Correction of constricted breasts with Mod + silicone unders - Henderson, NV

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Started requesting consults tonight for the girls....

Started requesting consults tonight for the girls. Will be looking to go from a AA/AAA to a C. Am still nervous about the logistics of work and time off but am hoping they will be willing to work with me. I've always been small chested and after 2 kids and weight loss there's a sad state of affairs going on in my padded bras. I'm hoping by te end of summer I will be filling out a bikini.

Found my surgeon and surprise deformity diagnosed.

So after two consults today I found my surgeon! First consult was highly recommended and he knew it. I was feeling a little deflated after and was hoping the next one would be better, it really was! This doc took an hour with myself and husband and really explained what needed to be done and why in lots of detail. He also told me that the reason my breast were so small and shaped narrow/projected forward was because I have congenital constriction! I always felt they were super different than any other breasts I'd seen -even small ones. He explained my procedure would be different to make the fold under my breasts the correct distance from my areola and show me how he would score the constricted tissue away from the chest wall. Then I chose my implants!! Went with silicone Natrelle mod plus473cc. Scheduled for May!

One month away!

So surgery is 4 weeks out from tomorrow. It's crazy all the emotions and logistics that are going through my mind. I ordered some zip up short sleeve hoodies online for the first few days post op today and sent some e-mails to my ps asking about bras. Have lots of events in the coming weeks so time should fly. I'm still nervous about the correction of the constricted tissue and possible revision surgery in the future but am trying to focus on positive vibes haha. Ok will update more when there's news!

Final prep!

So my surgery is set for 7am Friday . Found some fantastic bead ice packs, bought the small bedside essentials- baby wipes , moved the phone cable closer, grocery shopped for light healthy foods and easy meals for the hubby to make the kids- meaning there's a large amount of frozen food and lunch meat, lol. I cleaned the bedroom and am on the hunt for shows to binge watch- suggestions welcome. This is close!! Only 4 more days!

457cc allergen moderate profile plus round smooth implants! Done!

So surgery was this am. Doc came to see me and ask questions and re- explain how the correction would go. So he did under the muscle/dual plane with internal stitches to support the lowered constricted fold- lowered from 4-6.5 I believe he said. The constricted tissue was scored around my breast as well. He put punk rock music on for me in the surgical suite which was really cool. So wham bam I'm in recovery- felt like there was a pile of bricks on my chest, I cried a lot and my nurse took wonderful care of me, thank you Michael! So after 4 doses of fentanyl an getting dressed off to home I went. As everyone says muscle relaxers are the best!! I'm staying on topnof my pain meds though as I'm scared to feel bad like I did earlier . Going to nap:)

Day 2

Just some pics from day 2. Still swollen, got permission to take bra off for breaks , but it feels better to keep it on. Excuse the belly, bloated:(

Off to the doc

So yesterday was day six. I didn't sleep much the night before and woke up feeling achy and with the chills. I let my pt care coordinator know an she said to let her know if it didn't go away. My temp went up a bit to 99.5- not really a fever but I felt sick. Luckily my husband was able to send my mom over to care for my son so I could rest. I slept for about 4 hours and felt much better.
Other than that my right breast has been the "problem child" lol. There's one spot on ot that's very sore with any movement. Md said he out some very deep sutures in at 1st post op but I plan to ask again as that's the only reason I'm still needing pain meds. I'm posting some pics of the gnarly bruises from day 4 I think it was.


So I'm going to a graduation next week and had to find a bra to wear for a few hours. Grabbed a few clearance bras since it's way to early to spend any real cash on cute bras. Tried on the 36 C's and they feel small!! Happy days:)
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