact that my incisions look amazing I thought I'd be grossed out by them once I got this procedure done but NOPE they look great!
I won't post any pics today although I did take some, I take pics EVERY DAY to keep record of this exciting experience and my daily progressions. I've posted so many since day 1, I'll just wait til a big change comes along to post more pics.

2 Weeks, 2 Days Post Op

All I can say is my back hurts like hell from sleeping slightly sitting up! OMG I can't wait til Friday (My 3 Week Post Op) so I start back sleeping normally flat on my back and on my sides!! Man oh man I need a good nights rest!!!! 5 more days until I can get that though, ugh!!

2 Weeks, 4 Days Post Op

Feeling pretty good, 18 Days Post Op and they're still slowly dropping but looking lovely and feeling softer. I got the ok to massage yesterday so that's great, I've been getting down on the massaging since approved to do so lol. All is well here and I hope all of you are doing/healing well also!!

Pics of Day 18

Looking good, 18 days out.

3 Weeks Post Op

21 days and they're doing/looking lovely! Dropping more and rounding out. Feels good to be back to my normal sleeping positions, I got pretty good rest last night! Yay me!! Still very sensitive to the touch and I still get tightening here and there but its very lil, not intense like before. Right breast is a tiny bit higher than the left, barely noticeable but I've decided to massage only the right breast all day today to see if it'll catch up to the left breast. Love them so much!!

Good Luck & Happy Healing to all!!!

3 Week Post Op Appt

25 days since surgery, had an appt today and all is beautiful. Right breast is still a tad bit higher than the left so I was given a strap to help it drop. I have to wear it with a bra so it doesn't make the implant drop too far and sag/bottom out. Just as I expected I'm only to massage the right breast so it can catch up to the left, which I'd already been doing so I'm good. My left breast is looking lovely cant wait til the right look the same or just as good.

Hope everyone is doing well!!

Strap Has To Go!!!

Its been less than a few hrs since I've had the strap and I'm already done with it! I am not wearing this thing anymore, it has the side of my right breast hurting like crazy! Terrible pain!! OMG!

Ok Strap Is Back In Business

Thank you to all the ladies who said postive, uplifting and encouraging words to me abt the strap. I did put it back on last night and it didn't hurt as much as it did the 1st time I wore it. I just put it on today, its 4:23pm so I'll wear it til bed time. Lets see how it goes!

4 Weeks Post Op

Feeling great, breasts are looking and feeling amazing by the day. I love them! Right breast is still slowly dropping but she looks beautiful! Lol.

Shirts I'd Love to Fill Out- 4 Weeks Post Op

Some pics of the shirts I said I'd love to fill out. So far they look good in these shirts but I'm hoping the look bigger in them in the future once they D&F. No bra on in these shirts.

Getting Better With Time

Seems like every morn I wake up they look better and better! Love it!! Cant wait to see my final results in 6 mths or so.

Swelling Gone Yet?

I really hope all my swelling has subsided because I like how they look and I sure hope the size they are now is all me and not swelling. I'm pretty sure the swelling is gone but I'm not 100% sure.

Just a thought! Maybe I'm thinking too much right? Boob greed, huh?!

1 Month Post Op

Wow time is flying by, 1 month already!

Blue & White Bra @ 1 Mth

More Pics

Loving my boobs. I'm so happy!!

I love this shot!

Had to post this one too


Words cant express how I feel abt finally having boobs!! Cant wait for the day when I can shop for the most beautiful and sexy shirts, dresses and swimsuits!! Now that I have my boobs I can start getting really sexy. I have thick thighs and a big butt, but I could definitely tone up everything, especially my belly I have a small gut that needs to be toned and flattened not much work to do so it'll be easy I'm thinking it'll take abt 2-3 months to get my desired results. I'm 170 lbs now I should be back to 150 lbs or less when I'm done toning but I do not want to weigh any less than 140 lbs I love my curves!!!

Its amazing how boobies make you feel and look so sexy!! So I have to tone my belly up so I can wear sexy tops! Nothing too tramp like though lol! I'm a lady. Lol

5 Weeks Post Op

Post Op Day 35, my breasts are looking and feeling amazing! I'm doing well, I've been back to my normal daily activities since Week 3, i.e. cleaning (high surface dusting/cleaning, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming), light exercising, dancing to my fav videos/songs, grocery shopping by myself (pushing a full cart of groceries felt different) and playing with my 4 yr old son. Still cant do any upper body exercises so no weight lifting, push-ups or sit-ups. Cant wait til I can do sit-ups!!!
But anyway all is well here and I'm extremely happy, I think I'm coming down with a small case of Boob Greed but I'm trying not to judge too quickly. A lot of ppl tell me once they drop and fluff they'll be bigger so I'll wait till then to tell if they're not big enough.
They're very beautiful though I love them!

Best Wishes To You All!!

Surgical Bra- Day 4 & Day 35

The difference is amazing

Love My Boobs

Pics of day 36.

YesNewMe2013 is Feeling Sexy!!

My confidence is sky high now! Feels damn good to wear regular bras and see projection in my T-shirts and its my boobs NOT padded bras and inserts!
Looking at myself in bras and cute shirts and seeing beautiful cleveage instead of flatness has me jumping for joy!!!
I love the new me and I am HAPPY!!!

6 Weeks Post Op

42 Days!! Wow time is flying, and my boobs are looking beautiful with each passing day. I feel great but I still have the sensitivity in both breasts, its not so bad now. Right boob is gradually catching up to the left and that's great! Cant wait to see how they look at 2 mths post op, by then they should be even (I hope).
Well best wishes to you all!!!

1 Month, 2 Weeks Post Op

6 Weeks (42 Days) Pix

Pics Day 43

More pics, this is day 43.

Progress Photos

Before, Day 1 and 6 weeks.

Front Facing Camera Pics

Before & Post Op Day 44

More Pics

More of day 44...

More Pics, Luv em!

Day 45 cute lil bra frm Wal-Mart.

Cant Believe How Smooth This Is Going!!

God is good!! I am very blessed thus far!

7 Weeks Post Op

Day 49, they're doing great and I love them!! Still kinda wish I went bigger but as I said before I LOVE THEM, the look, the feel and the shape! I have beautiful breasts!!! Loving my decision!
Best wishes to you all!!

Bigger Over Night?!

Compared my pics from yesterday (8/31) to today's pics (9/1) and my boobs look a lil bigger. I'm loving that! Hope they continue to get bigger to my liking.

More Pics

Day 52

8 Weeks Post Op

56 days post op today, almost 2 mths! And its official I have boob greed!!! I just dont think they're big enough for me! 550cc is a pretty large implant but not on my body. Darn I wish I could've gone 600cc but I thought 550cc was big enough or probably too big, but turns out they're not that big on me.

Enough abt the size!!

I'm so happy I've been blessed with this opportunity and I feel wonderful!
Dr. Brown you are amazing, thank you!!

Pics of Week 8

56 Days Post Op.

Somehow my pics today are distorted. Wth???

Before and 58 Days After (8 Weeks, 2 Days)

Loving this transformation! Damn good upgrade!

Green Top...Cleveage!!!!

Love the cleveage in this shirt

More Pics Post Op Day 59

8 Weeks and 3 Days

More Blue Bra Pics

Day 59

Tank Top Cleveage

Pink Tank Top, Day 60

Correction **Cleavage**

Lol my ph keeps posting cleveage instead of CLEAVAGE... dumb smart ph!! Lol

My Before and After Pics on Dr. Brown's Website :-)

Thank you Dr. Brown for the beautiful breats you've given me! It was my pleasure to let u use my pics on ur site, I was thrilled when u asked me if u could put them on the site and I'm just extremely happy to see myself on there!!! Drr

2 Months Post Op

Looking and feeling amazing!!

9 Weeks (2 Months, 1 Day)

Looking a tad bit bigger in clothing, I'm hoping they reach my expectations by my 4th month. I need them to get bigger! Lol...
But they are looking damn good!

4lbs since implants

The day of my surgery I weighed 166lbs, 2 months after breast augmentation I weigh 170lbs. Lol I wonder if my implants weigh the whole 4lbs or jusrt half?? Did I gain 2 of the 4lbs?
Lol just a thought.

Enjoying My New Boobies!

I feel great, My body looks better with bigger boobs! I love wearing V-neck shirts to show my beautiful cleavage! They are very very soft, bouncy a squishy! Just amazingly natural looking and feeling! I'm happy!

Pictures I Took Yesterday 9.15.13

Adding pics I took yesterday and didn't post. Post Op Day 65.

Today's Pics

Post Op Day 66

Swimsuit Top

Post Op Day 68 in a swimsuit top. Looking small but beautiful!


Pictures of my:
Before, 1 Month and 2 Months.

Post Op Day 73

Feeling great. I'm still wearing a 36DD, the size my Dr told me to get before surgery. I got sized at Victoria's Secret and after dropping and fluffing I'm that exact size (Damn my Dr is good).

Tried on a few bras and I bought 2 and some perfume. I'll go back soon to get a nice pajama set or something.

Pics Of My 2 New VS Bras And An Old Swimsuit Top

More pics! Of my beautiful boobies!

78 Days Post Op

My my my! I love my new boobies and so does the WORLD!!! I feel amazing! I'm almost 3 months post op, I never imagined they'd look and feel this amazing in only 2 months. I'm totally grateful and I thank God every day for this blessing and total boost of confidence! And I thank u as well Dr. Brown & staff!!

12 Weeks Post Op

Pics of Post Op Day 84

Life Is Beautiful!

Love my new boobs as I've said a million times before!!! But I can't help but to be thankful for such beautiful, amazing results!! I'm in love with my boobies! Lol. All is well my way, my journey has been blessful and smooth. I'm pretty much over the boob greed and enjoying these pretty titties to the fullest!

Take care all.

15 Weeks Post Op

Hey ladies, its been 105 days since surgery and the girls are looking/doing great! I love them more and more each and everyday!

Hope all is well with u all! Stay blessed!

4 Months Post Op :-)

123 Days and they are doing wonderful. I'm looking and feeling wonderful! All is well!

6 Months 2 Days Post Op

Wow time has flown by!! I feel great, I look amazing! So so happy I did this for myself, my confidence is sky high! I'm on cloud9!!!

To all u ladies out there thinking of doing something like this for yourself, go for it! U'll love the new u!

10 Months, 10 Days Post Op.

My experience has been an amazing one. I love my breasts, I couldn't ask for a better pair! Dr. Hayley Brown you are greatly appreciated. Thank you so so much!

1yr Post Op

This yr as flown by and my experience has been so wonderful! I'm extremely happy with my results I LOVE YOU DR. HAYLEY BROWN & STAFF!! Thank you all so much for the love and support!

1 yr 4 mths Post Op.

Hello ladies I hope everyone is doing well and you all are as happy and satisfied with your results as I am. For those of you who have not had surgery yet good luck and best wishes.
Happy Holidays RealSelf!!!

2 Yrs 1 Wk Post Op

Breast are looking beautiful. Breasts are feeling beautiful. And i'm looking and feeling beautiful. No problems at all, they look and feel natural my new boyfriend loves them. He didn't know they were fake until I told him and he's in disbelief.

Happy Healing ladies.

2yrs 1wk Post Op

Another picture
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hayley Brown is the most wonderful person you'd ever want to meet. Her staff is amazing, great hospitality! Her office is very beautiful and comfortable. Dr. Brown is #1 on my list, I would refer any and all women (men too) in the Las Vegas/Henderson area to definitely choose her as your surgeon! She's very sweet, down to earth, intelligent, LOVES her profession, excellent at what she does! Rated one of the TOP best plastic surgeons in Nevada! I love her work!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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