34 Year Old Fit Woman , Size 34A to 425cc Silicone Smooth Round High Profile Implants, 115lb's , 5'0 Tall. Henderson, NV

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So, I am looking to improve my figure. As you can...

So, I am looking to improve my figure. As you can see, I barely have room for cleavage with my small little nuggets. I first started thinking about getting a BA when I was in my twenty's and finally went to my first appointment in August of 2015. I had a tragedy happen to my furry little friend (my dog) on the same day of my appointment and my funds were no longer available to do my surgery. I started pursuing my journey again shortly after I got engaged. I wanted to fill out my wedding gown and look back at my pictures in awe. I am also blessed to have to step children that I am already so in love with, including their father. I had been saving for a while and made my consultation for 4/8/2016. I originally thought 375cc from my first consultation in August 2015 and then I went back and decided with my doctor on 425cc. I want to be a large C to small D cup. This is what my Doctor recommended for me. I am 115lb's, 5'0 tall and petite. My waist is 26-27 inches and my chest is 34A. My hips are 36-37 inches. I am hoping for an hour glass figure. Here are before pics and wish pics I selected.

Pre operation boobs

Day of Operation. I was really nervous and scared about being put under. We went in a little early and sat there for a couple of hours to get ready to go into surgery. The surgery went very well. After I was in recovery , then got picked up and drove home. I was lucky not to throw up and get home into bed. Here are my last before pictures.

Finally some after photos

They look great!

Day 4 still swollen

Hi everyone, I'm on day 4 already and feeling pretty good other than the swelling. I can't wait for my boobs to move in closer. The swelling has reduced a bit but are still riding high and in my arm pits. I am down to little to no meds and my results improve everyday! Sleeping at a 45 degree angle has been hard and pressure in certain areas I'm not use to. I still think my doctor did an amazing job for my body!

Day 5

I find this whole process very interesting. I thought things would still be a lot harder than they are. I barely have any pain except for getting in and out of bed. I stopped using pain meds 2 days ago and I am really happy that I am not struggling with everyday things. My breasts are still riding high and are about 3 fingers apart. My left breast has dropped a little and my body is slowly recovering and getting use to my new additions. I thought I'd share a few more pictures.

Just an update over a week

I went to another doctors appointment Friday. I was told to do a few exercises to help my breasts move in closer and push my right more down. It hurts to put pressure on them but it will be worth it. I don't like how far apart they are but they will get there I hope. Here are a few pics.

Impatient but waiting

Did a comparison from the beginning until now and I am impatiently waiting for my breasts to move closer. They are still in my armpit, which makes it hard to shave and from the front view, without the cleavage and my boobs being in my armpits, they seem smaller. My right boob has decided to drop a little this morning, which I am happier about. I really can't wait until everything settles. This pic is from day 2 to day 12. They do look better than the first day!

Wow, what a difference

I took a picture of myself in a swimsuit two months ago and tried it on again today. I must have the same stance every time. What a difference boobs make. I love how I look now!

Loving more every day

This week I had my 3 week dr appointment and was told that my breasts are still riding high, so now I have to wear a band for three weeks to push them down.

My fiancé loves that I got a boob job, but because my body and my rib cage my dr has told me they may not completely move in, making less cleavage. This may have been what I didn't want to hear. Sometimes from the front I feel like my boobs look small. From an angle and the side, they look amazing and huge. So patiently waiting for some drop and fluff. I hope I turn out to be a small d in the end. Here's a few comparisons and pictures I took today.

5 weeks down

I am so glad I did the surgery. I think my boobs are coming in nicely. They are still a bit high. One more week and I can really start my workouts again I can't wait!
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