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I haven't had the best experiences in the past...

I haven't had the best experiences in the past with cosmetic surgery. I've always had high hopes on what I expected to look like which always seemed to be a let down with my final results. Deciding to fix the things that others hadn't done right the first time was a big step towards a better me. I looked into a few plastic surgeons around town and no one made me feel at ease. I spent months reading reviews and looking into pictures when I decided that Dr. K was the best doctor for the job. I kept my fingers crossed that the consultation would go well considering my mind was already set by reading all the excellent reviews he has. As soon as I stepped into his office I felt welcomed and comfortable. My anxiety disappeared when I met Dr. K and he answered all my questions and went over everything that needed to be done for the best results. He's so knowledgeable and experienced; I knew I would be in good hands. He went above and beyond my expectations. I'm so very pleased with the amazing results he has given me. His post op care is hands down the best I've ever received. I'm ecstatic that I've found a plastic surgeon who is so caring and actually loves what he does. Dr. K and his entire staff are the best! They have no idea what they have gotten themselves into because they will be seeing a whole lot more of me with plenty more procedures to come! They are my VIP family now and that office is now my second home. Here's to being a better version of yourself today than you were yesterday! Thanks VIP Team :)

Taking you back to round one.

Hi guys, I wanted to give ya a little info about my first round and post some pics.
So my first BBL I did in December of 2014. I went to a physicians assistant to have it done. It was done right in his office and you didn't have to be put out for it; which I thought was great considering anesthesia usually makes me sick. Being awake during the process wasn't pleasant but bearable. I had fat taken from my stomach, love handles, and outer thighs. I gained about 20 pounds for this procedure. I'm 5'4" and weighed 117 before I decided to gain the weight. I weighed in at 135 on the day of surgery. I had over a Liter of fat taken but only 350mL injected into each cheek. I didn't sit at all for the first two weeks and only sat when I had to drive for two months. After the swelling went down after week one, I kept all the volume that stayed from there on. Although there was clearly a volume increase in my booty, there was no projection added whatsoever which was pretty discouraging. I didn't want to lose weight fearing I would lose the volume I had added in my butt. So I went in and had a couple more areas lipoed trying to even out my body. I had the back bra roll, hips, and inner thighs done. After I hit the two month mark for my fat transfer I started to hit the gym again ( I was a real gym rat before my procedure) to tighten everything back up. As I lost weight you could see abnormalities in my stomach area, my inner thighs didn't look too great and my hips were uneven. Not to mention my booty looked bottom heavy on my body. I remember looking in the mirror and debating whether or not I should go thru the whole process all over again... I decided that I needed to do it for myself so I could gain my confidence back. It was right then that I knew I had to find the best surgeon that can sculpt me back into the person I was before I gained the weight but with a bigger booty of course :)
I read so many reviews and looked at so many pictures and then I just had this connection with Dr. Khorsandi's website. I knew he would be the one to tansform me into a better me... and that's the beginning of my round two!

Moving Foward. Round Two!

Hi guys! Tomorrow I'll be at two weeks post op for my round two with Dr. K! Yay. I'm pretty much feeling back to normal now. Okay, so let me tell you all about my round two. I got back up to 135 pounds before I went in for my consultation back in September with Dr. Khorsandi. I wrote him an email letting him know all the areas I had work on before, so he would know my story before I met him. Meeting him was such a pleasure. He is such an amazing person and such a talented surgeon. I felt so comfortable with him. The areas we decided to do were: fixing of the inner thighs and hips, posterior thighs, flanks, upper and lower back, stomach, and arms. I also decided to do high def vaser on the abdomen and arms hoping to get my fit look back, and of course the transfer to the booty for a more lifted projected look. From September to January I tried to put on a little more weight so he would have more fat to work with (my surgery day was February 1st). I was able to gain about 7 pounds but with the weight gain I also gained stretch marks on my booty :(
They kinda came out of no where and made me nervous they were going to get worse with the transfer. At my pre op appointment which was ten days before my surgery day I showed him the stretch marks and he said he would take care of them free of charge! Which was such a relief considering every penny I made was going towards my surgery bill. He scheduled me an appointment for the very next day. I went in and got my zapping stretch mark treatment and with one treatment bam, they were gone. I did however get welts and slight bruising from the treatment because my skin is so sensitive, but it was normal. The day of surgery he took his time drawing on every single section he was working on and then it was surgery time! Let me tell you, I did not do well with the anesthesia I woke up in the recovery room super dizzy and I couldn't even walk. I had to be wheeled out to the car. I threw up once I got home and then I tried to rest for the rest of the night. I needed help getting up from bed and into bed for the first couple days. Let me tell you, the arms is probably the most sensitive area to have work on. Not being able to lift myself up was the worst. Anywho, I went in to the office everyday for the first week to check on my drains and get massaged. Day four I got my drains taken out and I was able to take my first shower! Yay! After that it's all downhill from there. Each day I felt better and better. Dr. Khorsandi has the best bedside manner and I'm so grateful for how much he cares about my final results. Everyone at the office has seen my results thus far. And I cannot wait until all the swelling goes down and I can see my end results!

Finally at Two Weeks Post Op (Round Two)

Hi guys :)

A lot of my swelling has went down. However I'm a little disproportionate right now as the swelling is seeming to go down at different rates on each side. My right hip and cheek are more swollen than my left. And my left arm is one half inch more swollen than my right lol. Keeping my fingers crossed everything evens out.

Three Weeks Post Op (Round Two)

Week Four Post Op (Round Two)

Hi guys. So I'm not having the best time recovering. At the beginning of week two I caught a cold and now at the end of week three/beginning of week four I have the stomach flu... I'm having the hot sweats and getting sick multiple times per day. Wearing a full body garment with foam, ab board, and a wrap isn't helping my tummy at all. My foam was pretty soaked from being all gross and sweaty.. I'm trying to stay hydrated though. I'm really discouraged at this point because I feel like my body isn't healing as well now since I keep on getting sick :(
The good news is that the extra swelling in my left arm subsided and my arms are about the same size now :)
The bad news is that my right hip is still substantially larger than my left making me very uneven :(
I know it's still too early to judge what my final results may be; so I'm really hoping they will even out... keep your fingers crossed for me.

Collages (Round Two: Week One thru Week Four)

Week Five Post Op ( Round Two )

Hi guys, so I'm still under the weather. But feeling better than last week. On Tuesday of last week I was put into my new garment, a tighter better fitting garment. The tighter compression felt really nice on my arms and legs. My first garment went above the knee; so my knees were pretty swollen, but this new one goes below the knee and so the swelling is finally going down in the knee area :)
I found out later that night (after being put into my new garment) that the new garment wasn't cut back far enough to allow me to use the bathroom. I was able to pee just fine, but since I have the stomach flu I get sick several times a day and taking my garment completely off every single time I had to use the bathroom wasn't ideal; especially since the closure is in the back and I need help getting out of it, and there isn't always someone here to help me. I had anxiety and text the patient coordinator at the doctors office and told her my issue. It was after office hours but she had me come right in to meet Dr. K there so he could take a look at the problem. I was super appreciative that they saw me right away. He took me out of my garment for the night and had me set up to see the garment people the next morning. The garment people cut some pieces of the garment out the next morning which fixed the problem. Two days later after taking a shower and getting back into my garment while pulling it on over my booty it popped the zipper! My first of many big booty problems to come haha... Anywho it's not a big deal because there's hooks under the zipper which keep it together. Anywho, my arms, stomach, and thighs are healing really nicely. My back seems to be holding a lot of swelling still and my hips are still uneven sadly. I know eventually the swelling in my back will go away. And so therfore, the only thing I'm worried about at this point is the evenness of my hips.


Hi guys, I went in for my six week post op appointment today. Everything is looking good. Almost all the swelling is gone and I only have to wear my garment for two more weeks :)
At that point I'll just wear my waist wrap with foam and boards up to the 12 week mark; possibly longer. I voiced my concern about my hips being uneven and he said I have to wait for all the swelling to settle and then he can try to take fat from somewhere to graph it to my left hip to even them out... so I hope that's something I can fix fairly soon since it bothers me pretty bad.
Anywho, I took some pics at the office today, so as soon as I get those before and after pictures I'll post them.
My measurements as of today ( Six Weeks Post Op)

Before: After:
Waist-30 inches Waist- 26.5 inches
Hips- 40 inches Hips- 43 inches
Arms- 11 inches Arms- 9.5 inches
Thighs- 23 inches Thighs- 22.5 inches

Two Months Post Op (Round Two)

Hi guys :)
I made it to the two month mark! Yay! I'm finally out of my garment, and now I'm only wearing an ab belt with my foam and ab board. My stomach is the only area that seems to be holding onto swelling; it was the only area that swelled when taking off my garment for a couple hours for work. One more month to go and then the swelling should completely subside. I'm hoping my waist will get down to 25 inches at the most. Keeping my fingers crossed for that! Right now my waist measurements fluctuate between 28-26 inches depending on the day and time. On a good note, my thighs have went down another half inch from the six week mark. But other than that, my measurements remain the same. I'm starting to sit more regularly now and I'm back to regular activities. My doctor did an amazing job on my booty. He gave me exactly what I asked for. My arms, thighs, abs, and butt are looking really great. My hips are still the only thing that bothers me. (Well, that, and my ugly banana roll, but I'm hoping I can get rid of it with squats.) One more month of healing; so we'll see where that takes me. I'm hoping for the best :)
*Oh and I took more after pictures at the office today, so as soon as I get those I'll post them. I also asked to be sent how much fat was taken out and how much was grafted back into my butt. So hopefully they'll get back to me with that so I can share that with you guys :)
Happy healing :D

When you're not good enough...

Hi guys, I write you today stuck in a deep hole of depression. I wanted to share my story with you all; so I'm going to tell it all. I found out yesterday that my measurements are too big to work outings at my job. No one wants me representing their brand being this "huge". I spent so much money trying to feel better about myself and now I feel worse... I thought I looked pretty good, I felt pretty confident. However, I'm still not good enough. I thought guys liked big butts, but I guess not when it's representing their brand. My hips are too wide and my hip measurement is too big. They want me to lose about five inches :/
So as of now, my hips are uneven and I planned on fixing them anyways, but now my plan is instead of adding fat to the left side to even out with the right side, I'll have to take from the right side and smooth out the left side to make me more slim. I'm hoping this is possible and easy to do... I called my doctors office to set up an appointment to talk to Dr. Khorsandi about it... I really can't afford another procedure, but I can't afford not working either, so this is something that needs to be fixed asap. I've been strict dieting and hitting the gym trying to trim my waistline... I'm trying to stay positive but it's difficult when you know you're not good enough... I'm at a point right now where I'm wondering why I even did this to myself and I'm upset I spent so much money just to be back at square one; depressed. Please Dr. Khorsandi fix me. I need your help :(

Three Month Post Op (Round Two)

Hi guys. So I made it to the three month mark. At this point I'm sitting normally, and sleeping on my back and sides.. which is super nice. Also no more wraps, ab boards, and foams! So let me catch you guys up from last month... I was pretty much an emotional wreck last time I wrote you all on here. Let me start off by saying my dermatologist put me on a hormone pill last month trying to balance out my hormones to clear up my skin and the first couple of weeks taking that pill made me super emotional. So with that said, I went into my doctor's office super emotional; crying like a big baby telling all the staff about what happened with my job... everyone was super sweet and they all seemed to actually care about my feelings. My doctor, Dr. K, asked if there was anything he could do; which I told him how I wanted to fix my hips. He informed yet again that it's something I have to wait on to fix... I'm just super impatient lol. But I have to wait at least until the six month mark.. I hate how sappy I was at my visit, but I definitely want to blame it on the pill I'm taking haha. Anywho, I'm feeling a lot better now. I've lost ten pounds since last month and I'm feeling pretty good. I'm getting closer to where I want to be. Dr. K did an amazing job on my booty and I love it. I'm still trying to get rid of my banana roll; so as of now I just need to focus on getting rid of that so my butt can look even better from every angle. I'm thinking of asking Dr. K if there's something else I can do nonsurgical to make it go away. Perhaps cool sculpting or something like that. I know it's a touchy area to mess with and you have to be careful... but I'll ask about it. I'll keep you all posted. *I'm also still waiting on my pics and stats which I am hoping to get by my next visit later this month.

Trying Hard To Stay Positive

I was literally just in a good mood yesterday as I was updating my review. The last couple weeks I've been pretty optimistic... that is until last night when I found out yet again that I've been rejected by more clients. I just don't understand what's happening with my life right now. I feel like I'm in a bad dream I can't wake up from...I'm venting to you this morning, and I say you, but most likely I'm just talking to myself since I doubt anyone actually reads what I post, but I have no one to really talk to... I feel as if I have no friends. Not one person has asked how I've been or reached out to me. So not only do I feel alone. I feel broken. And whatever confidence I had is now shattered... I mean I guess it was silly of me to put myself out there again when I was just rejected last month... I did lose ten pounds from last month, but who am I kidding. I look exactly the same, and my measurements are the same. The only thing that changed was the number on the scale, which isn't even important... so unless I do something drastic, I don't think how I'm feeling is going to change. I love my new booty, don't get me wrong, but I did this surgery hoping to gain confidence and get more work opportunities.. but the exact opposite is happening... I'm really upset by how much money I spent to feel this unhappy. And not to mention I still owe about $9000 and now I don't even have a steady income. I just don't know what to do with my life right now... I'm too depressed to sleep and I'm trying really hard to be optimistic again, but idk if I'll get there anytime soon... I just want to be accepted and happy.

Feeling Great.

Hi guys. I just had a follow up at my doctor's today. Every time I see him I feel relieved and I feel as if everything is going to turn out great. He gives off an amazing vibe and I love how down to Earth he is. Man, I can't say enough good things about Dr. Khorsandi. He is just extraordinary. Anywho, since I am being more active now, my stretch marks from before the surgery are starting to come back. But that's not a problem because my fabulous doctor is getting me in tomorrow morning to zap them away! Yay! I also talked to him about how much I hate my banana roll and he is going to set up a liposonix treatment for me to try to get rid of that stubborn area once and for all! :D I'm ecstatic that Dr. Khorsandi really cares about my final results as much as I do. I appreciate his compassion and empathy. I'm so lucky to have found a plastic surgeon who loves what he does and immensely cares for his patients. I'm almost at my happy weight and I'm almost to where I want to be. Once I hit that mark and even out my hips I'll feel 100% :)

Playing the waiting game

Hi guys! It's been a while since I've updated. So about seven weeks ago I had that liposonix treatment on my banana roll. It takes twelve weeks before you see the final results.. so once I reach that point, l will post before and after pics. I started seeing results after the first month mark, so I'm hoping it'll improve from here on out. The treatment itself was very uncomfortable. There were areas that didn't really hurt at all, but other areas that were absolutely horrible. At the worst, it felt like a burning ice pick being pushed into your skin several times. At best, it just felt like a little tingling. Anywho, my last appointment with doctor K was two weeks ago. I told him that I'm ready to fix my hips, something that has been bothering me since week two when I noticed the uneveness. At the end of this month I'll be at my six month mark which is how long he told me to wait until I had anymore work done. So I literally just realized today from taking pictures for you guys that my uneveness has definitely improved from my weight loss. I've lost a total of 20 pounds since my surgery day :)
There's just an indent on my left hip that bothers me now. Dr. K told me that there wasn't much usable fat on me that he could use to transfer to that hips' indent. However, I definitely found some! I would love to get rid of my little tire/ love handle area. My clothes would fit so much better and I'd be ecstatic to get rid of it. So hopefully he can take from there to fill in the indent and even out my hips! Keeping my fingers crossed for good news! I'll keep you all posted. My preop appointment for fixing my hips is in mid August.

Liposonix Before and After Pics!

Hi guys. So it's been three months since I had the liposonix treatment done on my my banana roll. It has definitely improved and I'm really happy with the results :)
The picture shown is my worse side. I have a little bit of the roll still left on that side, but overall it's not bad at all. Perhaps if it does still bother me after a while maybe I'll get like a tightening treatment done on that area or something. I probably wouldn't go thru another treatment of the liposonix, but I would definitely recommend the liposonix treatment to anyone looking to lose a little bit of fat from any area. It definitely works!
Update: I finally made my hip revision surgery appointment! I'm ecstatic. It's set for Friday, August 26th. I also decided that I want to add a little fat to my lips for more plumpness. I'm a little nervous but very excited. I'll keep you all posted and post before and after pics! I'm so happy I found Dr. Khorsandi. He's the best. And I can't begin to express to you all how great he is and how he truly does care about your final results. I'm beyond grateful to have him as my doctor, and I cannot wait to get my touch up and see my results!

Plump Lips and Fixed Hips!

Hi guys! So I had my in office procedure this morning with Dr. Khorsandi. He is absolutely wonderful! I had fat grafted from my muffin top lol to my left hip to fix an indentation. I'll take pics in about a week to show you all the progress. I also added a little fat to my lips. Not a lot, just a little for a subtle amount of more plumpness. I'm icing my lips right now as I'm typing this for you all to read :)
I was really nervous about getting my lips done because I've never had filler or anything done to my lips before, but Dr. Khorsandi did an amazing job. It didn't hurt at all! And I have no bruising! Can't wait to see what they'll look like once the swelling goes down! I'll take more pics and update with you all! I'm really happy. As of now my new lips are amazing and my hips are even! :D

Seven Months Post Op and 9 Days From Last Post

Hi guys :)
So I'm at the seven month mark from my BBL with the amazing Dr. Khorsandi. I'm also nine days out from fixing the indent on my left hip and adding fat to my lips. My hips are looking great! They are so much more even now. I still have at least a week left of healing to see what's going to stay in the long run. My love handle/ muffin top area is still a little swollen. And my lips looked great for about a week, then my body decided to absorb the fat that was placed into them. It was fun while it lasted haha. It was definitely worth a try. I'm open to trying fillers now in the future.

Fifteen Days Out From Touching Up My Hip

Hi guys. I'm a little over two weeks out from getting my hip fixed. I lost a little volume from the front view side, but not too bad. Depending on how I stand it looks unnoticable. The swelling is going down and I'm just holding onto a little swelling. The back view looks perfect. All the volume stayed there so far thank goodness! Yay.

A few pics as requested.

Dr. K is hands down the best surgeon I've ever met. No one comes close to the knowledge and compassion he has for what he does. I am so grateful to him and his staff for being so amazing every single time I step into that office. Thank you for genuinely caring about me and my final outcome!

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