32 Y.o. 5'2" 92 Lb Needing BA - Henderson, NV

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05.11.2016 It's a pretty significant day for me -...

05.11.2016 It's a pretty significant day for me - I decided to book my BA procedure next week on May 16. That's only a few days from now, but I firmly believe that this is the best time because I finally have time off from my clinical rotations. Here's a little background about me... I'm 5'2" and currently 88 lbs. My weight fluctuates a lot between 88 to 92 lbs though. I'm very sedentary because all I do is study when I'm home. Most of my "cardio" (I think it counts) is when I brisk-walk in the hospital and be on my feet for 10-14 hrs in a clinic. I got sized at Victoria Secret last year... I think I got pretty ambitious there, lol... and I still am 28A. Of course they got nothing for me except junior sports bras so I ended up ordering bras from "The Little Bra Company," and they fit me perfectly!

September 17, 2015 was my first consulation with a PS. He's very nice and seemed knowledgable, and he sized me up for 250 cc. He was concerned about me getting contractures if I get any bigger so he didn't recommended going above that. He said it was very common among Asians.

March 8, 2016 was my 2nd consultation with another incredibly nice and brilliant PS. It took a while for me to book another consultation because I was busy with my clinical rotations. I didn't have any time off. He sized me up for 300 cc, which I thought at that time looked better than the 250 cc. When I left, I thought I would really pick him as my PS, but I went to see another one after 3 weeks.

March 24, 2016 was my 3rd and final consultation. He is another incredibly nice PS and I was really impressed with his bedside manners and intelligence. Moreso, I really got hooked to his 3D simulation. So I got sized for 335 cc on my left and 340-360 cc on my right breast. My chest is actually uneven and he was the only one who pointed that out... and this is the reason why I picked Dr. Khorsandi!

Why I wanted to get a BA... I just thought I'd look better with big boobs. I know I'd still have to alter dresses, but at least I get to fit the top part well. I'm really excited for my BA on Monday! I can't wait!

BA - Natrelle Inspira, 335 Cc L and 345 Cc R

I've always wanted bigger boobs since I was in college... and May 16, 2016 was when I had my BA procedure... and so far so good! 1st day post op, I was really sore and swollen. I had to get myself adjusted to simple things like finding difficulty opening med containers, getting up from bed, and cleaning the house.

Day 2 post op, I woke up due to pressure on my chest... I thought it was worse than day 1, but after the ace bandage came off, I felt a lot of relief. I can now breath better. I was also able to cook waffles and make coffee for my SO.

In sum though, I'm happy that I had this procedure done. There is always that saying that goes "no pain no gain," and I agree. I just have to deal with the inflammatory process for now and I know it will be much better later. I came out confident because I have one of the best PS's in the US - Dr. Khorsandi!!!

32 Yo, No Kids, 5'2" 92 Lbs, Natrelle Inspira HP 335 Cc L 345 Cc R

I'm now 39 days post op and happy with my results so far. My right breast is a little stubborn, but it has improved a lot from my day 2 frankenboobs. I will post pictures later, but just wanted to post the review for my PS. He's the best!

I wish I can just copy-paste my BA journey here from my journal app, but my internet connection is acting up! My recovery was really good. I drove on the second day, and I was able to sleep well. Danskin sports bras from Walmart were my savior because I can barely fit into my surgical bra even post BA. They offered the best support (at a cheap price) during my recovery.

Post BA 20 Days

Sorry if I didn't include a picture of days 1-7... My breasts were sitting horribly high. I swear I probably have one of the worst cases of frankenboobs, but of course I have nothing to be ashamed of right now (being a little over 2 months post BA). Here are pictures of days 10, 17, and 18. Breasts were still swollen, but I've seen a lot of improvement around day 9. Nipples were extra-sensitive so the padded Danskin sports bra helped a lot!

Post BA 1-2 Months

My breasts are still sitting high up, so I have been wearing the bandeau 24/7 and my PS also advised me to massage the upper quadrants of my breast to help push the implants down. The swelling has gone down a lot and by day 30ish, my medium-sized Danskin sports bras became loose. Since then, I've been wearing the small ones. The bandeau has also caused me a lot of irritation around Day 35 so I 

2 Months Post BA - Dresses

I didn't do any clothes shopping at all. I am still able to fit into anything I had prior to my BA. I was worried I'd look too vulgar in my business casual clothes, but it wasn't a problem at all. I think, overall, I look better in them. I don't look too top heavy either. My friends say that my new breasts look very proportional to my body. My weight still fluctuates between 88 to 92 lbs (I'm currently 5'2" 90 lbs)... So here are some more pictures of me in clothes :)

Struggling with Bra Shopping

So, I've been measured at Victoria Secret many times. I got a 32 C, a 32 D, then finally somebody from 3rd VS store I went to said I'm neither because I'm more of a 30 DD. She put my size on card as 32 C/D. My measurement under the breasts is 25" and this makes it more complicated for petite girls who underwent BA! I'm not complaining though. I love my new boobs. It's just a struggle looking for the perfect fit bra that looks great. The D's at VS are just so uncomfortable. Some of them look good, but there's always a gap between my boobs and the bra cups. The C's, on the other hand, felt great. I know it's not normal for the band to ride up in the back (32 band size is loose on me so the boobs are kind of compensating for it), but C's are the better fit so far. Anywayz, I've been massaging my boobs 3-5x a day because they're still high up. It's so frustrating mine takes forever to drop!!!


I forgot to talk about my inframammary incisions. They look well-healed up. My left has little pink spots, but is otherwise flat and I think it will heal up just as great as the right. I don't think there is hardly any right inframammary scarring at all. I haven't posted about them before because some time along BA journey, I've had bumps -literally and figuratively. If you notice any hyperpigmentation, it's from my allergic reaction to the dermabond (glue) around day 19 I believe. I took pics of it and they looked disgusting back then. Now they're healed up, and it's starting to look less pigmented. Hopefully, it will fade completely when my breasts start to d&f. My PS did a great job obviously. My body is just being stubborn. I'm just incredibly prone to chafing then hyperpigmentation follows. The bandeau even caused me problems too. It made my skin red and itchy around 1 month of wearing it religiously (right where it sits on the upper outer quadrants of breasts). I had hyperpigmentation there as well, but it's gone now.

Comparison Pre and Post BA

My right breast is slowly descending, and it's taking its sweet time. I am massaging it as much as I can after I get off work. Here are comparison photos pre-BA and a little over 3 months post op. I am glad I'm filling in this swim top now, and breasts don't look as high up anymore. I believe they still need to d&f more, but this is already a dream come true for me. I had Inspira 335 cc on left and 345 cc on right. Breasts also feel softer now.

4th month pics

It took me a while to update as I have been very busy. I also went home during my break so I took that opportunity to take more pictures. Nothing has changed much since the third month, except that my breasts feel a lot softer and my hyperpigmentation has faded a lot (I had a bad reaction to dermabond).

5 Months Post BA update

It has been a long journey, but all the waiting paid off. I'm loving the way they look now, and my right breast has dropped more since my last update. My post inflammatory hyperpigmentation has completely faded (I had a bad reaction to dermabond on the 19th day). Let me know if you want to see pictures of progression so I can help those who had the same reaction. Everything is looking great, and I'll be at my PS' office tomorrow for pictures. Yayyy!!!

Current measurements (haven't changed since my baseline at 2 months post BA):
Chest = 31.5"
Underbust = 25"

Current bra/ bralette sizes --
VS bra sizes: sports bra in XS, bralettes in XS/S, 32 C/D
Aerie bra sizes: bralettes in XS/S, bras in 30 D
CK bralette: XS
Dansk sports bra (Walmart): S
Forever 21 sports bra: XS

6 Months Post BA

This is a long overdue one. Pictures were taken around Thanksgiving. My right breast has finally dropped, and is now at the level of my left. I love how they comform to the bra more as they have softened a lot.

7 Months Post BA

There are no changes since last update. I took advantage of the semi-annual sale at VS and loved all my purchases :) ... Some pictures may appear distorted due to camera distortion, but both breasts are the same level now and appears equal in size. I do need to quit taking pictures from a lower angle, but I do want to show how much my breasts dropped and leveled out even at the most unflattering angle :D
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon

I wrote this review when I was only 2 days post-op from a Breast Augmentation, but for some unknown reason, it didn’t get posted! My sentiments, however, are more elevated than usual since I get to spend more time with VIP Plastic Surgery. So I was trying to say on my original review that I wanted to commend Dr. Khorsandi very much even early on at that stage because he was very nice, down-to-earth, intelligent, and made me feel at ease even from the very beginning. The staff at VIP Plastic Surgery was amazing too. I always feel welcomed whenever I’m at the office or when I call them about anything that bothers me during my recovery. The whole team, in general, even the nurses and Anesthesiologist at Seven Hills Surgical Center made me feel comfortable from start to finish of my procedure. Dr. Khorsandi also has been very compassionate. He never treated my concerns with disdain, and he was very patient in answering my questions. All the attributes I mentioned are what I’ve always looked for in a physician. As a medical student, I am more inspired than ever to finish my studies and be just as good and humble as him. Also, what made Dr. Khorsandi stand out more against other plastic surgeons I looked up was his Vectra 3D imaging. It was so helpful in choosing implant sizes. I ended up getting 335 cc on my left and 345 cc on my right breast due asymmetry. I’m even more impressed after the consultation because he’s the only who pointed this out. I’m so lucky to have him as my Plastic Surgeon! No words can describe how incredibly fortunate I feel. Now, at 39 days post op, I’m very happy with my results.

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