415cc to 450cc 5'0 112lbs 34aa-34D

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Booked my surgery date. Dr khorsandi and staff all...

Booked my surgery date. Dr khorsandi and staff all very sweet to me. We are at odds with size . He keeps reminding me not to get stuck on the number but I don't wanna look like a super fake plastic girl lol . Esp since I'm 5'0 ..Torsos space is limited . So implant is going to be a HP natrelle inspira. Sizes im deciding between 415cc, 450cc, or 480cc. They sound so big. Leaning between 415 or 450. But I guess I only have 25cc of natural tissue. Literally nipples on ribs. Still struggling with extreme anxiety and fear over size , anesthesia, meds...ugh can't wait till it's over.

Letting the dr decide.

I am driving myself nuts trying to figure out if I want 415 or 450cc. I decided that my dr knows what I want and I will just let him decide what looks best when he's in there. I'm so scared to go to big esp since I'm so short. I'm gonna try to bring him pics and let him know all my concerns. On another note I ordered my wedge pillow , sport bras , bio oil, ice packs, TV tray. Need a comfy cite outfit or two.

20 days away!

20 days till surgery day. Picked up my meds yesterday. Got my wedge pillow , ice packs , bed tray and ginger ale. Still flustered over size even though I'm leaving it to Dr.khorsandi to decide. I still have some fears of anesthesia. Like not waking up or something going wrong. I have my vectra pics but other girls I've talked to say there's come out bigger then that. I believe the pics shown 450cc. I'm only 5ft I hope it's in proportion. My nipples are a little uneven in pics from breast feeding. Hes gonna try to fix that as well.

6 days away from boobie day

Feeling nervous. I hate anesthesia. Can't wait to be home safe. Worried about size. Here are some before pics.

2 More days!!

It's getting so close. Been cleaning the house and shopping for some last minute items. Picked up some adult coloring books. Butterflies, butterflies,butterflies. I'll try to up load a few more preop pics .

Boobie day

Sore today. Didn't take pain meds yet. Wrapped up tight. Slept most the day. Follow up appt tomorrow.

Surgery day and post op day 1 450cc and 415cc

Alot of bruising from correction of constricted breasts and benelli lift

Post op day 1,2,3

Very tender lots of bruising. Sitting really high. I need alot of help still. Alot of pressure and tightness . Very Very unomfortable

Post op day 7

Still high. Still hard. Wishing I went a little bigger already lol. Maybe they'll look better if I drop a few lbs. Left dropping faster.

Post op day 11

Still sitting high and very tight. My nipples are super sensitive and by sensitive I mean painful. The slightest touch or graze hurts. But I guess this is good cause I didn't loose sensitivity. My left side is dropping faster. Maybe it's becuase the implant is smaller (415cc). My right side pocket looks smaller but the implant is bigger (450cc). The right side is more firm ,tight and slower to drop. I had my follow up 4 days ago and was given the breast band. I've read conflicting reviews by doctors about these bands. How do u guys feel? Having some phone in my old swim top and 34a vs bra that I never really wore cause I never filled it out.

15 days post up 450cc and 415cc

15 days post op and the left side is leaving the right in the dust. Left is dropping nicely, making round shape with some under boob. I'm not sure if it's becuase it's dropping faster but the left side looks bigger. My husband says that the left side always kinda looked bigger which concerns me a little cause we adjusted the cc to catch the right side up. My right side dropping at a snails pace , and it hurts alot more. It's kinda weird to me cause the left side Is the one with the benelli lift . But my right stings more, is more sensitive. Right side still has a bigger hump still probably from the fluid still sitting there. My skin over all is super sensitive esp the lower pole where everything is stretching. I had nothing before so these are big accommodations hehehe. Had some fun and went to try on new bra for fun when I was like 12 days post op. Busting out of a 34 c and I have brlerely lower pole and fitting nicely into 36c but im pretty sure that means 34d. So I tried on a 34 d and it pretty much fit and I haven't yet dropped . A few pics

Post op day 16!

My nipples itch Oh my the itchiness!!! And sensitive sooooo sensitive !!!! But looking cute in this nightie . Yay!!!

21 days post op . 450cc and 415cc yellow fluid

I have some light yellow fluid coming from what seems my nipple and areola near steri strips. Doesn't smell, it's tiny but enough to keep nipple moist. Looks kina like colostrum. So scared. Just gonna call Dr. But no other symptoms. Other than that they look good

4wks rash healing and new bras

So I week 4 was pretty aweful. I got a horrible reaction to steri strips. I had the worst rash of my life. Steri strips came off after 8 days and the rash has been slowly healing . It was the worst feeling at work. Now it's only mildly red and dry. Boobies dropping . I got sized as a 32dd at VS. I ordered some new bras . It's still to early for the wire ones but I had fun trying them on.

Not even !!! Right side isnt dropping . 7wks and scared

7wks. And now there being bad . Right is wayyyyy behind and scaring me . Is it ever gonna catch up. Wearing band and massaging. Everything is off Nipples , symmetry , dropping..I'm just so sad right now :(

1 yr update

Soo my implants where a hit cause I got pregnant asap after I got them . However there still so beautiful. Here is my 1yr update 8wks post delivery of baby. I still highly recommend my Dr torrent. My breasts are big full and so natural even at a 32ddd from an 32 aaa of 25cc ish
Dr. Khorsandi

Very kind doctor with good staff. Everyone was very compassionate and tried there best alleviate my anxiety. Hes a very popular doctor and sometimes gets a little backed up. However he takes time with all his patients making sure to answer all your questions.

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